Best Weight Scales For Home Use

People start eating high fat, low weight for different reasons. For me it was to get healthy and get down to a more normal weight. For my boy friend, it was to reverse is type 2 diabetes. And of course we are both concerned about non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Regardless of the reason, it is really important to know where you are starting from. This way you can track your progress and see how you are doing.

Using an accurate scale can help you know where you stand so you can track your results.

These days, body scales are pretty reasonably priced and they have lots of bells and whistles. Plus many of them include a phone application so you can track your results as often as you would like.

The scale that I recommend is the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale with Large Backlit LCD, by Greater Goods (Black) because it is very accurate. Some scales seem to give fluctuating results. I’ve had other scales where I can get off than back on and get a different reading each time. This one is always the same.

It is really easy to read as the numbers are very large. I don’t even need to wear my glasses.

But the best part is that your results upload to the application on your smartphone through Bluetooth. So you can clearly see your results and any sorts of changes in your weight loss or weight gain real time. I’m a bit of a geek and I like to check  my weight often.

This scale will also help to keep track of your BMI as well although for me, that isn’t as important.

The Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale with Large Backlit LCD and Smartphone Tracking (black) is also a good option for someone with a smaller budget. It does everything as the the other scale but rather than having a Bluetooth option, this one syncs with your smartphone through an app. You still get quick results, and you get to save a bit of money.

Along with the weight loss I really get motivated by checking my body measurements as well. I find that even when I don’t lose any weight, I will see my measurements go down. And this is very exciting.

Using a good tape measure, you should measure your right arm, right thigh and your waist.

Placement of the measure is easy, for your arm simply measure the point between your elbow and shoulder. Your thigh you should measure between your hip and knee. And your waist should be measured along your belly button.


4 thoughts on “Best Weight Scales For Home Use”

  1. I have recently put on more weight than I care to mention since the birth of my second child, and I just can’t seem to shift it no matter what I eat. Part of the problem is that my scales are so inaccurate and its completely demotivating when the weight fluctuates so much! And I know if you are trying to exercise more maybe some of that weight is turning to muscle and weighing heavier.. That’s what I try and tell myself!

    I like that this one encourages motivation and it’s not all about pure weight. This seems more reasonable to me and more accurate. Can you change the calibration on the measurements, so you can measure in Lbs as opposed to kg for example?

    I think I will have to get some!

    1. Yes you can calibrate it. I have actually turned it to kg by accident and think wow, this can’t be right. 🙂 My favorite part though is using the phone app.

  2. These look like much better scales than the ones we’ve often used. Our previous set of scales would often vary the weight that it showed on the display, so you could never be quite sure how accurate it was being. Our current set of scales doesn’t seem to have this problem, but it can sometimes be difficult to turn on. Also, it can randomly switch to different units, which is annoying.

    It’s great that these scales actually link to your smartphone. Is that a good way to keep track of your weight?

    1. I think the phone app is great because my memory stinks and it helps to keep me on track. Plus it is motivating when I see the numbers keep going down.

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