How to Avoid Halloween Candy This Year

How to avoid halloween candyMany people who follow a low carb diet find the holidays extremely difficult or they worry that they will be difficult. But this Halloween night can be just like any other night. You may surprise yourself and make it through the entire night without even a small taste of candy. I haven’t had Halloween Candy in 4 years. And I don’t plan on having any this year.

My goal with this post is to give you some of my best strategies to avoid the sweets.

How to avoid Halloween Candy? Don’t Be Tricked into Eating the Treats.

Simply Don’t Buy Halloween Candy: 

This is a simple strategy because if you don’t have the candy in the house, you won’t be tempted in the first place. I suggest don’t stop by the store so you are not tempted to buy it. On Halloween night, turn off the porch light and don’t pass out candy.

Pass out Toys

However, if you have kids or you know that you will have lots of Trick or Treaters, then I suggest buying a candy that you hate and think is disgusting.

Or better yet, don’t buy candy for Halloween. Instead, buy some inexpensive toys or party favors to give away. There are all sorts of things you can pass out at the door.

A few things that come to mind are bouncy balls, stickers, pencils, rings. Amazon has a lot of ideas here. I like This Kissdream bag of party favours. It contains 152 items. I think kids would be delighted to receive a toy rather than candy.

don’t buy Halloween Candy- don’t have it available- don’t pass it out. Simply turn off the lights!

Another option would be to find pass out sugar free candy like these Zollipops. The only thing about this is that if you have a lot of kids coming to the door, it can be expensive.

But at least if you dicide to have a piece of these sugar-free suckers, you wont be eating any sugar and sabotage your way of eating.

But what happens if you avoid buying the candy and passing it out but your kids come home with bags full of the sweet stuff? How do you risist sneaking into their bag of goodies?

Many people find that having a sugar-free candy alternative available helps with cravings. My two suggestions are Lily’s Chocolate as these adult chocolates taste amazing but are sugar free.

The other suggestion would be ice chips candy. Ice chips candy are a hard mints that comes in a variety of flavors. They are sugar free and a favorite for type 2 diabetics as they don’t raise insulin.

Be strong! You got this. Halloween will be here and gone before you know it and you will be very proud of yourself for handling it without caving.

Be sure to leave a message and let me know what your strategy is for how to avoid Halloween Candy this year.

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12 thoughts on “How to Avoid Halloween Candy This Year”

  1. OMG this article is right on time for me. I have two kids that will be getting a bucket full of candy and I honestly was saying I’ll eat better when the candy is gone LOL.

    Kudos to you for going four years without Halloween Candy!

    I will be trying to keep as much candy as I can out of these house. Maybe give away the candy they get??
    I also loved the sugar free idea. Thanks!

  2. I think it was a great idea to avoid candy in Halloween. Sometimes candy is very attractive and addictive. So, I think your idea is good, and it is workable. I will try these ways this year. I hope I can avoid them effectively. Please keep updating all the news and method of losing fat. Some time it is very hard to push me on losing fat easily especially when you don’t have too much motivation. Hope to see you next time. 

    1. Thank you, Himson and yes I will keep sharing my knowledge. It is really me sharing what has helped and worked for me so I can help others.

  3. Great Article! It is very tempting I guess for someone who enjoys all the halloween candy and treats. i personally don’t and I don’t have kids so I never buy it. I do like fruit though and this is a better option for anyone, kids included so the easiest thing is to find fruit alternatives, veggie crisps, low/zero sugar confectionary such as the lollipops you mention.I  used to love toffee apples at halloween, and as these are a whole apple with only a thin layer of toffee coating it was the best of both worlds.

    Happy Halloween

    1. Unfortunately I can’t do fruit as it is full of fructose. My pancreas doesn’t care if its sugar or fructose. It still raises my insulin and stops me from burning fat. It just isn’t worth it to me.

  4. No buying any candy and not having any at home are the best options to avoid eating it. And strong will, of course.

    I like your ideas for giving out differrent stuff for trick or treats instead of candy. There are endless possibilites, only limited by the size of your imagination.

  5. Hi Wendy, I follow a ketogenic diet so this article has been a good find for me. I like the tip you give about handing out toys rather than candy, I might have to try that one as we get a few trick or treaters that come calling.

    I appreciate your sugar-free recommendations as well you are providing a great service with articles like this, thank you!

  6. Halloween without candy is like easter without chocolate.  I think the ideal would have been to minimize the consumption not to avoid it all. Halloween is an event so taking candies for few days in my opinion is not bad. Minimizing the the consumption throughout the year  will be quite helpful.

    1. For many eating just a bit is fine. But many of us who struggle with sugar addiction or type 2 diabetes, it could really make us sick or sabotage our progress. It is like any addiction. For me, sugar is my drug.

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