How To Not Eat Bread and Stop Bread Cravings

stop bread cravings
How to Not Eat Bread

Last night my other half, Brian and I took his mother out to Red Lobster for her 80th birthday. And I decided before I went that since I have lost 35 pounds and hit my goal, I would allow myself a Red Lobster biscuit as a treat.

But, when the waiter brought the rolls to the table, I found that I honestly didn’t want one.

I had a wonderful dinner, baked flounder with broccoli and salad. And of course, I smothered the flounder with lots of butter.

But, my point is, I realized that my carb addiction is really under control. 🙂 Eating a low-carb, high-fat diet is the best way to eat if you crave bread.

Many people are addicted to bread. It is really difficult to NOT eat bread products, cakes, and cookies. And worse, once you take a bite it is nearly impossible to stop eating.

And then the cravings are even more difficult to control. And you can’t control them.

I know, because for many years I went through this cycle of trying to convince myself that I didn’t need another piece of cake. But The cravings would make me nuts.

Are you addicted to Bread? Here are some signs of bread addiction:

  • Cravings for any sort of bread products like cakes, cookies, donuts and other foods.
  • Inability to stop eating bread products when full.
  • A need to have bread products rather than other sorts of foods.
  • The inability to NOT eat bread or other sweets if it is easily available.

If you can relate to most of the points then you may have an addiction to bread. But you are not alone. Most people have an addition to bread, Including me.

Have you ever wondered Why are so many people fat?

I used to get frustrated. I would eat wheat bread or grainy bread thinking that I was being healthy.

But here is the thing. Grains are carbs. And even though they appear to be healthy, our bodies treat them as if they are sugar. So when we eat bread our bodies release insulin. This stimulates our appetites which make us want more.

It is an addictive cycle. Many people who are addicted to bread are also addicted to sugar. In reality, they are the same thing.

If you find that you can’t say no to bread, then you are probably a sugar addict.

Read my story here…. I am addicted to sugar

The good news is you can overcome this addiction by changing how you eat.

The bad news is you will have to give up bread and all carbs that are high in sugar. And yes you need to give up sugar. The best solution is a high fat, low carb diet.

Not only will you get your cravings under control, but you will lose weight.

When I started my high fat, low carb diet 4 months ago, I weighed 186 pounds. As of today, I am at 152.

Once you have learned how not to eat bread, you will end up feeling wonderful.

And believe it or not, you won’t miss it and those terrible bread cravings will go away. I was really surprised how easily I said no to that Red Lobster biscuit.


29 thoughts on “How To Not Eat Bread and Stop Bread Cravings”

  1. I couldn’t agree more not only is bread unhealthy it is loaded with bromide that competes with iodine ( a trace element) our thryoid needs and we are all becoming very deficient in.. our foods are not as nutrient dense as they event were even 50 years ago. It is kind of scary actually. But, anyways back to the bread thing it causes inflammation in many of us which will cause a lot of water weight being added due to inflammation. Step away from the bread, lol. Thanks for the post I love it!

    1. Francine thank you so much for the extra information. I didn’t know about the bromide. And yes, it is scary how our foods are not as nutrient as they used to be. Kicking the bread habit is a good thing.

  2. First of all, BIG! Congrats on the weight loss! I personally dislike most carbs. Nothing to do with dieting, they just don’t appeal to me at all. Nor do I really enjoy and high sugar junk foods. I have a total different demon in the ‘bad’ food department that I crave, and that is salty things! 🙁 If my stopping eating high sodium food is the same as you stopping bread and carbs, you are one strong person!! (and when i was pregnant my weight gain game from milk and fruit! Who knew!?)
    Great post! I enjoy reading about others experiences and wins with dieting 🙂 Very encouraging!

    1. Thank you, Dana. And yes, fruit and milk are loaded with sugar. I thought they were healthy for years as well. Yeah, salt can be a challenge too. I have found that since I don’t eat processed food, my body requires a lot more salt because processed has an excess of salt. Take the processed foods away and you find that you need to add more salt. The good news is my bp is great. So no problem with the salt.

  3. Great post Wendy and congrats on the weight loss! Those red lobster biscuits are hard to beat. I am also a huge fan of bread and find it difficult to not eat it. Your other post about not eating sugar has been sticking with me the last week or two and I have really reduced my carb intake. I also lost some weight last week! I will check back often for some more inspiration, thanks.

    1. Way to go Jeremy! Congrats. Please keep me posted and let me know if there is anything I can do to help or if you are having any challenges.

  4. Hi, Wendy

    I am so happy for you fixing your issues with bread. And I totally agree with you. If you’re a sugar addict you also crave bread. I don’t eat bread now. I have tried to eat bread just made of coconut flour but it’s a little dry. I eat muffins made of coconut flour and stevia and that works fine. I am experimenting with coconut flour to find food that will satisfy myself and give me enough nutrition.
    Thanks for sharing this article.


    1. So true. Bread is sugar. And if you can’t do the sugar, you can’t do the bread. I have also experimented with coconut flour and almond flour. I love almond flour and parmesan cheese as a breading for pork chops. Yummy! But for the most post, I really don’t mind the bread. As long as I get my cheese, I’m a happy camper.

  5. Wow, you have done really well on your weight loss journey by cutting out the bread. That is amazing stuff really, well done.
    I am going to give your way of dieting a try because it sounds as though it would suit my needs more than low fat diets. Also I am diabetic so cutting out bread and it’s related products is going to help with those insulin spikes I am getting through eating them. Tastes good but does not make me feel so good after.

    1. Andi, I just had to lots you that my boyfriend, Brian has lost over 45 pounds and last week his doctor took him off of his meds. He has reversed his type 2 diabetes, lowered his blood pressure. I am so proud of him. I have been beaming all week. So if he can do it, so can you. Keep in mind though that although low carb is important, it is equally important to eat lots of healthy fat. Don’t be afraid to eat fatty cuts of meat, bacon. And pour on the olive oil, butter, and coconut oil. Fat is good. I wish you all the best. Please keep me posted on how you are doing.

  6. Oh yes, I am a bread junkie eheh. I am from Italy, where the bread on the table is a must do. The bread over there is so much better though (I am talking about the fresh bread, not the processed kind of course), compared to the quality I find in the US. As a matter of fact I cut the consumption a lot here in the US, right because I don’t like it that much. I guess it plays in my favor!

    1. I think a big reason is because in the US they add so much crap to the bread. It is so processed that there is little nutrition left and it is very high in sugar. I just had some friends come back from a vacation in Italy and they said that although there is lots of yummy pasta a bread to eat, people are not fat like they are in the US. I think it is because of eating real food. Also, don’t they eat their large meal in the middle of the day? I think eating your last meal early gives the body more time to digest. I generally don’t eat between 7 pm and noon.

  7. Hello

    This article was very informative, I had no idea at all that having cravings for bread was also a sign of addiction to sugar!
    Not being able to eat bread is like a torture for me, is like a big part of my diet 🙁
    You are aware of any way to supplant it for something else?


    1. Not really, Ruben. Some people don’t have a problem with sugar. I am just one of those people who simply can’t handle it. Sugar just makes me feel awful and I gain weight. I’m much happier without it. I really missed bread when I first started this diet. But now I don’t.

  8. Great article Wendy and great job with the weight loss. I hate to admit it but I am really addicted to bread and I know that is not a good thing but I work extra hard to lose the weight I gain by running it off or just exercising overall. What do you think is a good substitute for bread that will help me stray away from it?

    1. There really isn’t any substitute for bread. I use lettuce wraps for sandwiches. There are many low carb or keto recipes for bread made with coconut flour or almond flour. I do make pizza crust out of cheese and egg.

  9. Whilst not disagreeing entirely with what you have said in your article surely you need to differentiate between eating white bread which is highly processed and contains little or no nutrients and 100% whole grain bread which is a great source of nutrients and contains loads of fiber and proteins to help keep you feeling satisfied. I am a great believer in eating a balanced nutritious diet to keep fit without binging on any one class of food. Eating moderate portions of whole grain bread in such a diet should not result in weight gain.

    1. Hi, James! Your comment is exactly what I would have written 6 months ago. And I totally understand where you are coming from. It certainly is true that whole grain flour is more nutritious than the white flour. And it is a great choice for someone who isn’t watching their sugars. But for someone who is diabetic, pre-diabetic or is eating a low carb diet the sugar is the same. For example, a slice of whole grain bread has about 10 grams of carbs (probably more) while an entire cup of spinach only has 2 carbs. I simply prefer to get the bulk of my daily carbs (sugar) from vegetables. And I agree that whole grain bread shouldn’t result in weight gain, but sadly it does for me and the spike in my sugar spike from one slice of bread will trigger me to want more. Believe me, I wish whole grain bread didn’t have carbs but it does.

  10. Hi Wendy, I am a bread lover, but it’s amazing that I no longer crave bread and other pastries since I stopped having sugar and pastry. I rarely eat bread now and I am healthier than I have been in a long time. Nice site.

    1. I think the cravings being gone is the best thing of all. Last night, Brian and I went to the movies and didn’t even want any popcorn. Honestly, the smell of it sort of turned my stomach. I think I could actually smell the trans fats that the popcorn was cooked in.

  11. Awesome post Wendy. I used to be a bread fiend as well but I made sure to cut down on my quantities. Thankfully as I child I never had desserts or pastry much so I’m somewhat ‘immune’ to the cravings (well…except for cheesecake!) I still eat wheat bread though but didn’t know that it could still be so harmful. It’s so hard to eat right these days.

    What would you say about older persons between 50 and 65 who are still more athletically inclined however? Is a low carb diet still good for them? My mother-in-law is trying to figure out which way to go with her diet so I’m sure your advice would be helpful.

    1. I sure is hard to eat right these days, Joshua. They just add so much sugar and additives to food. My mom is 74 and started eating low carbs after her doctor told her she was borderline diabetes. But she still eats fruit and a small amount of bread. She has lost a decent amount of weight and is no longer borderline diabetic.

  12. Hi Wendy.
    Congratulations on your weight loss. It’s definitely going to be hard trying to give up the bread products for many people, that’s for sure. I would love to see some ideas and maybe even some recipes for people like me who are hoping to change their ways of eating. Knowing what else you can use, or other ways to feel full without bread, would be a blessing. I think my problem is a psychological conditioning that tells us bread is what we are supposed to eat at lunch time. Not true of course, but my brain definitely struggles to think of something to use to replace it. The more people that are aware that sugar addiction is real, the more people will start to change their health, so thank you for getting the word out with this article.

    1. Thank you, Ange. I think we have all been conditioned into thinking that bread is a good thing and that it would be difficult to live without it. But once people get off carbs the cravings go away. But I do miss eating bread every once in a while.

      You asked for a few recipes so I just wrote a post on how to make cheese chips. I figured since I was making them, why not go ahead and take some pictures. But also there are really good recipe ideas in the 370 keto recipe cookbook. I talk about this cookbook in this post: Don’t be bored with your Ketosis Diet.

      I will be sure to keep sharing ideas and recipes as I continue this diet. It seems I learn new recipes every day.

      Take Care!

  13. Firstly, well done on your weight loss! A great achievement. I would have to say, I have moments of weakness when it comes to bread and sometimes don’t know when to stop. I’m getting to a point in my life that I really need to change something in regards to my eating habits. Maybe the high fat, low carb diet is the answer for me. I might have to give it a go. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Andrew. The weight loss is actually way easier than would think. I get to eat yummy food and I don’t crave the bread or sugar anymore. You should try a high fat low carb diet and see how you feel. Not only will you lose weight, but you will feel amazing.

  14. Bread is the bane of my existence! I found out that i actually have a mild allergy to flour. I could never understand how I could literally bloat within minutes of eating white breat. and wheat is no better. the best diet i’ve EVER done in my life is simply not eating food with sugar – well not simply.. it was hard as heck. But it was like breaking an addiction. in 30 days i lost 17 lbs, skin looked better, my face looked 10 times younger, i slept better, i was more alert. it takes 21 days to break a habit and it worked. unfortunately, it only takes about a day or 2 to regain that habit! the struggle!

    1. OMG! I know what you mean. Sugar is very addictive. And going off the sugar is really hard to do, but it will make you lose a huge amount of weight, as you stated. And if you have a small amount of sugar, it will make you go right back to craving sugar again. Being addicted to bread and the sugar in bread is a challenge. But a low carb diet will help solve it.

      Thanks for stopping by Arianan. By the way, you may find my post about my addiction to sugar helpful. Take Care!

  15. Could not agree more on this! Bread is one of the culprit as to why late adults has high blood sugar level and digestive problems. First is that the high amount of starch in the bread and the gluten on it too. I used to love bread but I stopped eating it when I learned about how unhealthy it was. It dramatically changed how I train for Crossfit and my recovery after a workout has been great.

    PS I eat bread when I eat pizza and cheeseburger. LOL!

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