Best Ninja Pressure Cooker Air Fryer for Low Carb Lifestyle

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“I Love my Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp!”

I’m so excited! We just picked up our new Ninja pressure cooker air fryer. We have been wanting one for a long time but couldn’t decide on which one to get. But after a lot of research, we picked the Ninja Foodi TenderCrisp Multi-Cooker and Fryer All-in-One (OP305)

The thing that attracted me to the idea of an air fryer is that I wanted an easy way to make some of my favorite low carb foods like bacon and steak. And believe me, this air fryer does an amazing job. Bacon is very crispy and steak cooks perfectly.

But I also make a lot of bone broth as I like to sip on it when I’m doing my extended autophagy fasts. However, when I make homemade bone broth in my crock pot it can take 36 hours or more. So I wanted a pressure cooker so I could make in only a few hours. This would save me a lot of time and electricity!

So this brought me to the idea of getting an air fryer and pressure cooker combo.

Brian and I researched and looked at several different ones and we decided that the Ninja Foodi was the best value. This Ninja is a pressure cooker, air fryer, roaster, baker and broiler. I love that I can roast or pressure cook then finish off with crisping. Also, I saw that it has 4.9 out of 5-star reviews at

Oh, and I have the 305 model with also includes a dehydrator. We just tested it out and made some yummy beef jerky! It came out perfectly. I can’t wait to make some kale or zucchini chips with it.

We have only had this all in one fryer for a couple of days but we keep using it for everything that we would normally use our oven for.

For example, yesterday, Brian made salmon with asparagus. The salmon was perfect as was the asparagus. The salmon was juicy and delicous. And the aspparagus was crispy on the outside yet tender.

And I ate every bite!

The Ninja Foodi is about 30 pounds and as you can see in the image it does take up a good amount of space on my counter. But think about all the things that I no longer need. I no longer need my crock pot, my toaster oven or my George Forman grill. Oh yeah, I also don’t need my rotisserie as I can even make a roasted chicken in my Foodi. So all in all, I am gaining lots of space in my kitchen.

Just a suggestion: We purchased the warranty to go with it and we kept all of the packagings just in case we run into any problems down the road. You may want to do the same thing.

So in conclusion, If you are looking for the perfect air fryer for your low carb diet, then you need to get a Ninja Foodi. It is worth every penny. I love it!

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8 thoughts on “Best Ninja Pressure Cooker Air Fryer for Low Carb Lifestyle”

  1. Thank you so much for your review on the Ninja pressure cooker air fryer. I cannot believe no that Ninja has stepped up their game, I have their Ninja coffee latte maker and I love the quality of their product. No doubt that this pressure cooker will be perfect too. Oh man, this will be perfect for my apartment since it is the all in one. Gotta ask friends if they want my air-fryer, I will have no space to fit the ninja. By the way, I love bone broth soup too. I usually make my own Vietnamese noodle soup, Pho, with some bone marrow and add some thin sliced brisket in the broth… I am hungry now. We will see if my husband approve this new cookware (I have so many and running out of space)

    Ps. That Salmon and Asparagus looks so good.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Wow! It sounds like this air fryer is a revolutionary cooking system that helps to make healthier and delicious meals. I don’t think it is so expensive considering everything it can do. Thanks for sharing this informative review.

  3. Thank you so much for your review on the Ninja pressure cooker air fryer. As far you said in your article that this pressure cooker providing you very crispy and steak cooks perfectly I think this pressure cooker definitely gonna be my first choice. My wife who likes to cook different types if food for which she needed a pressure cooker ; but till now I didn’t offer her a cooker. I’ll give her this product as a surprise and I think she will feel very happy receiving it because it’ll make her cooking very easy and will take few time. If it take few time then I can also have some delicious food quickly cause I am always hungry of food. Hahaha! That was quite personal. I didn’t tried any of the NInja products till now. But I think very soon I’ll try to buy a pressure cooker from NInja. By the way, Salmon and Asparagus looks so good and I appreciate.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you very much for sharing this information about ”Best Ninja Pressure Cooker Air Fryer for Low Carb Lifestyle”

    This review was helpful for me because I have been looking for an air fryer for a while. After reading this review I believe that ninja will be perfect for me as the quality of this air fryer is superb. This air fryer is very good for our low carb diet. This review is very helpful for those people who are looking for a perfect air fryer for their low carb diet. It sounds like there is a lot of benefits. I will definitely be considering purchasing this ninja pressure cooker air fryer very soon.

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