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Many people like to boost their collagen in take when they are in their fifties because of the many benefits. Collagen can help aging skin look younger. It is really good for joints, hair and nails as well.

I’ve been making my own bone broth for the last few years and have found the benefits of the collagen amazing. My nails and hair are both strong. My hair has a nice shine to it and no longer breaks off like it did when I first started going through menopause. I have also noticed a bit of a difference in my skin especially around my eyes. Of course I will never get rid of wrinkles as I age, but collagen does seem to help my skin look healthier and clearer.

Natural collagen is probably the very best collagen that we can use. If you have a healthy diet and eat a good amount of eggs then you are probably getting many benefits of collagen. But there are other ways to up your intake of collagen and the benefits to go along with it.

Collagen Protein Powders are easy and convenient to use. I like to simply stir some in my morning coffee. Some are flavored and some have no taste at all. 

You can get lots of antioxidants from eating home made bone broth or by eating some jello. And you can take a collagen supplement. But today I want to share with you my favorite way of getting more collagen into my diet. And that is by using collagen powder.

Perfect Keto Chocolate Protein Powder

This collagen powder is the best tasting powder that I have used. I like all the flavors, however my favorite is the chocolate. It is also available in vanilla and salted caramel.

This collagen is a perfect addition to a low carb lifestyle. I add this to my first cup of coffee in the morning. I love the richness and creamy taste. The MCT oil that is in it helps to make my coffee bullet proof and I don’t need to worry about being knocked out of ketosis. 

Perfect Keto Collagen blends very well. My secret is to put a scoop of the collagen in the cup first, then add the coffee. It will mix almost instantly. I don't even need to stir it. Sometimes I add a bit of heavy whipping cream as well. This makes my coffee yummy! 

Some people feel that this is a bit pricey however to me it is worth the price because the product is from grass fed cows which is something that is important to me. I actually have this product autoshiped to me as I love the energy it gives me and how great my skin feels since using it.

Also, if you are missing chocolate milk with your keto lifestyle, then you really should try a scoop of this collagen powder in a cup of plain almond milk. I use a blender to mix it up and enjoy it over ice. I think it would also make a great low carb hot chocolate as well.

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  1. Excellent post! I imagine that people in their 50s don’t know or forget about the benefits of collagen intake. I would have never thought to make bone broth for the purposes of collagen intake. Sounds delicious and beneficial! I like how you have provided the benefits of collagen and I’m glad to hear that your skin is healthier and clearer because of it. You’ve provided an excellent reference to the keto chocolate protein powder. I have bookmarked your post here for reference. Well done!

  2. This is great information. I’m 52 and am now encountering the dreaded ‘Middle Age Spread’. I’d looked into the Keto diet but hadn’t taken it any further because I’m rather partial to a bit of chocolate, and while I don’t over indulge I do not like to deprive myself of one of life’s little pleasures just for the sake of being able to tighten my belt another notch. Thanks to your review, I can see a way around that now and may well re-visit Keto. I believe the price paid for getting a product that is produced from the milk of grass fed cows is a price worth paying, not just in terms of health benefits, but for animal welfare too. Ethics are very important to me and it’s great to hear of products which are not only good for us, but good for the environment too. 

    1. Hi Richard, I know exactly where you are coming from as most people have to deal with the “middle age spread”. The thing that people need to know about it the extra weight in the middle is a symptom of something not healthy on the inside. Yes it could be that you simply put on a few pounds or it could mean something more. A bit of weight in the middle could mean that someone has a fatty liver or some other problem going on. But more importantly it could a your body warning you of future health issues that could come if you don’t get it under control. To me, I wanted to prevent future illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

      And I totally know what you mean with feeling deprived by missing out on things like chocolate. But if it means being healthier I totally avoid the things that trigger insulin like sugar and candy. However, there are lots of yummy options for chocolate lovers. For example, once in a while Brian and I like to enjoy a piece of Lilly’s Sugar Free Chocolate. But also, the Chocolate Perfect Keto Collagen Powder helps with chocolate cravings.

      If you decide to revisit keto and you need any support feel free to contact me at

  3. Hi Wendy thanks for this very informative post, it has really come at the right time. Im now 52 and noticing that I need to work harder to keep of that fat around the middle. There are just so many supplements and diet drinks and its all just too overwhelming. Im a chocolate lover so the recommendation of the Keto Chocolate protein powder is a lifesaver, will definitely be giving it a try. Thanks so much

    1. You are welcome, Abbas. But if you are concerned about the fat in your middle, you should consider a low carb diet to help lose some of that fat. Fat in the middle of your stomach could be the root of some health issues and removing that fat may prevent health issues in the future. If I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me at

  4. Interesting! I have tried collagen; even though I am 31, I like to be and feel healthy and I heard about the benefits of collagen, so I tried it. But the consistency of the one I tried was sticky and left hard residues on the cup and the taste wasn’t the best. Are there more ingredients added to this formula with anti-aging properties?

  5. Hi Wendy – enjoyed your post.  I have not tried collagen myself – I have friends who have been taking bone broth for years and swear by it.  I have not gone down that path but as someone who is getting perilously close to 50 I might have to look into it – do these help with weightloss via the fact that you are taking it instead of a milky coffee etc. or does it have fat burning capabilities as well?

    thanks again


    1. Hi Paul, I don’t take collagen powders for the fat. I use it for the collagen which helps support my hair and joints. However, the extra fat does help to burn fat as does the fat in bone broth.

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