Make Your Own Bulletproof Coffee

My favorite part of my day is my first cup of home made bulletproof coffee. Yummy!

Bulletproof coffee is simply coffee with added fat. There are many different kinds of fat that you can add to your coffee. Some people simply add heavy whipping cream to their coffee while others use extra virgin coconut oil or clarified butter (ghee) or butter from grass fed cows.

I love bulletproof coffee because it helps my body to burn more of its own fat.

First of all, it tastes so yummy. I like coffee with both cream and butter. But sometimes I do cream and coconut oil. And if I’m eating out at a restaurant I will just use butter. The reason is most restaurants only offer half and half which has sugar (from the milk). So, I just ask the waitress to please give me a few pats of butter and although I get weird faces they always bring it to me. But I gotta check. Believe it or not, some places only carry margarine and of course I don’t want that crap. So in that case, I just drink my coffee black.

You can make your own bulletproof coffee easily at home.

I love bulletproof coffee

Make your own coffee bulletproof coffee. I suggest spending the extra money and buy a good quality premium coffee like Black&Gold. I prefer to buy coffee in the bean form and I grind them myself. You will love it if you do this. The coffee smells so good and it tastes better than anything you can get out at a restaurant.

If you have never used a coffee grinder, you should try it. Your coffee smells so fresh and tasted delicious. You will never buy already ground coffee again. And they are not very expensive.

The coffee grinder we use at home is the Mr. Coffee IDS77 Electric Coffee Blade Grinder. I love that this grinder makes it easy to measure the perfect amount. Plus I can choose how I want it ground. I prefer a very fine grind. The Best thing about this grinder is that you can twist the bowl off the top and easily pour it into your coffee filter.

If I’m just making one cup then I just use my Keurig along with the brew filter so I can add my own freshly ground coffee. But it is up to you. Many of the k-cups taste pretty good.

Choose any of the options below as your fat. By adding fat, you will help encourage your body to burn more fat and you will also not feel hungry. I often am able to skip breakfast simply because I’m not hungry. My bulletproof coffee is enough.

Best Fats For Bullet Proof Coffee:

Heavy Whipping Cream: I love cream. It is so creamy and yummy. Now that I use it in my coffee, I wonder why I didn’t try it before.

Ghee (clarified oil) or butter: I love the different flavor I get in my coffee. I prefer salted butter. It just gives the coffee a unique taste. For me, this is my preference.

Extra virgin coconut oil: I like this because it gives the coffee a slightly coconut taste while making it taste creamy. This is my boyfriends preference. Tip-make sure it says “extra virgin” or you will not be getting the same quality.

How you make it is up to you.

Skeptical? Don’t knock it til you try it.

I know, I was hesitant to try it. Now, I will only drink my coffee with fat added to it. It tastes good and it makes me a fat burning machine.

How about you? Do you drink bullet proof coffee? If not, will you try it?

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8 thoughts on “Make Your Own Bulletproof Coffee”

  1. HI Wendy!

    Thanks for your awesome article on making you own bulletproof coffee! My coworker just introduced me to adding coconut oil, butter, and raw honey to coffee. It was super delicious! I highly recommend adding coconut oil to your coffee it has so many amazing benefits. Thanks again for your great article I will also have to give that coffee you suggest a try.


  2. I love my coffee but I guess the reality is, I prefer espresso to anything you can produce in your Keurig machine. Filtered coffee just doesn’t cut it for me and is not that popular here in Australia.
    The concept of floating butter or coconut oil in a cup of coffee – I haven’t tried it, that is true, but the appeal of it is not that great.
    I know, maybe I should try it, but I can’t see it in an espresso / short black. I could try it with a long black. As an over 50, I love the concept of your website.

    Thank you,

    1. I totally understand Duncan. Bulltetproof coffee isn’t for everyone. But it may be worth a try if you ever do happen to have a long black. Thanks for the compliment on my website. Take care.

  3. Hi here. Now is the evening but after reading your enthusiastic article I wanted to have a cup of coffee.
    I heard that from healthy side is best to grind your coffee beans. The coffee in the stories are with additional preservatives.
    Your suggestion to make own coffee starting from beans preparation till brewing makes point.
    Thank you for offering right tools for coffee.
    I was looking for the right grinder. I need to check your mentioned tool out.
    Tomorrow is Saturday and I dream about my cup of coffee.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

  4. Interesting article.

    I have seen Bulletproof coffee available commercially and while tempted when I was in ketosis It always seemed very expensive for coffee + fat.

    Making your own sounds great. I never thought of just adding cream, so simple!

    The thing that confuses my with the butter/coconut oil is how well does this mix with the coffee? Coffee is mostly water so adding oil sounds like a recipe for an oily slick of a mess! not a tasty beverage? how does it all mix together ?


    1. You are right, the coconut oil goes to the top of the cup, but when you drink it, it mixes in with the coffee. It tastes really good. And as a bonus, your lips feel nice and soft as well. 🙂

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