Low Carb Christmas Gift Ideas

Last winter, my brother and sister in law came out for a visit and I couldn’t think of a good idea what to get them as a gift.

Normally we don’t exchange gifts at Christmas, but since he was here for the holidays I wanted to show him that I was thinking of him.

He and his wife have been following a low carb way of eating for a short time and they both have lost a lot of weight. I’m really proud of them both. So I decided to put together a care package of low carb snacks for their long 12 hour drive back home.

I filled up a gift bag with all sorts of low carb goodies. I included low carb beef jerky, pork rinds, cheese and some of the best low carb chocolate.

They really seemed to appreciate the package.

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite “keto” friendly snacks in the hopes that it will give you some ideas for your Christmas gift giving. And since my Keto gift bag was popular with my brother, I decided to share with you an easy way to create a Holiday gift package for your loved one.

The biggest problem with purchasing a keto gift is knowing what is low carb or not. Yes, you can read the labels, but that is a lot of work. And it can be confusing for those who don’t watch their carbs and sugars. I mean, You don’t want to mess up and get something that is not low carb.

So purchasing a Care package like this Deluxe KETO Snacks Gift Box takes all the guess work out. It would make a great gift for anyone who This gift package is awesome and would make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who lives a low carb or keto lifestyle.

This keto gift box comes with a nice variety of keto snacks. There is olives, nuts, Whisps cheese chips (which are my personal favorite) ,beef sticks and pumpkin seeds. Plus much more. Each item is only 5 carbs or less making it perfect for a keto lifestyle.

Another idea as a low carb gift, would be a t shirt or keto mug that shows the world that they are low carb! People love to share their successful lifestyle with others. For example, I have a t shirt that says “Food ain’t the boss of me”.

I love it because it is a constant reminder to myself and others that I have control over food. I got this! My relationship with food is great! Amazon has all sorts of Keto and Low carb lifestyle shirts.

I love this Keto T-Shirt Ketogenic Ketosis Dictionary Definition. It helps clear up any confusion for those who still are glucose burners.

And if your loved one, likes to cook, why not get them something that they can really use?

My favorite investment in 2019 was my Ninja Foodi. I use it to make everything. I can literally take a frozen piece of meat and have a yummy tender meal in under 30 minutes. The Ninja does everything! It is a great value for the money.

Hopefully this gave you a few ideas of what gift your low carb friend. Please feel free to share more ideas below.

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15 thoughts on “Low Carb Christmas Gift Ideas”

  1. I’ve always thought too much about this and end up getting a head ache and then only to get a headache again, now i know how i can get my foodie friend off his chair for the next christmas and if all things work out as they should i would even stuff another cart in him who know right?

    Thanks for the info (*seriously that guy is very high on carbohydrates ever since he stopped hitting the gym*)

    1. I know you have good intentions, Sid, but I doubt if he would appreciate it. Going off carbs needs to be a personal decision. It sounds like he is happy the way he is. Perhaps a gift card would be a better gift. 

  2. Hi

    I can’t believe it is already time to think about Christmas presents once again. In the time of over eating, over drinking and over doing everything else that low carbs would be the last thing on your mind. I thought your idea is an excellent one but am surprised as your choices contain  hardly no sugar and no starch but high in saturated fat.  Is that the problem  with low carb food that they have to use high protein and high fats to substitute the carbs content.

    It is a Christmas present to keep in mind.



  3. It pays to start planning early for the holidays, and no better time than the hot summer months when you are sipping on a cold lemonade outside in the sun. The ideas that you have added here will definitely work, and I have made note of them. The one that looks the best to me is that last one.

    The Ninja Foodi seems like an ideal gift that someone who is watching what they eat and how they cook can use throughout the year. If you start early, likely you can also get it when it goes on sale, plenty of time to buy it and have it ready.

    My mother used to do that. She would start about this time of year and plan carefully for each of us, trying to get things that we would enjoy and use. She was pretty good at it too, much better than me. Your post has inspired me though, and I will start looking now. After all, the holiday season seems to come faster every year. Thanks for the gift tips!  

  4. Hi Wendy, this is actually a great idea. I never thought about buying something like this as a gift but I think it is definitely worth it. I also have a family member who fights with kilograms and Deluxe Keto Snacks can be an awesome gift for such a person. Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s so helpful.

  5. My father is almost 66 this year, so maybe I won’t give it as a gift for Christmas, but as a birthday. He needs to be conscious about his food, and honestly, he isn’t. So giving this to him, can be a great idea. Thanks for sharing it, I’m going to order this right away. 

  6. Knowing your way round the Keto food range has enabled you to put together a very informative article. The gift idea is a winner, for sure. Personally, I’m about 95% vegan, meaning that I don’t eat meat or any dairy but don’t go scouring the labels to see if there are trace amounts of dairy in them. It was a health choice rather than anything else and it has paid off in spades. Point was, finding snacks has been a real problem. If you are prepared to pay through the nose, then fine but otherwise they are just hard to find and those that you can find aren’t the best tasting and the selection is poor. Low carb snacks seem to be in greater supply, which is a bonus. Having access to some of the products you’ve recommended makes choosing much easier and takes the hassle away. 

  7. This is a pretty cool idea with respects to a Christmas gift, as this time of year is always when we branch out and eat and drink more than we should…with the wrong types of food/alcohol. 

    A low carb selection would do a great job of reminding us that the Christmas period is only short, and a lot of us struggle to shift the weight we gain when the season is over! 

  8. Yeah, definitely! I picked up quite a few ideas concerning the keto gifts I can give out during the Christmas Holiday. Actually, I want to buy something for my sister, she is obese and has opted for keto diet and its been helpful a lot. I’m proud of her so I want to buy a complementary gift for her. I like the suggestions but I’ll prefer to buy the ninja foodi. It’s always a better choice from the list.

    1. Congrats to your sister for having a supportive brother as she continues her Keto lifestyle. She is lucky to have you. If you choose the Ninja Foodi (which I love and use every single day) you will have to let me know what she thinks about it.

  9. Christmas is usually this time of year that almost no one thinks about calories or making any kind of food diet which is a bit of a shame really. You don’t need to completely destroy your diet to feel like it’s Christmas as they are many delicious food that come with a low calorie count. And making a present that will support your food diet these Christmas days is an amazing idea. I hadn’t thought of this at all. That Ninja Foodi thing looks like a great one and I will keep it in mind when the time for buying presents come. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Oh my gosh the holidays are always hard for eating healthy. But I just make it about the holiday and enjoying my kids and grand kids rather than the food. Thanks for stopping by.

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