How To Maintain A Low Carb-High Fat Lifestyle

One of my concerns about living low carb, after hitting my goal, is maintenance. I feel wonderful and healthy by eating low carb, high fat. But I don’t want to continue to keep getting thinner. However, I don’t ever want to go back to eating the way I did in the past. And of course, there is always the fear of going back to being fat again. You hear about people gaining it all back and that will NOT be me.

I tried to research it online and found that most people who were successful with losing weight on LCHF stayed on the diet for the rest of their life.

LCHF is a lifestyle, not a diet!

But wouldn’t you keep on losing weight? And does this mean I would never be able to have carbs again?

I learned from others that your weight loss tends to naturally slow down the closer you get to your goal. This was true for me. It is almost as if your body knows where you need to be in order to be healthy.

I have found that I can maintain my weight while eating a bit more carbs. For example, last weekend I wanted to drink beer. And I don’t like the light beer. I’m an IPA girl! And beer is very high in sugar especially the IPA’s. But I didn’t gain weight because everything I ate that day was pretty much zero carbs. (But don’t worry, I am still getting lots of nutrition).

In order to keep from gaining, I keep my carbs below 40 for the day. Most days I keep my carbs around 30. I find that if I keep my carbs below 30 I stay in Ketosis (fat-burning).

Eating low carb high fat is a lifestyle for me, because for the first time in 52 years I feel amazing. My joint pain is gone. I don’t get headaches. And I feel a healthier than ever. So I will never go back to eating sugar again.

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8 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Low Carb-High Fat Lifestyle”

  1. Thanks for your great post and information on low carb high fat diet. It good to know that our body goes into ketosis if you keep your carb below 30. One question though, what sorts of fats do you actually consume?

    1. I eat all natural fats from meat and fish. I eat cheese, olives, and nuts which are all high in fat. And I eat coconut oil, olive oil, butter, ghee, avocado oil. I don’t use man made oil (trans fats or margarine) ever. I hope this helps.

  2. The only thing that I find irritating about a LCHF diet is working out what foods are high and what are not and having to count all the carbs. I am lazy and I would find it a pain in the bottom worrying about watching what I eat. Mind you, if it works for you, good on you and keep it up. 🙂

  3. Nice post Wendy. Living a LCHF diet myself, I know that is definitely a lifestyle and not just a quick diet. I know plenty of people who have been able to do it for a little while, lose weight, and then fall off the wagon once something yummy comes into view. I am a huge advocate in having certain days where I will have some carbs as a treat, but I work it into a day where I also have a very hard workout so that the carbs are being useful rather than just sitting and turning to fat. Doing it this way, I have been able to stay LCHF most weeks, and then having a carb day every couple weeks or once a week at most. Great post!

    1. That is a great way to do it, Pete. I have heard of many low carber’s having a cheat day. And we do it once in a while as well. For example, if I know I’m gonna want to drink a beer or two, I go strict low carbs prior and make sure I am very active.

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