Guidelines For LCHF Diet

Losing weight on a high fat, low carb diet is pretty easy to do. It is easy because you don’t have to watch how much you eat. There is no counting calories, and no weighing of food. You simply follow these simple guidelines.

Eat Lots of Good Fats

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Eat Real food that is high in fat. The more fat you get, the more satisfied you will be and you will lose weight. So this means eat: fish, meat (the fatter the better) , eggs and olives. Also use olive oil, bacon grease, real butter or coconut oil in all of your cooking. When it comes to butter or meat, it’s better if you choose grass fed animals.

Eat full fat heavy whipping cream. This is my favorite fat because I get to add it to my coffee and I can whip it up and just eat it if I want. Yummy.

Eat Lots of Green and Low Carb Veggies

Some of the best ones are Kale, Spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus, spaghetti squash, lettuce, cabbage, celery. Something that I learned from the folks and Diet Doctor is to only eat food that grow above the ground since the root vegetables tend to have more starch. This helps me when choosing vegetables.

Eat Dairy

All cheeses are fine just be sure it is high in fat. So don’t eat low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese or cream cheese that is low fat. And let me tell you, this can be difficult as most grocery stores stock mainly low-fat or non-fat cheeses.

The more fat the better. When they take out the fat, they add sugar so read the labels. Anything more than 1 carb of sugar is too much.

Eat Nuts.

Raw Macadamia Nuts Whole & Unsalted

Nuts are high in fat and a great protein source. But be careful as they are easy to go overboard on. The lowest carb nuts are brazil, macadamia, and almonds.

Drink Filtered Water

It is real important to drink lots of water while eating low carb high fat. Staying hydrated helps your body do it’s job. Plus drinking lots of water will help you avoid some of the side effects that may accompany a high fat diet.

Don’t Eat High Carb Foods and Sugar

Avoid candy, sweets, starchy veggies, breads and pasta. I focus on eating only real food that doesn’t come in a box. But if you do buy anything that is packaged make sure it has 1 or less grams of sugar and carbs.

Don’t Eat Artificial Sweeteners.

You don’t need the chemicals in your body and if you are eating artificially sweetened drinks and food then you will still have a taste for sweets and crave more. Once you are off the sweets for a few days, you will stop craving more sweets and wont need a sweetener.

If you must have some sort of sweetener, I suggest Stevia, but don’t overdo it and read the label. Many out there have a very small amount of Stevia and then they add lots of other chemicals. Just make sure it has actual true organic Stevia in it and not a bunch of fillers or addatives like such as dextrose and erythritol.

Avoid Fruit

Fruit is very high in sugar. If you must have fruit then I suggest berries as they tend to be the lowest in carbs.

Avoid Beer

Beer is very high in sugar and should be avoided. Ever hear the term beer belly? Drinking an abundance of beer is a sure fire way to get a fat belly. If you want to lose weigh, you should avoid it.

I was attracted to this diet because it included a lot of foods that I enjoy eating. So I took a 2 week challenge and lost weight pretty easily. My average is 2 lbs a week. This is week 8 for me and I’m still doing it.

Anyway, these are the guidelines For LCHF Diet that I follow. I hope you find it helpful.

What about you? Do you think a high fat low carb diet is for you?

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8 thoughts on “Guidelines For LCHF Diet”

  1. I certainly like the look of this diet. All the foods here are foods that I like, especially the coconut oil which I use on a daily basis for cooking, indigestion, face cream and just eating with a spoon…lovely.
    I’m wondering though, if this diet would be too rich for some people. Also, is there a limit to the amount of fat you can eat?
    I just can’t believe that eating all these yummy high fat foods will increase weight loss, but I’m willing to give it a try! Ches

    1. I was sceptical too Ches. And I’m dropping pounds easily. I’m not hungry. As for a limit, I’m not sure. But I do know that when I’m full, my body tells me.

  2. Great guide Wendy and I pretty much agree with all the points you make.

    It can often be hard to people to fully commit to this sort of diet as it’s almost the complete opposite to the rubbish we’ve been told to eat over the last 30-40 years!

    Telling people to add butter and full fat cream to whatever they can is a bit alien and therefor I think it’s best that people get a full understanding of this diet before they proceed.

  3. Hi Wendy
    Any diet that does not remove any of the most important meals for me is fantastic. I do not need “starve” to slimming 🙂 not you think?. In the guidelines for LCHF diet you mention much fat, but I understood that all fat is not good if you want to lose weight. Your information about fat and foods that should not exceed 1 gram neither of sugar nor carbohydrates is excellent.
    Thank you very much for guidelines for LCHF diet, incidentally, what LCHF means? Low Carb High Fat?

    1. You are right that not all fat is good. Most of my fat comes from meat or fish. I also eat a lot of olive oil, coconut oil and avocados. I stay away from trans fats, vegetable and corn oil. Yes, lchf stands for low carb high fat. Have a great day.

  4. Great article! I never knew there are so many ways to go about a low carb high fat diet. I have read about good fats and bad fats – may I ask if overconsumption of good fats also pose a health risk? I like that you have included a variety of foods – looks like this diet is not as restrictive as some others. The dont’s are also really helpful! Thank you for an informative piece! 🙂

    1. Hi Lily! Actually I have found that it is pretty difficult to over consume the good fats, because you simply get full. The thing I love best about this diet is you eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. With the normal american diet, you are never really full because the carbs are so addictive people eat even when they aren’t hungry.

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