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I was reading a comment on a blog that I follow where the person stated, “I haven’t found a diet that works for me.” And I realized that many people feel the same. People are looking for the best diets that work. Guest what? Even though there are many diets out there, you will not find one that works in the long term.

Let’s face it. As a nation, we are obese! And we are all looking for that easy way out. We are looking for a diet pill or shake. Really we are looking for a magic potion to make us thin again.

Stop looking for a diet! Diets don't work!
Stop looking for a diet! Diets don’t work!

In the article below I will explain to you why you have been struggling to lose weight and why being healthy goes hand in hand with weight loss.

It is more of a mindset than anything else. If you can fix your relationship with food, you can lose the weight.

Changing your relationship with food is simply when we eat food to nourish our body, rather than making us feel better. Often without even realizing it, we eat simply because we can.

For example, one day when I was first trying to lose weight, I noticed that I was eating some potato chips. I wasn’t even aware what I was doing. I had just about eaten half a bag. But the scary part was that I wasn’t even hungry. I was eating these chips simply because they were there.

This mindless eating is what got me fat. It made me realize that I was out of control and needed to make a change. But change didn’t come easily because I couldn’t simply quit. And this lack of control with food made feel feel like a total loser.

You see certain foods like highly processed foods and carbs are extremely addictive. It is difficult to simply quit eating them.

When many people feel out of control with their weight and diet, they want to do a “diet” and diets are restrictive. They make you feel like you have to be perfect. And the truth is that no one is perfect. Yet, when we do diets and they don’t work, we feel like big fat failures.

This is why diets don’t work.

But the good news is you can get healthy and feel in control as you lose weight by changing your relationship with food.

How do I change my relationship with food?

Educate yourself by learning the science of how your body uses nutrition to thrive. When you do this, you will quickly realize that most of the foods in stores are not even “real food”. And this crap that we eat is what is making us fat.

It is important to realize that carbs and sugar which comes from processed foods are what is making us fat and not well.

Once you realize that the food you eat is making you sick, you can start to eat healthier foods.

If you are struggling with your weight, please know it isn’t your fought and you are not alone. There is lots of support out there for those who are looking to finally find a solution.

In order to lose weight, you need to be ready to make a lifestyle change. A health coach can help you know where to start.

As a health coach, I am currently taking on new clients. My rates are very reasonable and I offer one on one counseling over the phone or Skype.

If you want to learn more about working with me, you can contact me a to set up a free consultation.

I will share with you how I lost 60 pounds and have help many others do the same. It is not about finding diets that work. It is about finding a healthy lifestyle and loving yourself!

You got this!


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11 thoughts on “Best Diets That Work”

  1. Thank you for a great article, Wendy. From my experience with managing my weight, you are spot on when it comes to having the proper mindset. I have done both the whole30 program and keto. I learned that it is all about changing my relationship with food. Eliminating highly processed foods sounds easy to do. But, in practice, it is difficult because many are designed for convenience, ease of preparation. I found that I spent more time in the kitchen preparing meals using fresh ingredients instead of pre-packaged products. The advantage was the quality and variety of my meals improved as did my weight when I focused on high fat and low carbs.  I even added sugar-free bacon to my breakfast.

    1. You are so right, Glen. It takes longer to prepare real foods, but it is so worth it. It is so much better to take the time to give our body the nourishment it needs rather than feeding it processed and pre-packaged products that make us fat.

  2. Hello Wendy, great piece on our relationship with food. You are right about us making up our minds on what we want, how we want to look and feel. Then we need to get an education on food and take steps to make those lifestyle changes. I discovered I have Type 2 Diabetes about 15 months ago. All my life I have put on weight. In 15 months I lost 20kg. I have to make informed choices when it comes to food on a daily basis. Generally, got rid of sugared beverage and reduced meal size over time. So, what you say is right and possible with guidance and accountability.

  3. It is very important to be aware of what we eat. Most times we are always very nonchalant of what we eat and it doesn’t help our system. I for example eat way too much junk food. After a few years, I realized I start that I started having problems breathing (shortness of breath) so I had to change up. Obesity runs in my family. My mum is quite overweight and she has been trying to go on diets that’ll work for her. I’ll share this post with her. She might need your service. Nice one

    1. Hi John. Many of us jump from diet to diet only to gain more weight or lose the weight and gain it back. Diets simply don’t work. It is more about changing how we look at food. It takes work but losing weight and keeping it off long term is very possible.

  4. Reading this post made me realize I can make simple dietary changes to improve my  energy and control your weight by choose nutritionally balanced snacks that include fiber and protein to keep you full and satisfied and also the idea of an health coach proves to be a better option. Thanks for sharing. 

  5. I believe that you are correct because I have a friend who has been dieting for a while, but she has failed. As you said, she later found a health coach who coached her on how to lose weight and developed a scientific diet plan for her. Later she told me that the main reason was that the health coach made her lose weight success by changing her relationship with food.

  6. Thanks Wendy, I really needed this post. I am 54 years young. I try my best to eat healthy and exercise everyday. I do engage in that mindless eating once in while. I look great for my age (they say) but the annoying fat around my tummy would just not go away! I think I need a health coach. 

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