Don’t Be Bored With Your Ketosis Diet

Don't be bored with ketosis diet
Bored With Keto?

It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you are doing, if you are bored with the food, you will NOT succeed.

A boring diet sucks!

And a Ketosis or Low carb diet can get boring if you don’t know how to spice it up.

Learn more about Ketosis here. 

Processed food is designed to be tasty!

If you think about it, the normal American diet of highly processed food is very tasty because it is often lots of additives. Processed food is designed to be full of salt, sugar, and bad fats. They want you to not only love it the taste of the food, but they want you addicted to it. This way you will buy it again and again.

This is true with soda and chips. I know many people who drink sodas all day long. And I don’t think I know anyone who can just eat one potato chip.

Processed food is the root cause of many health issues, including type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease.  And it’s making America fat. 3 in 4 people are overweight or obese. And that is really sad to me.

Real Food Is Boring – NOT!

When you are eating “real food”, without all of the added crap, initially it may seem a bit boring. But keep in mind, you have to give yourself a chance to adjust. And the first couple of weeks you may have to deal with some cravings. But you will work through it. Just know that you are doing a good thing for yourself by cleaning the crap out of your body and giving it the nutrition it deserves.

How to deal with cravings on a low carb diet

But let me assure you, Keto Food is not only very healthy for you, but your taste buds will be happy as well.

No Need To Be Bored With Your Ketosis Diet

keto recipesTips To Keep Ketosis Diet Exciting:

  • Pour on the Fat! Don’t be afraid of fat. Olive oil and coconut oil taste wonderful and can make boring veggies amazing. Butter and bacon can add incredible flavor to your foods as well.
  • Shake that Salt. It is okay to add some salt to your foods. Keep in mind, you are not getting nearly as much salt as you did when you ate salty processed foods. So go ahead and shake it on.
  • Spice it up! I love to add all sorts of different spices and herbs. I have discovered all sorts of different tastes. Just be careful of premixed spices. Often they add extra sugar.
  • Try New Things: Don’t be afraid to experience new foods. I never had eggplant before but I saw a recipe that looked interesting so I tried it out. It was actually pretty good and easy to make.
  • Recipes! I have several recipe books on hand and I’m constantly trying out new things. Now it seems my LCHF diet never gets boring.

My favorite recipe book is The Ketosis Cookbook. This cookbook has 370 yummy Keto recipes. I like that it is full of colorful images along with step by step directions. You will never be bored with this cookbook on hand.

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So what about you? What are some of the ways you spice up your Keto Food?

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19 thoughts on “Don’t Be Bored With Your Ketosis Diet”

  1. Wow! I have a whole new outlook on a diet! I mean.. Bacon butter and oils? (and Salt?!) I would toss carbs out the window all day long to still eat those items! I do agree that the first week or so is by far the hardest and for me, that is where my highest failure rate is! Maybe with your suggestions above I can make it over the hump and start a successful diet!

    1. I know what you mean, Dana about the failure rate. What I did, was remove all of the carbs from my home. This way there wasn’t any temptation. And I kept motivated by reading websites like this one and youtube videos about lchf. The more I read about and the more keto success stories I saw, the more motivated I became. It also helped that my partner Brian and I did it together. When you have a partner it really helps, because you don’t want to let them down.

  2. My husband would never follow a diet LOL! He is like a child that I have to fight to eat vegetables! My daughter isn’t even two and she eats more good stuff than he does! (and he is Italian, so to remove proper pasta from his diet would be the equivalent to killing him haha)
    BUT.. I will give it a try on my own to see what happens!
    You are lucky to have a partner in your dieting adventures!

    1. I can totally understand. If I can help you in anyway just let me know. My email is You can do it! And yes, I am lucky. But, in the beginning I was really concerned about his health. He was on 3 different meds and knew he need to drop some weight as well. So we did it together. The hard thing for him, was eliminating the Beer. LOL! Beer was like pasta was to your husband. But we got through and learned how we can still drink alcohol on a lchf diet. so it is great.

  3. Haha this is something I could have used about 3 years ago when I utilized the ketosis diet to the fullest. I had salads just about every day for around 8 months. Haha if you can imagine how that’d be. They had little variation in terms of meat, veggies, and light dressing, haha but all basically the same thing. This is a good article, some helpful tips.

  4. Wendy, you are perfectly correct about the foods which are not good for us. They were made to get us addicted and so they pile on the salt, sugar and the bad fat. I love your tips for a low carb diet. I use enough salt, herbs, and butter to make my vegetables tasty and my craving for some things have disappeared. I am healthier today and happy as a result. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree! There is so much we can do with salt, herbs and butter to make vegetables tasty. I have also found that being healthy has changed the entire outlook of my life. I am way happier and feel blessed. It is nice to know that I can live a long healthy life.

  5. I tend to be a carb addict…which isn’t good. I just love home-made bread so much. I keep on thinking about how I should go on this diet to break the vicious cycle but always get distracted by life. Currently I live with my parents (still going through college) but I think once I get out on my own it will be a lot easier to do since I’ll have more control over the food in the house. Thanks for a great post! I’ll have to keep those tips in mind when I start!

  6. Hello,

    I liked the way you handle the diet issue, especially with the fact that fats shouldn’t be avoided. Indeed, our bodies need fat to work properly and all the fad diets saying elimiate this and that fat only hurt our bodies on the long run. Now I believe that fats must be carefully chosen – what do you think? And do you recommend eating cheese? Thank you!

  7. This content is really well designed with a great explanation of The ketosis Diet. It seems very different from other recipes or products that help also to lose weight.
    What I found out is that most of those product they offer on the market contains a molecule reductil, sibutramine, which is anorectic, that is to say, it cuts the appetite all. My sister lost 25 kg in 6 months. However, it is necessary to have a balanced diet in addition to the daily intake of Reducible. But too many side effects like permanent insomnia.

    So one of the big difference here with other products is that Keto Food is not only very healthy for the user, but the process is also easy to follow with the Ketosis Cookbook

    Thanks for these informations !!

    1. Pat, you are so right that Keto Food is very healthy for the user because it is simply real food. There is not added fillers, chemicals or fake fats that are in processed food.

  8. Always fun to read about other people that live on a low-carb food. I do that myself and I learn something new when I explore others information and experiences.
    I too thought that living on a ketosis diet was boring. I haven’t revealed all there is to what to eat yet but I’m still exploring and learning.
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I am the same way, Tove. I love reading about other peoples experiences with the low carb, high fat lifestyle. And I learn something new everyday.

  9. I think one of the most frustrating things about any diet is battling hunger cravings. I agree that diets can also be boring. If you are happy with what you’re eating, you’re half way there. These are great tips by spicing it up and trying new things. My biggest problem with trying new foods is that I was always concerned about how they would taste. I have to try this and get over that hurdle once and for all!

    1. I gotta tell you, I’ve been eating without sugar in my life for well over a year now and I honestly don’t have any cravings. I love food and enjoy eating, but now I simply eat when my body needs to be nurished.

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