Should We Drink Cows Milk?

Got Milk? Nope Last week I wrote a book review on a book Called Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health. In this book, Dr. Ken Berry writes about some of the false beliefs we have about our health. It is worth reading if you haven’t read it yet. One of … Continue reading “Should We Drink Cows Milk?”

Solutions To Childhood Obesity In America

  I think there are always times in our lives when we wish we could have a do-over. And that is how I feel right now in America. When I am out and about, I can’t help but notice that there are much more obese children these days than there were when I was a … Continue reading “Solutions To Childhood Obesity In America”

Obesity Isn’t Your Fault!

If you are one of the 30% of Americans who is obese or overweight, it isn’t your fault. And you are not alone. The frustrating thing is that most of us watch our diet, eat “healthy food”, watch calories or eat low fat. But nothing works. And for me, I realized it was because of the … Continue reading “Obesity Isn’t Your Fault!”

Should I Stop Eating Sugar?

This is a question that most everyone has struggled with if they want to lose weight. The question itself is very simple. It’s just a simple question. And it really only requires a yes or no answer. But behind the sentence, there are so many emotions. The person asking the question of themselves will respond … Continue reading “Should I Stop Eating Sugar?”

Brian’s Low Carb Weight Loss Success

Throughout this website, you have heard me talk about, Brian who is my amazing boyfriend. He and I decided to get healthy together back in March of 2016. He is such an inspiration and I’m so very proud of him. I have asked him to please share his story with my readers as I think it … Continue reading “Brian’s Low Carb Weight Loss Success”

Best Diet For A Fatty Liver

If you eat a lot of carbs and sugar, are overweight and have a protruding stomach then you may have a fatty liver. I did and so do 20% of folks living in the United States. I actually had many of the symptoms of a nonalcoholic fatty liver and became very concerned with my health. In … Continue reading “Best Diet For A Fatty Liver”

Want To Start Low Carb High Fat Diet? Here’s My Tips.

Tip 1:  Get Educated On Low Carb High Fat Diet Before you do anything, you really should learn everything you can about a low carb high fat diet. In the beginning, I was reading everything I could get my hands on. My two favorite resources are the Eat Fat Get Thin Book written by Dr. Mark … Continue reading “Want To Start Low Carb High Fat Diet? Here’s My Tips.”