Eating Fat To Lose Weight

This isn’t a low carb diet. This is a low carb, high-fat diet. And although it is very important to lower our intake of carbs, it is equally important to increase the amount of fat we eat.

Now, repeat after me….

“Fat is good!”

Eating more bacon, butter and cream was a difficult thing for me to do when I started this diet. I was programmed to believe that fat was not good for me. And, of course, that isn’t true. It is just one of those things that people keep repeating over and over again even though there aren’t any facts to back it up.

The reality is that a body can burn fat as fuel, just like it can burn glucose (sugar and carbs) as fuel. When you burn fat as fuel, you will not see a spike in your blood sugar. So you will feel much better.

If I deprive my body of fat then it will end up storing it. And that isn’t what I want.

Fat First, Protein second, Carbs Last

For some reason, people seem to think that when we talk about a low-carb, high-fat diet, that they need to eat more protein. But that is far from the truth. The reason why this diet works is because by eating more fat and minimal carbs you put your body into a fat burning mode called Nutritional Ketosis rather than the typical glucose burning mode.

Although protein is encouraged and much better than carbs, if you go overboard, the protein could actually be converted to glucose which means you will stop burning fat.

So it is important to remember to eat fat first, protein second and healthy carbs coming from green vegetables last.

If you want to get your body in fat burning mode, I suggest keeping your carb intake below 20 grams.

It is really easy to know what foods to avoid. Sugar, sweets, cakes and bread are obvious. But there can be a lot of sugar hidden in many places where it isn’t written on the label. For example, an average size potato has about 50 grams of carbs. So one potato has enough carbs for two entire days of eating.

It really can hurt your brain when it comes to trying to figure out what you can eat.

I don’t count numbers. I just eat a lot of food that I know is zero carbs (eggs, bacon, meat, fish, olives, cheese, fats) And those that are very low in carbs (green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables).

I eat until I’m full, then I stop eating.

Here is What I eat on a typical day…

7:00 Coffee with heavy cream and a bit of extra virgin coconut oil. I usually will have two cups.  Learn how to make bullet proof coffee.

10:00 I normally am not hungry, but if I feel a little hungry I may have a small amount of cheese or eat a few olives.

1:00 For lunch, I will eat a hard boiled egg and an avocado. Or if I’m doing intermittent fasting, I will simply drink a glass of bone broth.

Low Carb Steak Dinner
Low Carb Dinner

6:00 My dinner consists of a portion of meat and a huge portion of veggies smothered with some sort of fat. For example, yesterday my other half grilled us some steaks. I topped my steak with some grass fed butter. And we had a salad with some homemade blue cheese dressing. We also had some asparagus and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil.

8:00 pm. I am rarely hungry in the evening, but if I want a snack, I will usually have a bit of cheese or some nuts.

If you have never eaten a low-carb, high-fat diet, then you probably don’t think this is very much food to eat in a day. And you are probably wondering why I’m not hungry.

It really comes down to giving your body what it needs. When your body is satisfied, the cravings go away.

Yes they really will!

And you will not want do eat crap anymore.

It seemed like before this lifestyle I was hungry all the time. I was always wanting to snack on something. If I smelled sweets, I would really go crazy wanting to eat everything.

Now, I simply don’t think about food. I don’t crave it and I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing. When you eat to nourish your body, you feel so much better.

Want a list of what to eat on a low carb diet? Be sure to read Eating on a low carb diet.


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32 thoughts on “Eating Fat To Lose Weight”

  1. very good advice on eating fat to lose weight, I have also found eating more protein and then vegetables and fruits with less grains has helped me maintain my weight.

    I really do not feel grains are healthy for us, especially the way most people today eat them in large amounts.

    Very good advice, I know if people take your advice and adjust their eating plan they will lose weight and be healthier too.

    1. Thank you. I also don’t think grains are the best either. I used to eat so much bread, I couldn’t stop at one slice. Now I know it is because the sugar in the grain that kept me coming back for more. Now I don’t crave the bread at all. I can even smell it in the grocery store and not want it. It sounds like you are doing good with eliminating the grains. Good Job. 🙂

  2. That’s really useful advice. I constantly struggle in the evening and crave something sweet. Maybe if I followed this I wouldn’t. Looking forward to some bulletproof coffee too !!!

    1. Chris, The bulletproof coffee is da bomb! LOL! If you just add a bit of cream, butter or coconut oil to your coffee, you will not be hungry for breakfast. I love it because it keeps me full. Eating More fat will reduce all of your cravings for sweets. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Love this website, makes me look at weight loss from a different perspective, one that I never thought of! also like how you showed exactly what your meal consists of and your daily routine. Seems like your doing it right!

  4. I actually didn’t know that if you eat too much protein it is converted into glucose. Its often not the case where the human body is so simple where i can be broken down into fat, proteins and carbs. There are so many intricacies in diet and nutrition. Luckily fatlossatfifty clears things up! 🙂

    1. I didn’t either until recently. Really low carb high fat is simple. Eat the same amount of protein as you normally would. But eat much less carbs and way more fat. 🙂

  5. Great post, There are so many ‘diets’ out there and they all work up to a point, I think you really need to know what is good for your own body as what works for one does not always work for another. Not many people know that you have to eat fat to burn fat. Also sugar is in everything and your body always uses sugar first for energy and then the fat. I try to keep away from sugar and anything that makes sugar. Thanks for sharing, great advice.

    1. You are welcome, Helen. And thanks for your input. It is true that we are all different. And our bodies change all the time. When I was young, all I had to do to drop weight was cut down on calories and up my exercise. It doesn’t work now that I’m over fifty. I think it is about figuring out what works for you. Take Care!

  6. Great article! I had heard about this diet before but had never actually seen anything in depth about why it works. Great explanation! how would this diet be for those who have high blood pressure? I assume you could just cut out a lot of salt and it might help? It sounds like this would be a great diet for diabetics as well!

    1. It is great for diabetics as my boyfriend has reversed his diabetes. And I would think it would work for those with high blood pressure. My boyfriend’s blood pressure went down and his doctor reduced his medication but he doesn’t add extra salt like I do. I always use lots of salt and my bp is normal the last I checked it was 106 over 70. I always recommend for people to always check with their doctor before trying any sort of diet.

  7. Hey Wendy,
    Your article is definitely in contradiction to all that I have read and heard about losing weight.

    When I read “Fat is Good” a part of me was like hell no.

    I like how you included your own schedule and I was surprised with your breakfast [no bread and just coffee] and then I am usually not hungry at 10 am. How can you not be hungry and then have just an egg and avocados for lunch.

    1. I know what you mean, Josh! I was like “hell no!” too. 🙂 But I promise you this works and I’m not hungry. You see when I drink coffee with fat (cream, butter or coconut oil) I am eating food. And my body uses the fat as fuel. I am very satisfied and not the least bit hungry. I find that I can often skip lunch. But if I am hungry I will eat an egg or an avocado. It fills me up. Now I don’t just eat to eat. I eat to fuel my body and I give it what it needs.

      You see your body can either burn carbs (this is what 90% of Americans do) or it can burn fat. The great thing about becoming a fat burner is that your body doesn’t store fat like it does for carb burners. So I become a fat burning machine.


  8. Awesome article. I personally follow a low carbohydrate high fat diet and it worked wonders for me. I was almost up to 300 lbs at one point and pre-hypertensive when I finally changed my diet and lifestyle. I lost over 100 lbs and have never been better and healthier. Fat does NOT make you fat. Thanks for the great article!

    1. 100 lbs! Wow, Pete, You are freaking amazing. Congrats. And thanks for reinforcing that Fat doesn’t make people fat. You are such an inspiration. And by the way, your site, is awesome! Thanks for connecting.

  9. Wow that’s a pretty amazing diet. I must admit I am a big fan of fatty food – I do like my food. However as I am a veggie there are changes I would need to make (I’m also gluten free which in a way is good as gf pasta is not so carby as the real stuff and it means I don’t eat bread (gf bread is often grey in color which is pretty off putting). However I am currently obsessed by avocados and eggs (veggie not vegan) and cheese. I like avocados sprayed with a garlic, chilli and balsamic vinegar dressing.

    1. Oh my gosh! I know how you can become addicted to avocados because I’m a total addict. I add them to everything and I also just simply eat them plain. And Avocado is my lunch very often. It doesn’t matter so much if you are a veggie or not. If you love fat, there is a lot of options for vegetarians. Just add lots of fat to your veggies. I love spaghetti squash smothered with coconut oil, or cabbage fried with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). And don’t get me started on zucchini. I just love the veggies with oil. Yum!

  10. Hi Wendy,

    I really enjoyed your article, this is great advice and spot on. I maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy (which includes a lot of healthy fats) and also go to the gym regularly. I add a lot of protein and complex carbohydrates to my diet though, seeing that I am quite active. Healthy fats will definitely keep you satiated for longer, 1 gram of fat actually contains 9 calories whereas 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates only contains 4 calories.

    Thanks for the info and I wish you all the best.

    1. I wish you the best as well Joe. The great thing about eating low carb is that you don’t have to count calories. The body doesn’t care how many calories anything has. It just simply either burns fat or burns carbs. I want to be a fat burner so I eat as much fat as I can and keep my carbs as low as possible. Thanks again.

  11. Would you believe that I have tried this diet twice in recent weeks. It is definitely the tastiest diet I have ever been on, and offered much more choice in terms of what I could eat than conventional diets. However, although the low carb part of the equation was fine (I think 🙂 ), I found that the high fat portion of it bloated my stomach. At least, I am assuming it was the high fat intake. Do you have any ideas of why this could be, or even any advice on the matter?

    1. I’m surprised to hear about the bloating. I actually find the total opposite. I never feel bloated and never even feel gassy. When you say that you “tried” this 2 times, Did you make it through the first two weeks? The reason I ask is because the first to weeks I felt like total shit. It was almost having a flu bug. It took about 2 weeks for my body to detox from the sugar.

  12. Thank God for people like you Wendy! I heard most of the things you talking about, and you are right on the spot! Not just you know the correct information but the food you recommend are delicious!!! Thank God for that we can kick out all those boring food!!!
    Thank you for your work, it’s great!

  13. This is really interesting, I would have never thought of eating fat to get thin. But there are suggestions that we eat more of saturated fat and less of unsaturated fat, what’s your take on this?

    1. I eat lots of saturated fat. I eat bacon and real butter from grass fed cows. Believe it or not, saturated fat is good for you. All of my numbers are good and I’m losing weight. My allergies are gone, my joint pain is gone and I haven’t had a headache since I started. My take is eating saturated fat is a great thing to do.

      My body burns fat as fuel rather than sugar. I have found that sugar (carbs) is what was responsible for many of my health issues. I highly recommend the Eat Fat, Get Thin book. It really is worth reading.

  14. You have so much great info!!! Didn’t know about “eating fat”, thought that was a no no. I have a hard enough time since I don’t like veggies or fruit. THANKS for some really great tips & ideas.

  15. This is a bit different than I have heard previously. We’ve all heard that too much sugar is bad, but in another post you advised to get rid of almost all sugar. But aside form the Atkins diet, all the others that I have looked at suggest quite a bit of carbs, and very low fat. So this is a switch for sure. I’m willing to try no carbs and high fat though. One of my problems will be that presently I have an English muffin every day at breakfast. I also have a Greek Yogurt. Lunch is typically a reheated cheeseburger, or a deli sandwich, sometimes a sub-sandwich. We have no actual supper, just snacking on whatever. I’ve been eating too much lately in the eves, so I’ve been making a protein shake instead. What do you think of these things?

    1. It seems pretty typical of what I ate prior to eating more fat and less carbs. You could simply boil up a bunch of eggs and eat a hard boiled egg for breakfast. You can still have the burger for lunch, just get rid of the bread. I like to use romaine lettuce as bread. Or just do a salad instead. Greek yogurt is very high in sugar. Maybe you would like some whipped cream with a few raspberries?

  16. Eggs for breakfast is a good idea, we used to do that a lot. What about these “wraps” that you see these days? The grocery stores do those in the deli’s.

    1. It depends on what the wraps are. If they are made of bread or grain, I avoid them. They should have a nutrition label on them for you. Check and see how many carbs. I avoid anything that has more than one carb. It is better to make your own wrap with romaine lettuce.

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