Am I In Ketosis?

Do you follow a low carb lifestyle? If so, you have probably at some point asked yourself this question or wondered if you were actually in ketosis. But first, What is Ketosis. Simply put, ketotos is a state where our bodies use fat as fuel rather than glucose.

So how do I know when I’m in Ketosis? With this post today I want to share with you all the signs I use to see if I’m in ketosis or not. Now keep in mind you may have other symptoms as we are all different. Some of us lots of symptoms while others have few. So it may be hard to tell. Hopefully the list below will help you out.

But first, If you are new to a low carb or Ketosis Diet then you may want to start with this post:  What is a Ketosis Diet? Where you can learn more about the state of ketosis.

Am I In Ketosis? 4 Signs You Are In Ketosis

Keto Breath: I can always tell when I’m in Ketosis by my breath. I am very self conscious of it at times. Keto breath happens because of the elevated ketones leaving the body. Keto breath is a sort of sweet yet strong smell. If you have keto breath you will know it. The thing that sucks about keto breath is it is difficult to get rid of the odor by simply brushing your teeth. But I have found that peppermint essential oils seem to help or Wow Drops breath freshener work as well. Also, Keto breath gets better the longer you are in ketosis. In most cases, it is temporary.

Intermittent Fasting Is Super Easy: I can always tell when I am in Ketosis because I constantly forget to eat. My cravings for carbs goes away and my hunger is greatly reduced. I can often completely skip several meals and not be hungry. I can incorporate intermittent fasting without really even trying. Most days, I only have one meal a day.

More Energy: I can always tell when I’m in Ketosis because of the incredible energy I have. I don’t feel sleepy in the afternoon like I did when I was using glucose for fuel. It really is an amazing feeling to just want to keep moving. I never feel the need to take a nap.

Ketone Test Strips: If I’m not 100% sure I’m in Ketosis, I use Ketone test strips. They will tell without a doubt if I am in ketosis or not. Its easy, I just pee on a strip and compare it to the chart on the bottle. Everyone asks me which ones I recommend and I always tell them that really to me they are all about the same. You can just go to Amazon and choose one that has a good rating. They have a huge selection. I just read through the reviews and make sure there aren’t any negative comments.

So what about you? Have you even gotten into ketosis? How can you tell if you are in Ketosis? I’d love to here from you.

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14 thoughts on “Am I In Ketosis?”

  1. You are spot on and I must say that this information has hit the nail on the head. Knowing when one is in ketosis requires paint closet attention to ones body and the little attentions to details would help a lot. Intermittent fasting becoming relatively easy while my energy level is very high is the major reason I always know that I am in a ketosis. I don’t know how ir works for others bit that is exactly what works for me the most.

  2. Ketosis normally takes place for me in around 4 to 5 days if I follow the keto diet long enough.  The breath definitely gives it away for me as well.  I found intermittent fasting to really help with the carb cravings by not eating after 5 p.m. and then eating around 12 noon the next day.  The strips are a sure fire way to know if you are in ketogenesis or not.  Excellent summary of knowing if you are in ketosis.  My main symptom was headaches so drinking plenty of water was essential for me during the keto diet.


    1. I agree that intermittent fasting really helps. I generally do one meal a day Monday through Friday. I have 1 feast meal at around 5:00. This schedule seems to work well for me. On the weekends I do 2 meals a day with a 4 or 5 hour window in between. 

      Drinking water is important but also don’t forget the electrolytes. Drinking a lot of water can flush out the electrolytes like magnesium and potassium. I use electrolyte drop or drink SMART water. I also use lots of Himalayan pink sea salt.

  3. good post, I definitely heard of Ketosis before and I don’t really know if I have ever been in Ketosis before. I do intermediate fasting and some days I hardly eat at all and some I eat a lot. There was one day where I was fasting for most of the day and mabe I was in ketosis that day but I don’t really know for sure. 

  4. Hello Wendy, thanks for bringing this to light.I have read quite a few post of keto diet and I only recently started my keto diet about a week ago and its been going well. Although I forget about me being on a keto diet and eat some wrong meal, lol, I’ll gey used to it soon though. Considering that I just started, can I start seeing these signs already?

    1. I really would need more in order to give you some suggestions. However, I found you really need to follow keto fully in order to start seeing results. When you eat a high carb sugary food it will knock you out of ketosis and is harder to get back on track. It really is about making a commitment to keep your net carbs below 20 to 30. After you hit your weight loss goals, then you could cheat once in a while and then get right back to keto. 

  5. Hi, Wendy! Thank you for sharing with us these 4 signs. Yes, I have asked myself that question and up to this point I had no real answer.

    I’m particularly thankful for you helping me to identify the keto breath. I’ll also try the Wow Drops breath freshener. In your personal experience, after how long did Keto breath start to get better? Thanks.

    1. I noticed that the keto breath is normally better after a week or so in ketosis. We are all different though. It sucks when you work around people. But the Wow Drops make a big difference. They are strong but good.

  6. Thank you for sharing the signs that I am in ketosis. Funny that you talk about keto breath, I am always aware of my breath as well because I have to talk to my clients. I use the peppermint oil as well and it works wonders. The gums don’t really help, they might work for 5-10 mins and that is it you have to chew a new one. I find that if I chew on a lemon rind that also help. But it is an acquired taste. 🙂 Also thank you for your honesty about the keto strips, I will check them out on Amazon. Hopefully they have a deal on.

  7. I have read quite a few articles but this is honestly the first one that actually gives information about being in ketosis.
    Ketosis breath does not sound like a whole lot of fun but it does sound good that it is temporary. 

    You mention that I can pee on a stick to know if I am in Ketosis, what does these stick measure?
    What happens with your urine when you are in ketosis?

    Thank you for a interesting article.

  8. One more great article about keto Wendy. I am following you lately and I learned so much from you about losing weight in a healthy way with the help of keto diet. Now I just need to implement what I learned (lol). I have never experienced ketosis so far, I will seriously think about it as it sounds promising.

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