Not Losing Weight on Keto?

Not losing weight on keto?

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Or perhaps you are not losing weight on keto. 

Keep in mind that the entire goal of this lifestyle is to get healthy first. We are all different. Many people see weight loss right away. Many loose as they go along. And yet others need to heal their body on the inside in order to lose the weight. The body is sort of cool as to how it protects us. You see when we under stress and unhealthy our body holds on to fat, especially in the mid section as a sort of protection. As we heal and begin to use that fat as fuel, the body will slowly begin to thin out.

The scale only gives you a number. Your lack of body weight doesn’t account for all of the good things you have changed on the inside. This is an important point that I learned from Dr. Berg. He says that there are better indicators to look for. And he is 100% correct. When I was in the process of losing my 60 pounds, there was many weeks that I was on a sort of plateau. I didn’t see any change to the scale yet there were many indicators that I was healing my body. 

Loss of inches is a better indicator of weight loss!

You see often the weight loss that you see on the scale is actually water weight. Especially if someone loses more than 2 pounds. Anything over 2 is most likely water weight. So when someone first starts a keto diet, they may lose a lot of water that they have been retaining. This is a good thing because it is a part of healing. As the body heals, this loss of water weight may slow down or even stop. This is NOT the time to quit this way of eating! No! You need to continue and let your body do what it needs to do to help you get healthy.

There are subtle changes that show this way of eating is working. I have listed some that I experienced below. But the biggest indicator was the tape measure around my belly button and the fact that my clothes kept getting loser. 

Here are some of the other indications that I experience…

  • I felt amazing! The energy is over the top and I no longer felt the urge to nap in the afternoon. My energy lasted all day.
  • My clothes continued to get loser.
  • I found that I became more emotionally stable. Meaning I didn’t cry as easily and I handled stress much better.
  • I began sleeping through the night and getting a deeper sleep. I woke up energetic and ready for the day.
  • My chronic sinus problems and many alergies went away.
  • One day I woke up and realized that my knees and joints no longer hurt.

It isn’t about a number on a scale! It’s about the quality of life! Its about how you feel! Its about health and self esteem!

If you are not seeing the scale move but you are seeing some of the other changes than keep pushing on! And don’t quit. 

Keep in mind, it took you years to get unhealthy. You may not see results overnight. But don’t quit on yourself or self sabotage by stressing over a simple number on the scale. If you need to, pack the scale away for a month or two and just let your body heal.

If you struggle with the need to jump on the scale daily and this action in its self stresses you out, then I highly recommend you read Dr. Bergs book, It’s Not Lose Weight to Get Healthy, It’s Get Healthy to Lose Weight.

Please share you experience below: 

Does the scale stress you out? How do you deal with it? 

on the other hand…

For those of you out there that have lost weight on keto, please share some to the indicaters of health that you experience. This may help others.

14 thoughts on “Not Losing Weight on Keto?”

  1. I have been in fluctuation with my weight over the last couple of years, and it does get harder as you age. I coupled this workout with some weight training and seen great results, but then I began having problems with my thyroid. I just had my thyroid removed, and now I wonder how these diets will affect my lifestyle and weight loss. I know that ultimately, I will have to consult my doctor but do you have any suggestions with the keto diet after a thyroidectomy?

  2. My girlfriend is in her fifties, and I’m curious about what could help her with losing a bit of belly fat. Note that she’s doing a lot of physical exercise, but for the past year, she has needed to take a full time job sitting at a desk, and unfortunately, that has led to a shift in her weight distribution, with a slight increase in weight, like going from 120 lbs to 125 lbs. She liked that some of the extra weight went to her breasts, but not that it also went to her waist, especially to the front. 

    Her diet is not keto, but has some elements of it! She eats a lot of nuts at lunch time, so I would say that’s keto. But our breakfasts (lots of fresh fruit) and dinners (Mediterranean diet) are definitely not keto.

    I’m curious if you have any advice for her. Thanks!

    1. Hi Phil! I love that you are concerned about your girl friend. However, I gotta tell you, when it comes to losing weight and being healthy, it really is a personal thing. Without knowing your girlfriend or knowing how she feels personally about her self image, I can only give you my personal take. I feel that it is simply important to follow a healthy diet and give your body good nutrition. When we give our body good nutrition it will take care itself. If your gf is interested in learning about keto give her the link to this site. 

  3. It has been said that weight loss becomes an up hill task when you hit your 30’s. I’m wondering what are the chances at 50? But I agree that we shouldn’t quit on our journey to get healthy and loose weight as the ‘unhealthy’ bit has been fueled for a very long time.

    Could you kindly explain what the Keto diet consists of and if it is fit for everyone?

    1. Hi Carol! I lost my weight at 50 and have kept it off for 5 years. We are never to old to get healthy. Keto is basically when you use fat as fuel, rather than sugar like most people. I think you will find “Eating On A Low Carb Diet” helpful.

  4. I love your post because you pointed out the focus should be on getting healthy, not losing weight. From my experience doing keto, is that I am not hungry when I wake up in the morning. I have to remind myself to eat. One of the big benefits of doing keto is that I added bacon to my breakfast. High quality, no sugar bacon which can be difficult to find. My “go to” breakfast is sauteed spinach, two fried eggs, half an avocado sliced, and sugar-free bacon. I eliminated vegetable-based cooking oils and use ghee instead. Because the focus is on health and not weight loss, I seldom step on my scale. For my first keto diet, I did not weigh myself for 30 days. (I lost 20 pounds). 

    1. That is awesome, Glen! Thank you for commenting as this will help to inspire others. Yes it is about getting healthy and not about the weight. But the weight will come off naturally. By the way, I rarely eat breakfast. I have learned that I listen to my body and like you I am not hungry in the morning. So I mainly only eat two meals a day. And often my first meal isn’t until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. And I wake up at 6 most days. Keto sustains me all day long! I love it.

  5. Hi; Do you think that Stress could be the caused for fat around the waistline to become stubborn? I agree that there are issues in the body to address before complete weight loss.

     Changing diet with vigorous exercise to lose weight with problems in the body can result negatively. I know from experience that somebody disorders sometimes cause weight gain. Without correcting those disorders, trying to lose weight can be an issue to recond harder than we think


    1. You got it, Dorca! When we are stressed our body will try to protect us by raising the hormone cortisol. And this causes us to gain belly fat. Reducing the stress in our lives can really help us to be healthier and to lose weight more easily. I would recommend trying to eliminate the stress if possible. Also following a healthy low carb diet is helpful. It is also important to try to do things that help to relax you, like maybe taking a nice long walk. It is also important to get a restful nights sleep so your body can recover from stress. I like to do acupressure using Dr. Bergs Self Massager to help pull stress out of my body.

  6. Oh gosh, yes! I hate the scale. Although I had dropped in dress size, the scale wasn’t budging much at all to reflect any of that.So frustrating!  Instead, I decided to keep track of my measurements. So I measured my chest, waist and hips. Week after week, I saw small improvements in one or two areas. Although it would be nice to see bigger improvements much faster, at this point, I decided to be grateful for the small ones. 

  7. This is a great motivational article you have here, Wendy.

    I’ve actually never thought about it the way you put it, but you’re completely correct. I’m coming to fitness from the other side of the spectrum. Instead of losing weight I aim to gain muscle. It gets discouraging when we reach a weight plateau, but am I getting stronger? Am I sleeping better? Am I toning up?

    Those are the things that keep me going even if I haven’t seen any weight gain in a week or two. Quality of life improves overall and that should be enough to keep us all motivated.

    1. You got it Andre! It is all about healing the body and getting healthy. The weight gain (in your case) will come later!

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