How to Get Back on Track after Cheating on Keto

How to get back on track after cheating on keto
No One Is Perfect!

Did you just cheat on keto? Are you struggling with this way of eating (KETO). You are not alone. This page is all about how to get back on track after cheating on keto.

Perhaps you went overboard over the holidays or you had a small slip. Maybe you went overboard with alchohol or beer. Regardless of what happened NOW is the perfect time to refocus.

Before we dive into it, I want to remind you that no one is perfect. So please don’t beat yourself up. We all mess up from time to time. But NOW is the perfect time to leave the cheat day in the past and focus on the future.

What to Do after Cheating on Keto

The easiest way to bounce back after cheating on keto is to start over again from the beginning. This means to simply eliminate all carbohydrates from you diet and increase you healthy fats like avocado and eggs. If you have really fallen off the wagon, you may find that the first couple days are tough, just like the first time. This is because you system is going to be craving the carbs. But don’t worry. The cravings should go away after a few days. Just keep with it.

I suggest slowly adding in intermittent fasting relatively quickly as you become fat adapted again.

Intermittent fasting is a great way to get you body back into ketosis quickly. Intermittent Fasting is when you eat during a window and don’t eat during the rest of the time. For example. If you are doing an 8-hour window (8/16) Then you may not eat breakfast (or break your fast) until 11:00 am and you will stop eating 8 hours later. So you would not eat after 7.

I would slowly make my eating window smaller. So day two might look like this: 6 hour eating window (6/18) I would break my fast at noon and stop eating at 6:00.

On day 3, I would make my window even smaller and have a 4-hour window (20/4). So I may only eat between the hours of 2 and 6.

On day 4 I would start eating just one meal a day.

If you have done intermittent fasting in the past you know that once you are fat adapted, you hunger goes away so this schedule is pretty easy to follow.

To help keep you motivated, I highly suggest you read motivating books on keto and intermittent fasting. Some of the best Keto teachers that I follow are:

Dr. Jason Fung: author of The Diabetes Code and The Obesity Code.

I also find that watching youtube videos are very motivating. I follow everything by Dr. Berg and Dr. Ken Berry.

So now you know how to get back on track after cheating on Keto!

The main thing I want you to know, is that there is no need to throw in the towel and give up on your good health. You deserve to live a long happy life.

Be kind to yourself today! You got this!

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5 thoughts on “How to Get Back on Track after Cheating on Keto”

  1. Great post here and I am thankful that you have shared all this post here. Being in ketosis and doing something that may get us out of it by losing discipline can become rather daunting to get back to it.well! Getting back on track is not easy after cheating on keto. This that you have shared here is helpful. Thank you so much

  2. I know about intermittent fasting but don’t know much about Keto. It must be very difficult to cut off all carbohydrates!! I admire those that do it. I personnally don’t have any health issues such as diabetes, so I don’t think Keto would be for me but I know it must be effective to those that need it. I too follow Dr. Berg on youtube!! đŸ™‚

  3. There are tons of people over 50 who experience that gaining weight is one of the easiest things to do and losing is it one of the hardest things to do.  

    Keto is all the hype nowadays and I hope it stays that way for a long time. I’ve done Atkins myself, lost 20 pounds and they’ve never come back. Most important is to get people to accept most fats are very good for you and that bread is not that good at all. It’s mainly handy. If you want to know why bread is soooo popular, you have to realize that the over-production of wheat is a result of the cold war. Search for “freakonomics” and “farms-race” and you’ll understand why we eat bread (and why it is so cheap). it’s an interesting podcast.

    Furthermore, I am a big fan of Dr. Jason Fung, so we are on the same page here.

    best wishes, 

    Paul Harts

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