Eating Out Tips For LCHF

For the first time in several months we went to the beach for our vacation and arrived after an 8 hour drive to the beautiful east coast. After checking in and unpacking, I looked at the clock and realized it was after 6:00.

I was doing a 24 hour fast and last ate at 7:00 last night. So we decided to go out and get a bite to eat. We found a higher restaurant that looked relaxing and went in.

But when we looked at the menu, we found ourselves frustrated as everything seemed to have carbs and sugar. I had no idea that eating out would be so challenging when eating high fat low carb.

Brian ended up getting Parmesan wings which is our old fall back and I couldn’t seem to find anything that didn’t have some sort of sauce or pasta. And I just wasn’t in the mood for Chicken Wings.

Finally I found a grilled chicken breast over kale and spinach. It had some sort of oriental sweet sauce over it. So I asked if the chef could simply grill my chicken and lightly cook my kale and spinach in butter. I felt like I was being difficult, but the waitress told me that people make special request all the time. The chef was very happy to accommodate and the meal was delicious.

So here are a few tricks that I learned from my experience over the past week with eating out and a few tips that I learned from talking with others who eat lchf.

Eating Out Tips for LCHF


Greek Salad For HFLC Diet
  • Ask the waitress how the food is prepared. Is it grilled, fried, poached, baked. And What kind of oil is used?
  • The simpler the meal is, the less likely to have hidden sugar. A steak or burger (without the bun) with a green vegetable is a good choice.
  • Ask for a replacement or substitution. For example rather than a steak and fries, ask for a salad to replace the fries or. Then use olive oil and vinegar as your dressing.
  • If possible, read the menu online (if it is available) before you leave your home. This way you already know what you will order. It is always easier if you are prepared ahead of time.
  • When in doubt order a large tossed salad with olive oil and vinegar. And you can always ask them to add some grilled chicken or beef. I also enjoy Greek salad as it has lots of olives and feta cheese!

I hope you found some of these tips helpful. What are some of the suggestions you have for someone who wants to eat out on a lchf diet?



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8 thoughts on “Eating Out Tips For LCHF”

  1. Thank you for putting this advice out there! As a server at a high end restaurant, I find that, like you, people are afraid to ask. Don’t be! More and more, restaurants are equipping themselves with healthier choices. Eating healthy isn’t a fad, it’s a necessity. Asking for modifications to a dish isn’t an imposition. If you’d prefer a different side or to skip the sauce or bread…not usually a problem, and simply grilling proteins is almost always doable. People should never feel embarrassed. Again, thanks for ‘putting it out there’!

  2. This is all very interesting to me as I will be turning 50 in September. I actually have never heard of the LCHF diet. I would imagine that it would work very well as the higher fat content would keep you feeling full for a longer period of time than simple carbs would. I must say that I love Greek salads with feta cheese. I think I could enjoy this diet.

    1. You are not alone Linda. I didn’t know of it either until this year when I started it. It is the perfect diet for me, because I have always said that I couldn’t go without cheese. I just love cheese. And it’s allowed. Yeah! Plus I also love read meet and seafood. So this is the perfect diet for me. Actually everything in a Greek salad is perfect for this diet. It is often what I order when out and about. I just have to replace their dressing with extra virgin olive oil. So yes, you would probably like this diet.

  3. When eating out I always thought that you have to stick with their menu and order what’s in there. Until one day I had a similar experience with you, just that I didn’t like anything in the menu. And the chef was happy to make my request. they sometimes take it as a good challenge. I learned to definitely ask for changes when I want it.

  4. Lots of good information and helpful tips on your site. As I get ever closer to reaching the age of 50, I know how hard it is to keep the weight off. And how easy it is to put it on. I too like to avoid sugar as much as possible. Sugar is really detrimental to your health and makes it so easy to gain weight. Plus, sugar lots to hide in a lot of place you don’t expect, like tomato soup for example! I find it helpful to always read the labels.

    1. Yes, Mike, you really do need to read the labels. They hide sugar in everything. This is why for the most part, I only eat real food. For example an egg is simply an egg. I don’t have to worry about what else could be hidden in it.

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