Hair Loss and Keto

 hair loss and keto

Today I wanted to share with you one of the not so positive side effects that I had when I first started my keto way of living 4 years ago.   One morning when I was blow drying my hair I noticed that my hair was really thinning out. I noticed it about 3 or 4 months after I started eating healthier. It was a bit scary when I saw more hair in my brush and on the sink almost daily. I also noticed the hair I had was breaking off and very frizzy. I was quite worried.

Has this happened to you as well

FEAR NOT! Hair loss during keto is only temparary. 

So why the hair loss while on keto?

It turns out that in a time of great stress we can lose our hair. personally, I don’t feel like I was under any stress when I first started my low carb way of living. Actually, the opposite was true. I was excited and happy to take control of my health. I loved the way I felt and I enjoyed seeing my healthy new body change for the better.

So I was a bit stunned and worried when I saw that my hair was falling out more than normal. So I did some research and learned that even though keto is a much healthier lifestyle, it can be a bit of a shock to someone (like me who didn’t eat exactly healthy in the past. I mean it must have been a total shock to my system when I quit sugar and switched over to fat. I literally was going from one extreme to the other.

The bad news for some of us is that hair loss is a part of low carb high fat. However, the good news is that it is only temporary. Thank Goodness! I started to see my new hair growth within a few months and now 4 years later my hair is shiny healthy and strong.

For those of you who are just starting keto, you can make hair loss less likely by doing a few things.

Start using a good multivitamin if you aren’t already. A good multivitamin like Ketolabs Keto Core Daily Multivitamin with Minerals & Probiotics can help give you the extra minerals and vitamins that you need on a low carb diet. This also includes probiotics.

I also find that taking a hair, nail and skin supplement that contains biotin also known as vitamin b7 is very helpful. A favorite of mine is powerful Hair plus.

Biotin helps to make your hair thicker and stronger and less likely to break off. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair and as a bonus, my nails are much healthier too. I love this product.

I also only use really good hair products that are free of chemicals that may damage my hair. I stay far away from products that contain sulfates as they really dry out my hair and make it frizzy.

I like to also use shampoos and conditioners that contain collagen like ILuseta Biotin & Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner. Collagen helps to make your hair strong. And it is good for your skin as well.

It helps to make your skin tighter and healthier. It also helps with the elasticity we lose in our skin as we age. Other benefits include joint support. Collagen help with joint pain.

Another way of adding collagen to your low carb diet is to make your own bone broth.

Read more about the benefits of bone broth.

Anyway, I hope I was able to reassure you a bit. If you are seeing a little bit of hair loss on keto it will soon get back to normal. But by taking vitamins you can help to prevent it from happening in the first place.



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38 thoughts on “Hair Loss and Keto”

  1. I’ve seriously considered starting the keto diet so I’ve done a decent bit of research on it. However, I’ve never heard of hair loss as a side effect! I’m so thankful I know, though. Now if I do start the keto diet, I know to take some of these supplements along with it to ensure there is less hair loss, if any. Thanks so much for the heads up and options for supplements!

  2. I had no idea that my keto diet could be contributing to my hair loss. This is so great to know and I’m definitely going to look into these products. Glad its temporary but I’ve been having hair loss trouble anyways so I think I’ll try shampoos and conditioners that contain collagen. I only ever knew of biotin to help. Thanks!

  3. A good friend of mine has been suffering with severe hair loss, and I was amazed to read in your article that the Keto diet can actually attribute to that.  She uses all kinds of different diets, so it probably does have something to do with her diet.  It probably really is because I believe all health issues start with what people put in their mouths.  I see you recommend Biotin.  Yes, I’ve heard of Biotin for hair.  I’m going to give the link to your article to her so she can review the remedies and perhaps make some adjustments or add some supplements.  Thanks so much.

    1. She may want to check with her doctor as well. Hopefully, her hair loss is simply from the stress of changing to a healthier way of eating. I wish your friend all the best.

  4. I’m so worried about hair loss infact I and my friend there is no day that will pass that we won’t discuss on how to stop  hair loss. Thanks for sharing this information. I think I and my friend will find a shampoo that contain collagen and I will share this post to my friends so that he can see this also.

  5. it would very disappointing if I start loosing hair but I  don’t have to worry you have assured me it’s temporary I started doing keto a while ago and the change is already showing I am shedding off extra fats beutifully and I am still eating and living healthy so I was surprised when you  said I should expect hair  I am quite young I am not ready for bold head but again you have shown me the solution  in taking of multi vitamin so  you have me covered I will worry less.

    1. The good thing, Charles is that this side effect only affects a small number of people. I was one of the unlucky ones. Congrats on your weight loss and living a healthy life! I wish you the best.

  6. My aunt has been on a keto diet for a while. She also experienced hair loss although not very much. She almost gave up on the low cab diet because she is the type that values her hair so much.

    It took the intervention of her husband for her not to quit. This article will really help her by assuring her that the hair is only temporal. That you for this information. 

    1. Yes please reassure her that it is just her bodies way of dealing with stress, not that low carb is stressful. It is just that our bodies got to get used to the change is all.

  7. Hi Wendy,I’m not on a diet, but I know I need to . I’m in my late 50’s and my pants are getting tighter on my waist lol!My hair looks good and shiny and there are only a few that falls when I comb, which I believe is normal.I’m just curious, if you go on low carb high fat diet, would your cholesterol in your blood not go up?Thanks for this valuable information.Marita

    1. Most peole think that cholesterol would go up on a keto diet as you are eating a lot of fat. But it isn’t true. We don’t get fat by eating fat, we get fat by eating sugar. My boyfriend lost weight with me and was taken off of his cholesterol meds because he no longer needed it. Also, he reversed his diabetes. His numbers are all good as is mine. We are both on zero meds! Here is a post where we write about his success. Brian’s Low Carb Weight Loss Success

  8. Hey ,

    Thanks for sharing this article . I know , Hair loss is considered a less common side effect of a ketogenic diet . As your hormone levels adjust and metabolism shifts to burning fat. , then you may even notice an increase in the rate at which your hair sheds . In order to produce healthy hair , it is essential to replace these vitamins through a natural diet . If you are experiencing hair loss on while on the keto  diet but do not wish to stop the diet , you will make a solution for your hair loss and I think scalp micropigmentation can be that solution.

    1. I so much appreciate the advice, however, hair loss only lasts for about a month or so. It all gets better. I’ve been doing keto for over 4 years now and my hair is long and healthy. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and suggestion.

  9. Great post and good info. 

    I know somebody who suffered the same when he was doing the Keto diet, suddenly he started to lose lots of hair, but really lots. 

    So he went to a specialist and that person told him not to worry, it was the change of lifestyle, and it will be back. 

    It took a while honestly that he received it back, but indeed, you can’t see any difference anymore. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it! 

  10. Hi! Thank you very much for addressing this issue. Yeah, it can be a bit frightening. But it’s good to know that hair loss is only temporarily.

    And I’m grateful for these recommendations you have given here. Using multivitamins to help our body with the vitamins and minerals we need when we’re on a low carb diet is a complete game changer. I have read good reviews about Powerful Hair Plus.

  11. A relative of mine had been complaining about hair thinning. Recently I saw her having change of diet – more salad less carb. I wasn’t sure what kind of diet she is on but I would pass on the message to her, it could be useful for her. 

    Thank you for your recommendation of the supplements and products to use too!

  12. It really can be scary when you lose your hair. Sure enough, if you are assured you will get it back and the reason is that you have drastically changed your diet to a better direction it helps your mind.

    This post suggests multi-vitamins to help the situation and various shampoos which helps builds collagen could be tried.

    Personally, I like the natural way. I will wait to get my hair back. But there is no harm to replace your current shampoo with the suggested one.

    1. I like the natural way as well. That is why I like to make my own bone broth and I prefer products that don’t include all kinds of additives?

  13. That’s good news. I just experienced the same effect with my hair as you did 4 years ago.

    It’s really shocking, suddenly seeing much more hair in the brush than before. I started keto three weeks ago and the effect on my hair just started a few days ago now.

    I’m glad to hear this is only temporary and can be minimized with vitamins and Biotin.

    Thanks na lot 🙂

  14. Wow, when I read this article it totally resonated with me. I started the Atkins diet mane, many years ago, it was highly effective for sure. I remember leaning over the white bath tub washing my hair and seeing an extraordinarily huge quantity of hair being washed away – I didn’t put 2 and 2 together, I just thought perhaps I was just starting to bald, it was shocking though!   It is only now that I read your article that I realise what cause it, and this is years later!

    I still have a full head of healthy hair, so the condition must have been temporary – but I guess, had I known about this previously I would certainly have looked for some hair supplements  – thanks for helping things make sense to me….

  15. Valuable information. There is no day me and my mum won’t discuss about the hair lost. She’s so so scared about her losing her hair. I love this article. Thanks for sharing the vital information on hair loss. I and my mum wil ind shampoo that has collagen in it. I will definitely show her this wonderful article.

    Thank you, author 

  16. Very interesting about losing hair on this diet. I also haven’t heard of it occurring with Keto. Pleased it is a temporary issue. I also do wander if it breakaways as a nutrition line break. Thank you for sharing this experience backed with the nutrition requirement.

  17. Very interesting information. Thank you for sharing your experience as I had no idea this happens. It would be interesting the percentage of hair loss on this diet.

    Mentioning the nutritional support is very helpful for anyone considering this diet or is having the hair loss issue. You have given good preparation advise.

    1. If I recall, I think it is a retty low percentage of people. I think I am pretty rare. But it was upsetting for me so I wanted to share it with others in case if they have hair loss happen to them as well.

  18. Heredity and Stress is another one of hair loss.  I have never eat dietary food but I have loose my hair when I was about 40 years old. Based on my experience, I used to use shampoo but it would not help me. Perhaps, I may try to take vitamin instead.

    1. I wish I could stop heredity for you. Normal balding in men is simply gonna happen. But It is nice to know that the hair loss that occurs a few months after a stressful situation or a change in diet is only temporary.

  19. Wendy, thank you for sharing this information. I must admit that I have been studying this way of life and I am seeing this information for the first. Many thanks and keep writing and all the best as you continue to strive for optimum health.

  20. This should be no problem as the hair will grow back in no time. It just really happens when you try to lose weight. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  21. Hair is always an important factor for us women especially when we are getting to the 50s line you always begin to look in the mirror twice, or at least it happens to me as if the second time around whatever defect I noticed might just disappear.Thank you for your post and review it is quite useful to know all this stuff especially if you are about to start a diet and to learn in advance what can happen and how to prevent it is a great benefit

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