Brian’s Low Carb Weight Loss Success

Throughout this website, you have heard me talk about, Brian who is my amazing boyfriend. He and I decided to get healthy together back in March of 2016. He is such an inspiration and I’m so very proud of him.

I have asked him to please share his story with my readers as I think it may be helpful to many of you. Brian has basically reversed his type two diabetes and has improved his overall health. 🙂

Here is his story… (images coming soon)









Hi, my name is Brian I’m 58 and I want to let you know that the Low Carb High Fat way of life really works. In March of 2016, I was 237lbs Type 2 diabetic, high blood pressure hi cholesterol. I was following my doctor’s advice on what to eat and how much. I was exercising every other day on the bike and weights. The only thing I didn’t stop is drinking beer. Not that I drank all the time but I did indulge on the weekends. I wasn’t losing any weight actually I was gaining.

I kinda gave up, I figured I would be on medicine for the rest of my life and my dosages would just keep increasing. Then in March I saw an infomercial by Mark Hyman M.D. We bought his book and started to read it. So Wendy and I decided to give it a try. We used the book Eat Fat Get Thin and Diet Doctors website to help us.

It was tough the first 2 weeks but once we got past the initial cravings it got easier. Being diabetic I needed to stay the course on the strict part of low carb for at least 8-10 weeks to clear my pancreas of all the toxins. I quit taking my cholesterol medicine right away. I didn’t stop taking my other medicines although I did experiment doing stopping for periods of time. I was monitoring myself so I would know how my body was reacting. 1 month into doing this change of life way of eating I had blood work done. My cholesterol was up slightly but not out of line and that’s with no medicine. My blood pressure and blood sugar were good as well. This was a great sign yes I was still on my meds for blood pressure but my readings were lower. My blood sugar was also lower than it had been. I had my doctors appt. the 3rd week of August with all the blood work this was my physical. I was really looking forward to this.

The results are in. I’m down to 189 lbs. My A1c was at 5.5, my blood pressure was normal and cholesterol was better than when I was on the meds. After consulting with my doctor I’m off all my medication. I do take a daily vitamin for diabetics, Fish oil, Flax seed oil and psyllium husk. I’m still monitoring myself. My BP is normal and my blood sugar is staying between 100 and 120 which is boarder line diabetic.

I still have a few pounds to lose but my body has leveled out for the moment which means that ‘s the weight my body likes. I wasn’t doing any exercising while losing weight. I feel good and look a lot better. To lose almost 50lbs in 5 months is tough and when you get older it gets even tougher. But with this way of life it wasn’t hard at all. While I have lost close to 50lbs, Wendy has done well losing around 37lbs.

My doctor was amazed as well and told me to keep the course. We are doing the full blood work up in February to make sure that everything is still OK. You must monitor yourself if you have any medical problems. The great thing that happened through this is that a good friend of mine at work was also doing the low carb no fat way of life. He started it about a week before me. He had the same health issues as me but was worse on the diabetic problems.

The funny thing about us doing it is we had no idea that we were each doing it until one day we started talking about our issues and what we were doing to change things. His brother which is a doctor is the one that told him about it. His brother was there to bounce questions off of. That helped the 3 of us if we had questions about what we were doing.


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24 thoughts on “Brian’s Low Carb Weight Loss Success”

  1. Great to hear you are getting close to your weight loss goals. The amazing thing is, fat loss diets don;t have to be boring. Once you cut out the cr@p you become hooked on the healthy stuff. It begins to taste great.

    I’m sure the books here are full of great healthy eating ideas.

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    1. You are correct, Danny. I thought I would miss the sugar and carbs and that fat would be boring. It is so far from the truth. Dinner tonight is lobster tail with butter and asparagus. To me, this is far from boring! 🙂

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I enjoyed reading Brian’s story, it’s quite extraordinary. Not only has he lost weight, but his blood pressure, and the cholesterol is “better than when he was on medication”. I’m in my 50’s and know how difficult to lower the cholesterol level naturally. I must get this book Eat Fat Get Thin too!

    Whenever I hear about “low carb diet”, as a vegetarian I feel it’s almost impossible…but this book does not seem to suggest meat products much? Avocado, nuts etc. Sounds like something I could probably start?

    Thanks again for the great article.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ray. You are right, there are lots of non-meat options that are high fat. Plus you can simply add avocado oil, coconut oil or alive oil to your foods for extra fat.

  3. Wendy, thank you for putting this article together. Although I am only in my 30’s I have utilized this form of diet for a very long time with considerable success. I did have to limit some of my fat intake because my cholesterol was getting higher than I wanted but after doing that everything came right back in line. I always feel great, well satiated and never suffer from the energy fatigue that a lot of people fear on low-carb diets. Thanks for writing this.

  4. Brian a 58 Year old diabetic went on a lo carb high fat diet and lost weight and got off his diabetes meds by using the methods in the book Eat Fat Get Thin. The first 2 weeks were hard because of the constant cravings, but it got easier. He had to stay off carbs for 8-10 weeks to get his pancreas clear of all the toxins in his system. He went from 237 to 189 pounds and is off all his cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes medicines all because he started eating better for his body. Once you cut out all of the crap from your diet, all the good for you stuff begins to taste good and you start craving it instead. So check out the book and see what it can do for you.

    1. Very true! When you cut out the crap food and replace with good nutrition, your body takes care of itself! It really is pretty neat.

  5. Wow that’s impressive!!! As I understand, 50 lbs is around 25 kg! You are doing a great job together with Brian!!!
    I wanted to tell you that I like a lot the widget you have on the side (Popular posts in the last 7 days). Actually I am not sure that it is a widget but anyway somehow goes with your site’s theme. It’s a visual effect that gave to me while reading Brian’s story, don’t know even how to explain what I mean lol
    Anyway, keep up a good work and much success to you and Brian!!! Looking forward to hearing more 🙂


        1. Hi Josephine, I know what you mean. The idea of fasting was weird for me as well. But just know, that it isn’t starvation. It is about letting you body use your fat reserves. I thought I would be crankie as well. And someone who is a glucose burner would be crankie, because of the sugar drop. But when you are a fat burner, you don’t have the drop in sugar so there isn’t any “crankiness”. When you eat more fat you are a lot less hungry and way more satisfied.

          1. Wendy, Interesting. I promise to keep an open mind and even to do a two days experiment and see how it goes for me. I must add though that a predominantly plant-based program is working for me, but some days I have a little meat. I will keep you posted Wendy. I do love your site and also meat (plenty smiles). Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  6. Hi there,

    This really sounds like something I can work with and still be happy. I absolutely crave meat, and lots of it. Been that way all my life. I can cut down on that as too much of anything is bad I suppose? I really am going to look into this. I need to lose weight and fast. Thank you for the spark of inspiration and a great article!

  7. Awesome story Brian, I’m glad you found a diet that works!

    A few years ago I went vegan for almost two years and had some good success but then I fell into some older habits.

    However, recently I put on some weight after tearing my ACL and started replacing the carbs in my diet with legumes except for the meal after my workout and have seen quick success!

    1. Hi Jeremy! Yes, I am very proud of Brian. He is doing great. And it sounds like you have found something that works for you as well. I wish you all the best. But a side note, for someone who is working on avoiding carbs, legumes are not a perfect choice as they have around 8 grams of carbs per serving. Someone who is trying to keep carbs low may want to avoid them. I don’t eat any sort of wheat, grains or legumes because it spikes my sugar. It really is a personal choice though. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Congrats on your weight loss and achieving your goals. I have a similar story and diet that I used to lose 75 lbs. I used a low carb, low fat and high protein diet but is not something I recommend long term. I keep hearing how a high content fat diet really boosts weight loss which I want to try now as I have to shed a few pounds. I have the same problem with indulging with alcohol on the weekends. Sometimes during the week too. Yikes! I know.

    1. Brian wanted me to tell you that he actually doesn’t miss the beer to much. When he wants to drink he tends to stick with the spirits instead of beer. And he also wanted me to tell you to beware, the alcohol will hit you quicker when you are on low carbs. He feels buzzed after just one or two drinks. 🙂

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