How Can I Get Motivated to Lose Weight?

How to get motivated to lose weight

In America 33% of adults are overweight and many of them are over 50. We all know that being overweight isn’t good as it is a symptom of many health issues. Some of those health issues are type 2 diabetes, acid re flux, sleep apnea, joint pain, high blood pressure. And these are just a few.

The bottom line is when people lose weight, they tend to get healthy. As a weight loss counselor, I work with lots of overweight and obese people. I have seen people get amazing results just by losing 20 to 50 pounds. And it’s not just about eliminating medications and eliminating sickness and getting healthy, it’s about getting your life back!

When someone gets healthy, they feel amazing in their skin. It’s almost like being a new person. You have more energy. Your clothes fit better. You may even feel sexier!

So how can I get motivated to lose weight?

You need to make 3 lists:

“How important is my health?”
  1. List what it feels like to be in your skin now. For example:
  2. List what your future will look like in 20 years if you don’t change. (Be honest with yourself)
  3. List what your future would look like if you were healthy and lost the weight you needed to lose.

Your lists may look something like this….

It’s really about being completely honest with yourself. You need to really take your head out of the sand and realize what your future holds.

The good news is we can reverse some damage and get healthy at any age! When you realize that you must change then you are ready to get started.

The most important thing I want you to know, is that it really isn’t so much about losing weight. You see weight gain is a symptom of something else going on. So I like to help people focus on nutrition and healing the inside of their body. When we focus on nutrition and not the scale, the weight will naturally come off. And you will feel amazing. You will most likely have more energy, less joint pain, sleep better and more.

It’s also about your life with your family….

Take the time and really have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Understand that you must change! And change can be scary. I know because I have been there.

But if you have decided to make a change and take your health back, you should take action now. Find a program that works for you where you also have support all the way through maintenance.

I highly recommend working with a health coach!

A health coach can provide a healthy plan, walk you through that plan step by step, support you. When I coach people, I also provide counseling to help folks with their relationship with food. Often we eat emotionally and not because we are hungry. I can help you change how you look at food. You will never feel alone with your health struggles.

If you would like to work with me, please email me with your contact information. Also provide some background information and why you feel like you are ready to make yourself a priority in your life!

To Work With Wendy and set up a Free Consultation email me at or contact me through Facebook.

The bottom line is, motivation is within. You need to decide what your future holds. Only you can take action! I wish you all the best!

Please comment below: How do you get motivated to lose weight?

14 thoughts on “How Can I Get Motivated to Lose Weight?”

  1. Dear Wendy,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring article! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. Taking great advice from a weight loss counselor like you is very helpful and thanks for sharing these valuable information.

    I want to reduce my belly fat and your article means a lot to me. You not only discussed the problems and it effects but you have provided with solution for the problems as well which is awesome.

    The list and examples you shared made me to think more on the subject there is great power in writing the things we want to achieve and keep it in front of us and reading it often.

    Once I read… The secret to success is the PERSONAL POWER to take ACTION. So I need to take action to change and become the person who I want to be.

    Health Is Wealth!


  2. My mother suffered from hypertension at the exact age of fifty. Her bp is most likely between 140-150/100, that’s why her doctor prescribed her with a maintenance pill. She was also overweight for her age and height. That’s when she decided to change her lifestyle and outlook in life. She knew it’s going to be difficult but still pursued to become healthier. 

    Life coaches helps these people discover their vision of optimal health and benefits of wellness. Since they are experts in the field of change behavior, they can support you achieve wellness through their plan designed specifically for you. Nowadays, we are bombarded with diet plans and exercises we get from the internet but the question is, will it be suited for your own unique needs? It’s different with a health coach that guides you through the process without risking your safety. I believe so because of my mother’s experience with her coach.

    Let us be aware that this process is not easy and that we need someone who can help and support along the way. I’m not saying you can’t do this alone but sometimes it’ better to have an ally or a partner you can work with to make things easier as you go on with the challenge.

    1. This is so true, MissusB. It isn’t just about eating differently. It’s about totally changing your relationship with food. I for one struggled with my addiction to sugar which came in the form of carbs. It took time, but now I see those things almost as poison because they could have killed me eventually. Making a change in how you eat you almost have to reprogram your brain. The support and accountability of a coach can be very helpful!

  3. A great website to motivate people to lose weight. Thank you for sharing this amazing information. I agree with you that creating a list is helpful, to be honest with myself. Losing weight is the best way to feel healthy and have more energy. Also, working with a coach is the best way to walk through the plan step by step. I’d like to share your website with my friends.

  4. Hi, Wendy.
    Your Article on motivation to lose weight is very thought-provoking. Thanks a lot.
    Three steps are the basic but when I put it with pen and paper, it was completely different. These steps suddenly created a sense of alarm on what can happen if I do not decide NOW. There has been a lot of procrastination and NOW is the time to work on feeling better with balanced weight.
    I have been keeping all my clothes from the past ten years to reuse again but due to pot belly could not attempt. But, surely, I will change myself now.
    I am going to be 50 in November. Looking forward to your guidance.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Thank you so much, Gaurav. There is no better time then now. If you want to set up a coaching plan, just contact. I’d be happy to help you out.

  5. It is a fact that few people understand the weight and the effects on the body gracefully accepting overweight as an age crisis. Many people, especially women ( not exclusively)  gain weight as they go through the 50s and into 60.

    Less exercise, larger meals and often alcohol contribute to a continued girth growth.
    For you to change your lifestyle you will certainly need needs help and that is where a life coach is essential.
    Someone to guide you and show you real input to your food intake and enjoy the small weight losses along the way. Smooth out the bumps and bring you to a happy place.

    It is there for the asking

    Peter H

    1. You got it, Peter and sadly most folks have no idea even what is healthy to eat. Some of the “healthy” food people eat aren’t as healthy as they think and could be actually making them fat. For example, I had a client who struggled for years and couldn’t lose weight. She was eating a banana everyday thinking it was a health food. When she stopped eating her daily banana and had an avocado instead, she started to lose weight. 

  6. this is a great post and I learned a lot today

    I try and try to lose weight and no matter how much I lose I always seem to find it again and having read through this, I am going to look at it all differently

    Thank you so much and keep on helping out today

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful, Vicki. I’m curious what you found the most helpful? I noticed that you used the word try in your comment. I too, tried many things. It wasn’t until I decided to make a change in my lifestyle that I saw long term results. What is your why? Really take some time to think about what you want to feel like in your body. And know, you are stronger than you realize.

  7. This is a timely message to me! For although I do not have a personal issue with obesity, the problem is prevalent here in Jamaica!  However, allow me to congratulate you, for it’s my opinion that your little article supersedes the sophisticated, highly publicized public education campaign about weight loss that has been put in place by the government. Why? Because, in contrast to to the government campaign, your article is effective and to the point.  It goes straight to the reasons for the problem, shows the steps to be taken to get rid of it, and gives a viable alternative (your health coaching services) for those persons who are unable or unwilling to take the necessary steps to lose weight. To me, that’s so cool! I’m so glad that you’ve included your contact, for I’m definitely going to share your advice with all the persons that I come into contact with, that really need it! 

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