Lemon Water And Weight Loss

Drink more lemon waterWater is so important in keeping you properly hydrated and healthy. And it is especially important to drink enough water while you are dieting as water will help you feel full, and will help improve your metabolic rate. So it may help you to burn more fat. Plus water just makes you feel better and you look better.

One of my biggest struggles when I first started eating a high fat, low carb diet was drinking more water. Water just seemed so boring after so many years of drinking juices and soda.

I decided that I need to make my water taste better so I would want to drink more of it. And so I started using only filtered water because it tastes so much better than the tap water and I began to add sliced lemons to my water. And drinking water suddenly becomes easier. Now I crave my lemon water when I don’t have it.

I have learned that drinking lemon water has other benefits besides making your water taste better.

Benefits of drinking lemon water

  • Lemon water is great for your digestive system. It keeps you hydrated and regular.
  • Adding lemon to your water gives you an extra dose of vitamin c and other minerals. And this gives a great lift to the immune system.
  • Lemon water helps to alkalize your body. Actually once a day I make a lemon and apple cider vinegar cocktail.
  • It helps to reduce hunger because you feel full longer.
  • Drinking more water can help improve your metabolic rate. So you will burn fat faster.
  • Warm lemon water is soothing in the morning. I also like to sip on warm lemon water at night when it is chilly outside.
  • A tall glass of ice cold lemon water in the summer is very refreshing.
  • Drinking lemon water makes your skin look more radiant.

If you want a bit of fizz, then you may want to try some lemon is some plain soda water. I love it because I feel like I am drinking a fancy sparkling soda, but I don’t have to worry about sugar or artificial sweeteners.

So if you want to drink more water every day try adding a bit of lemon to the water and see how much better it will taste.


8 thoughts on “Lemon Water And Weight Loss”

  1. As you mentioned about drinking water, it is extremely tough at times with tap water. The chlorination of the water tends to make it taste pretty nasty. I live in the country, so I have filtered water, and I take my water bottled everywhere I go as I do not like the city water that is unfiltered either.

    I’ve also tried the lemon in the water, and you’re right about the extra benefits it does provide.

    My motto is never to leave home without it.

  2. Hi Wendy. Great post here on drinking lemon water. I agree with you on the tap water. It’s disgusting, I actually drank it for years. When I found out how much nasty stuff was in it, I switched to gallon water. In the future I plan on getting a nice home filtration system that can ph balance and filter the fluoride out as well. For now I make due. The lemon in water is great first thing in the morning. Thank you so much!

  3. Lemon water is amazing! i have a glass every morning (sometimes 2) right when I wake up.I also use Lemon essential oil when I am “on the go”–just a drop in a glass of water is wonderful. Does lime have similar benefits to lemon? Just wondering, as I love the taste!

  4. Some good information here. I always need to drink more water but never seem to be able to. I never drink as much as I need to in a day. I have tried lemon and cucumber before in water…I think the cucumber might have ruined it. The lemon on its own would have be alright. But I like the idea of putting lemon in plain soda water. That sounds like something I would like to try.

    1. I’m a huge fan of the soda water. It sort of reminds me of sprite except without the sugar. You should try it, I bet you will like it.

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