Eggs, The best Low Carb Food

20161005_114734I love eggs. And eggs are is my staple for my low carb diet. They are inexpensive, easy to prepare and if you hard boil them, easy to keep on hand for a quick snack.

And nutritionally, they are the perfect food. As a matter a fact, most high-fat foods are very nutritious.

When you think about an egg, it is the perfect food. Eggs are where chickens come from once fertilized. There must be lots of vitamins and minerals in order to create a chicken. When we eat eggs we are getting lots of nutrition.

Eggs are a real food, created by God. I prefer real food like meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables rather than the processed food that modern people eat. Real foods are just full of nutrition.

For example, white flour has so little nutrition, manufacturers are required to add vitamins to the flour.

Personally, I would prefer to get my vitamins naturally from the foods I eat.

When I choose foods, I try to get the most natural foods. So when I choose eggs, I go for the eggs that come from pastured chickens. I try to find meats from animals who were fed grass and not corn.

Learn about cruelty free eggs 

The thing that is great about an egg, is that you don’t have to question what is in it. There is not a label to read. It is simply an egg.

When choosing eggs at the store, the best option is to choose eggs that come from pastured chickens. This means that they are not confined to a cage 24 hours a day. The chickens sleep in a coop at night but otherwise are out in the fresh air during the day. They can eat grass or worms if they want in addition to the foods they are fed.

I would think that pastured chickens would be healthier so they would have better tasting and more nutritious eggs.

I used to go for the free range eggs, but then I realized free-range simply means that the chickens must be given access to the outside. It doesn’t necessarily mean the chickens are outside a good part of the day.

Another thing to look for when buying eggs is to look for eggs from chickens that haven’t been given antibiotics or hormones. Whatever the hen ate, is what we eat when we eat the eggs.

What about you? Do you eat eggs?

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8 thoughts on “Eggs, The best Low Carb Food”

  1. Eggs, I think, are one of the healthiest foods you can still find. Unlike meat, which is often filled with all sorts of unnatural stuff and is ruined by the diet they feed cows, eggs are pretty natural. I never thought that there would be a difference whether the chicken was pasturized or not, though.

    1. Hi Ben! I never really thought about it much either. But, I would think that if an animal is caged all the time, it wouldn’t be as healthy. Animals are no different than us humans. We need sunlight, fresh air and healthy food to be healthy. So healthy chickens would be more likely to give healthy and nutritious eggs.

  2. It’s about my rising from bed time and I will be preparing some incredible edible eggs for breakfast which I do most mornings. I like your suggestion of keeping some boil available for snacks, and will make that apart of my eating routine. The egg is healthy, I agree but the yolk sometimes gets bad press what are your feelings on that? I personally like to see yellow in my eggs.

  3. Eggs are amazing, not to mention all the health benefits they provide! I agree with all the statements you’ve made on eating eggs. One more important note is that they also provide Omega 3’s, which are very healthy.

    I also like how eggs contain almost no carbs. I had no idea that pastured eggs we’re the best kind to choose. I’ll make sure to look out for that the next time at the grocery store. Anyway, how do you like to make your eggs..? I love all the ways you can choose from.. Omelets, hard-boiled, sunny side up, and the list goes on!

    1. I love eggs any way, but my favorite is sunny side up. I like the taste of the yolks. I like to cook up a ham steak and then place an egg on top and let the yolk drip all over it. Yummy!

  4. I never knew so much about eggs. They are sounding very good for you. Natural foods do sound the most nutritious way to get your vitamins. I have heard that eggs can be bad for you, like they have a lot of cholesterol in them. Can you prove this fact wrong? It does make a lot of sense that the egg would have so many nutrients in it because it is going to be a living creature.

    1. Can you prove it is true. There are many things that are not true, yet we believe it because we hear it over and over again. There are many doctors who don’t believe cholesterol is the cause of heart attacks. In fact we need it. If you do some reading up on the subject you will find a lot of evidence and facts. Here is some info about The Cholesterol Myth

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