Help Me to Say No to Cake and other Sweets

Do you have a hard time saying no to cakes and other sweets? If you do, you are not alone. Learn how you can say no to cake and other sweets.

say no to cake and other sweets

It happens to the best of us.  We are invited to someone’s home and they surprise you with something that is full of sugar that you prefer not to eat because you have been doing so well on your low carb way of eating. It sounds very easy to simply say no, but you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. If you are thinking: “Help Me to Say No to Cake and other Sweets” than I am glad you are here.

So how do you say no to cake and other sweets?

Just imagine, you make it through the entire meal and then …

here it comes…

double chocolate cake, which happens to be your old favorite.

So, what do you do?

Say no to dessert? Have a Cheat day?

It isn’t that simple.

Planning ahead is the best way to prevent the issue from coming up in the first place. What I do is give my host a heads up before I come over. I explain that I am living a low carb lifestyle and that I don’t eat processed foods and carbs anymore.  I share my story so they understand that it is a personal lifestyle choice. I’m careful that they don’t think I’m putting down their way of eating.

Reassuring them that they don’t need to make anything special for me helps. I let them know I can eat any meat they prepare as well as any green vegitables. This seems to be the easiest thing to do. And it makes it much less stressful for the host.

Keep in mind, most people find low carb way of eating very confusing even though to us, it is quite simple.

I learned this the hard way, because once my step mother was all stressed out when we were coming over for dinner. She had made all sorts of fancy foods and got herself all worked up. I felt aweful that she was worried about having the right kinds of foods.

So now when we go to someones house, I just keep my way of eating on the down low and just eat the veggies and meat. This way, no ones feelings get hurt.

I always bring a side dish. This way I know there is something healthy to eat. If it is a picnic sort of meal, I may bring develed eggs or low carb cole slaw. If it is a sit down meal, I may offer to bring roasted brussle sprouts or something.

Don’t hurt feelings when saying no to cake

Now sometimes people will get their feelings hurt because they really don’t understand. They think that one little piece of something wouldn’t hurt you. I have people tell me that they feel sad for me never eating sugar.

But I educate them on what ketosis is and explain how I keep my insulin very low and just a small amount of sugar will make me feel like crap. It isn’t worth it to me to feel awful.

It’s okay to put yourself first!

It is important to remember to make your health a priority and to put yourself first. Most of us ended up fat and sick because we were people pleasers. Making others happy all the time is a bad habit that needs to be broken if you want to be able to change your lifestyle for good. You got to love yourself more than you love being polite. Don’t trade your health in order to shield someone’s feelings.

Say No to Obesity

Would you smoke a cigarette if it was offered to you? Would you worry about hurting someone’s feelings if you said no? For many of us, sugar is our drug. It’s our addiction.

So for me, when I’m saying no cake and other sweets, it’s like saying no to obesity!

Which brings us back to the double chocolate cake that scares us so much.

If the cake still comes to the table, simply say no thank you, I’m too full.

If you discussed your way of eating with the host, this is unlikely to happen. But if you are at a wedding reception or a place where you hav no control, just decline. You can do it!

And if you decide to eat the cake, then you forgive yourself and get back on track as soon as you can. No one is perfect. I’m not perfect and I bet you’re not either.

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23 thoughts on “Help Me to Say No to Cake and other Sweets”

  1. Hello!

    I really liked your content! Personally I don’t like cake too much so it is often that I don’t receive it and the people who know me are already aware of the situation. However, when it comes to other sweets it is super hard to say no! I have been trying and sometimes it is just really hard to refuse to eat them. I liked your advice a lot and will probably use it.

  2. I always clamour this to my wife but it seems like I’m the difficult one every time I mention it, I think it’s best if she reads this article by herself. Living on a low carb diet is very good to avoid unnecessary add ups when it comes to weight, I think it’s just like Keto diet, it’s also known as low in carb high in fat. Cake and other sweets can be so dangerous to the health, it’s better to stay away from them as it can cause obesity. I’ll share this with my wife and I know she’ll learn from it, thanks for sharing.

  3. Excellent points that you covered in this post. Though, if I may say, it’s not always about what you eat but how much of said thing you eat. Eating is mostly about proportions than anything else. Of course, you need to be careful with what you eat and if you feel like certain things are not doing you any good then you should just stop eating them at all.

    1. Actually, I have to disagree. For me, it is about keeping my insulin low. Even one little taste of a sweet thing will raise my insulin. And when the insulin is spiked it knocks me out of fat-burning and more importantly it is a trigger of wanting more. 

      It is sort of like an alcoholic. The idea that just a little bit of alcohol is okay as long as you don’t drink an entire bottle doesn’t make sense. An alcoholic should not drink any alcohol.

  4. Great topic.  You have directly confronted a social situation we all experience whenever we socialize with others.  Using your own story to illustrate how to delicately and non-offensively keep to your diet without offending your host was helpful in illustrating how to handle this situation.  Your article puts the right perspective on being a guest and on being a host.  Your article is a must  read by anyone who prepares meals for others socially to better appreciate the consideration to be given to a guest who might eat differently than the host.  Glad I read this article.  

  5. A balanced and healthy diet is the key to long and healthy life, what we eat determines a lot in our daily lives so it’s always good to stay away from whatever will be against our wellbeing regardless of how hard it may seem to be. Staying away from cake and sweets as it increases your carb level and trust me it’s bad. It can result into serious increase in size, that is obesity. Keeping a diet that is low on carb helps reduce weight effectively. It’s so nice of you to share such an article, it’s very useful.

  6. After my mom got diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, I’ve pledged never to overindulge in sweet things. It’s just not worth the time and money. Luckily, she’s just Type 2 with a fair bit of high blood pressure so that can be managed with oral medication. But the medical fees do pile up after a while. 

  7. Hi again. I struggle with saying no to sweets almost every day. I have a strong compulsion to eat.. gummy candies lol. I love them and I really do struggle to lay off. Most of the time I get by with just not buying them because I can’t eat them if they aren’t in my house. But I give in from time to time and buy a couple of bags and stick them in my cupboard.. where they sit mocking me every time I walk into my kitchen. Do you have any advice on how I can better manage my sweet tooth? Thank you I really do appreciate it.

    1. Sugar (gummy bears) is very addictive. It is hard to resist. I had to simply cut out the carbs completely. Once sugar is out of the system, cravings tend to go away. So you may want to think about doing keto. Otherwise, I suggest keeping the in the house so they don’t mock you anymore.

  8. Hi, What an amazing Article on fat loss at Fifty. thank you so very much. before now I have never been used to choosing what kind of food I should eat or not but now I am beginning to have a second thought after reading your article. I will learn to always say no to those attractive sweeties like cake, gummy bears, etc Someone once said you are what you eat. Thanks.

  9. You made good points and I have my own view too. I think moderation is the key but it varies from individuals. For a slim person like me, I don’t really worry much about fatty foods because despite what I eat, I don’t get fat but there are fatty people who consume little fatty foods and yet they still get fat. Therefore I think it is better for everyone to study there health needs and their body response to fatty foods. Thanks for reminding us about fatty foods and it’s dangers.

    1. You are very lucky! And you make a great point that we are all different. I think it is a matter of what works for the individual. If someone can eat the sweets in moderation and still be healthy and have good numbers at the doctor’s office than that is wonderful. Unfortunately, some of us have to work harder than others. Thank you so much for your viewpoint! I appreciate it.

  10. Hi!

    Your post reminds me of a friend, all throughout last year she has been working out, she often goes to the gym and she also uses waist trainer but the funny part is there has been no changes and from your post I see why, she doesn’t live a low carb lifestyle! She basically loves food. It’s her weak point. She feels that with exercise and gym, she can eat all kinds of food and still see results and I find it ridiculous and hilarious. I’ve sent her a link to your post so she can get the memo. I personally love cakes but I don’t take them all the time. Nice post by the way, I enjoyed reading your content, It was relatable.

  11. Hello wendy. I like your work it’s aligned to my niche of standard healthy living.I concur with you we have to say no to sugary things for they are the main cause of obesity. It has been a pandemic where obesity has escalated in the last few decades especially in young people.If people could adhere to your guidelines then we can lower the curve.Good work best wishes.Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

  12. Thanks for putting such a wonderful article together, it’s really going to be helpful. Saying no to your hosts whenever they prepare some meals that are off your diet are always very challenging and difficult so as not to affend them or rather make them feel bad. These measure put together on this article are really nice and non offensive methods of saying no to our host. I love your story put together, Well done. 

  13. Sometimes in life, the things that we desire are the thing that are bad for us and we have to accept it and handle it properly.

    i could never say no to cake earlier on in my life but realizing the damage that sugar inflicts on my body made me strong enough to take a stand because our health is more important.

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