Low Carb Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe

lchf cream of mushroom soup recipe
Low Carb Cream Of Mushroom Soup

I have really been experimenting a lot with food since I’ve been eating a low carb diet. So today, I thought it would be fun to share with you how I made a yummy pot of low carb cream of mushroom soup for dinner a few days ago.

My boyfriend came home with 16 oz. of mushrooms and I was worried that they would go bad if we didn’t eat them quickly enough. So I decided to make a big pot of mushroom soup.

I love mushroom soup, but the canned soups always have lots of added crap that we don’t need. And I used to make homemade soup for my kids over the years, so I decided, “What the heck”.

Here is what I did.

In a large skillet, I sauteed one large onion chopped up and all of the mushrooms (pre-sliced) with about 2 tablespoons of butter (grass fed).

Once the onions were translucent, I added 4 cups of chicken broth. Then I brought it to a boil.

Once my broth came to a boil, I turned down to low and added 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and a 1/2 cup of sour cream.

Then I added a bit of pepper, soy sauce, and garlic powder until it tasted the way I liked it.

The next thing I did was take it off the heat and break up the mushrooms a bit with my smart stick hand blender. This helped to make the soup a tiny bit thicker.

The soup turned out really good. It tasted wonderful. I do wish it was a bit thicker.

I am also excited to try out some of the recipes in the 200 Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes book that I received on Monday. I have been reading it and bookmarked several that I want to try out.

Who knew low-carb, high fat could be so much fun!

Do you have a favorite low carb recipe? I would love to hear about it.

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3 thoughts on “Low Carb Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe”

  1. Wendy, going to the grocery store today was certainly not on my list of things to do (smile). This soup sounds great and l am always searching for different things to cook. I will try.

    I do love the versatility of beans, but it is hard for me to choose a favorite. I will eat callaloo or cabbage, nicely seasoned and steamed, any time of the day. Put some butter on those and serve with a piece of sweet potato and my blood glucose sings “to God be the Glory.”

    Keep writing Wendy, as I keep anticipating the updates.

    1. Ha Ha! Well, it eating beans will make me sing I will have to eat more. LOL! And of course, you gotta add the butter. Take care, Josephine.

  2. Thanks Wendy for sharing this. I love mushrooms and I also love soup, so it’s a great combination for me. I will have to try this sometime when I get some mushrooms. Thanks again.

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