Best Foods for Longevity

Best Foods For Longevity

I want longevity and vitality!

If you are a woman or man who is over 50 like me, you probably have been thinking more about your health. 50 is the half-way point to 100 but it isn’t a time to not pay attention to one’s health and nutrition. If we want to be a healthy senior we need to be healthy now while we are young. I don’t know about you, but I want to live a long healthy life. This post is all about the best foods for longevity.

Nutrition is really important at our age because it is often the factor that affects our weight and health the most. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy not being on medications. I love having incredible energy. And I want to do everything I can to protect my body so I can live a long healthy life.

I have learned a lot about nutrition while on this journey to losing weight and getting healthy. So today I wanted to share with you the top foods that I include in my diet. And I don’t just include them, I actually will not be without them.

5 Best Foods For Longevity

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is really good for your skin and organs. EVOO helps to keep your skin looking young. It’s one of the best and healthiest oils out there. When you purchase extra virgin olive oil you want to make sure you purchase it in a dark glass container and you keep it stored in your cabinet so it doesn’t get around the sun because you don’t want it to go bad. You want to make sure your EVOO is fresh.

I suggest using a dark oil dispenser for olive oil. At home, I use Rachael Ray Collection Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle. I leave it on the counter so it is accessible for me to drizzle on veggies and salads. My hubby is the chef in our house and he uses it almost daily when he cooks or grills.


Avocados are great for a low carb, high fat diets because they are high in monounsaturated fats and very low in carbohydrates. Avocados are full of potassium which is good for your heart. They are also packed with lots of healthy vitamins.

This veggie also has a lot of fiber in it which helps to maintain a healthy intestine. Avocados are great for your bones which will help lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

I love to add avocados to salad or simply eat it all by itself.


Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are full of healthy antioxidants that help protect our cells and keep us healthy. And they are also very low in sugar. Some people choose to totally eliminate fruits for their diet when following a low carb lifestyle, but from time to time, I have found that berries are a nice treat. And they are great for the digestive system as they are packed with fiber. I like to whip up some heavy cream to mix with my berries.

Bone Broth or Collagen Powder

I’ve talked a lot about bone broth on this blog but really, as a woman of 55 years old, I have had amazing results with my skin and the reason is I drink bone broth very often. Bone broth has a lot of collagen in it. You can make your own bone broth or you can buy it in stores.

You can also use collagen powder as a daily supplement. I like to add a scoop of chocolate collagen powder to my morning coffee. It is delicious!


Eggs are one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. I used to think they were bad for you but then I did my own research and learned that it is a myth that eggs are bad for your heart. Choose eggs that are hormone free and free-range. Eggs have a lot of health benefits. First of all they are low in carbs and high in fat. Eggs are good for your hair and skin.

I’ve been doing a look of research on nutrition over the last few year and one of the people I trust and follow is Dr. Ken D Berry. He is the author of Lies My Doctor Told Me and has an entire chapter on eggs. I hope you find the above video helpful.

So there you have the list of what I feel are Best Foods For Longevity: These are the 5 foods that I would never be without because they are great for my health and I feel good eating them knowing I am doing something good for my body.

Now that you learned some of the best foods to eat for longevity, my next post will show you how to take it to the next level.

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16 thoughts on “Best Foods for Longevity”

  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about all of this food. I may be not above 50, but I want to invest in my health as early as possible. It will be a waste if I have a lot of money without healthy body to enjoy it. I love both egg yolks and egg white, so I’m glad they are both healthy. I will also start to cook with EVOO. This tips is very useful. Thanks

    1. You got it. Now is the time. The earlier we get healthy, the better quality of life we will get! And you are right, health is way more important than money.

  2. Dear Wendy,

    Nowadays I watch and read a lot of information related to health and wellness. Now I realize what mistakes I am doing and how important it is to focus on our health.

    Taking care of our health is a must, and we are in charge of our bodies. Unfortunately, often we forget to focus on our health and while I am working on a call center night shift job for 6 years I didn’t take care of my health (no proper food and no proper sleep).

    So I am on a mission to take care of my health and your articles are a greater help. Your articles are very thorough and of great benefit to those who are serious about having good health.

    I am hearing and reading a lot of great news about Olive oil and we are yet to use it but it’s on our list. I read your article on Bone Broth Health Benefits and it’s very helpful.

    Thanks a lot for sharing from your experience, and it adds more value to your articles.   

  3. Thanks Wendy, another great post.

    I eat all of the foods you have mentioned, but perhaps not frequently enough. Thank you for bringing my attention to the collagen present in these foods, all the creams we put on our faces day and night, when we should be concentrating on from the inside to show on the out! I would never have thought, jello! But, of course!

    Also bone broth, how do you make yours, a big batch and freeze some? Bones? Any, which is better, chicken, beef?

    Flavouring?   I shall definitely cook up  a pot.


    1. For bone broth, I use any kind of bones. I’ve use chicken, turkey, fish, beef and pork bones. If I don’t have bones, I buy a container of chicken feet because they are really cheap and they make an amazing bone broth. Just put the bones, a bit of apple cider vinegar and water to cover the bones. Cook on low for 36 to 48 hours. I also like to add left over veggie ends or what ever I have in the fridge. Usually it is celery, onion and carrots.

  4. Hi Wendy,

    I always enjoy reading health and fitness content. I read a funny meme today that said “…when you get to your 40’s the check engine light comes on”. I’m in my 40’s and the hubby hit 50. We both like to eat well, and some of my favorite foods are on your list. I love avocados and eggs. Olive oil is the common cooking oil in this household so I’m glad that these foods promote longevity. I wasn’t aware of the dark oil dispenser. Thanks for the recommendation. 

    ~All the best

  5. Hello,

    It truly is never too late to start being healthy. Both of my parents are in their fifties now. So I liked reading this article. Keeping EVOO in a dark oil dispenser is something I didn’t know. I usually don’t pay much attention to the container. Is it really harmful if EVOO is exposed to too much sunlight? I have never tried bone broth at home. But I will try that one day. As for berries, eggs and avocado are great options when we are on a diet. I think the diversity of them will help us keep maintaining our diet for a longer period of time. 🙂

    1. No it isn’t harmful to be in sunlight but it can go rancid. Keep in mind, olive oil is natural and doesn’t have chemicals to help with shelf life. I treat my EVOO like gold.

  6. One does not have to cross the age of 50 before one takes the matter of one’s health very seriously. This is really helpful here as I plan to invest more in my health and ensure that before I even get to that dreaded age of getting older, I would know that I already have a better foundation with my health by eating healthy. This post has really added up to my knowledge before and I can only be thankful that you have shared

  7. Hello Wendy, this is another round of healthy post. I think it is really nice that you can share this post on the best foods for longevity. I think with this, I am going to need to change my eating habits. I see you wrote eggs here but I read somewhere else that eggs are not so good or that there is a specific amount that is moderate. What do you think?

  8. Thank you Wendy, you are truly a blessing to us when it comes to sharing the best of foods and healthy life. You see when a person reaches 50, I believe that is the start of life because this is when most people decide to retire and then the real fun starts with the ones we love. This is also a time to be more than ever, serious about health. I totally agree with all these foods being a part of what makes one live long. They are all healthy foods that everyone should stick too and input in our diet. They are all diet-friendly too. Nice one here.

  9. Avocado is just the perfect fruit that I think nature has blessed us with. It sometimes amazes me the endless health benefits of the fruit. However, the list you have provided here is really immense and I’m thankful that you are sharing this out with us all. No one needs to wait for old age before proper care is taken for the body. I will surely try to incorporate all these foods into my meal plan since they are very beneficial.

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