Obesity Code Unlocking Secrets of Weight Loss

Are you pre-diabetic, diabetic or obese? Do you love someone who is? If so, you need to read this book! 

As someone who loves someone who was a type 2 diabetic, this epidemic is very personal to me. It is frustrating when your loved one is sick, their blood sugar is out of control and the doctor just wants to give them a pill (metformin in our case) and send them on your way.

This is where the problem is.

Pills don’t cure the disease. They are simply a band-aid. Unless you fix the cause of the disease, it will continue to get worse. We couldn’t let that happen. We had to turn this disease around.

And we did it by changing our diet. He reversed his diabetes and dropped 50 pounds. I was lucky, my obesity hadn’t turned into diabetes yet, but I was heavier than I should have been and very unhealthy.

As part of my weight loss journey, I found myself hungry for more and more knowledge. I mean, I learned by watching my body shrink down from a size 16 down to a size 8 how to be healthy but I wanted to know more. Why does is my body healthier by eating more fat and fewer carbs? Why is it many diabetics are able to reverse their diabetes simply by eliminating sugar from their diet? I got all of my questions answered in this book.

The Obesity Code: Unlocking The Secrets of Weight Loss by Jason Fung, MD

In this book, Dr. Fung answers many of the questions that I needed answers to. And he explains them in an easy way to understand.

First, he talks about the epidemic. And yes, obesity is an epidemic. Just look around. Here in America, it seems as though there are more overweight people than people of normal weight. And the number of obese people is ridiculous.

There are more obese children than ever before in history. This is scary for me. Whats even scarier is learning that there are more type 2 diabetic children and teens with liver disease than ever before! This is frightening to me and really sad.

In the first section of the book, Dr. Fung talks about some of the myths about weight loss. For example, the idea of “eating less and moving more”. I can tell you from my personal experience as someone who ate less and worked out daily that it doesn’t work! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t lose the fat.  I consistently was overweight regardless of how much I worked out.

It wasn’t until I eliminated sugar and added more fat that I was able to get my weight under control. You see, we are wrong when we had this idea that eating less will help us lose weight. In this book, Dr. Fung explains some of the lies that we were taught. And you will realize that you were not crazy. And if you are overweight, it isn’t your fault. You just need to learn what actually works.

This books helped me to understand how my body works and about how insulin is what controls my weight not necessarily calorie intake. And actually, in part 3 Dr. Fung says he can make anyone fat simply by giving them insulin. He believes that insulin is the cause of obesity. So this explains why counting calories don’t work. Actually as crazy as it seems, insulin

This book really helped to clear up the confusion I have over the obesity problem we have here in the US. It is actually pretty simple. Obesity isn’t about calories in and calories out.

Obesity is about having a hormonal imbalance. The two hormones that play a role in weight loss and weight gain are insulin as discussed above and cortisol.

So what about the hormone cortisol aka stress hormone? After reading this book, I have learned that yes, in fact, stress can cause weight gain and obesity. Also, the lack of sleep can add stress to the body and trigger cortisol. So I think we can all benefit with a little rest and relaxation. Sleep is very important.

He also goes into great detail about how a low carb diet actually does help you lose weight and get healthy. Yes, Atkins had it right all along. It seems us Americans are hardheaded at times. A great example is a low-fat diet that I knew most of my life. From the time I was a teenager until my late 40’s, I believed the hype that fat was bad and you should eat low-fat food. Yet, as a country, eating this way made us fat. Duh. So it is only logical that fat isn’t the problem.

If you were like me and think that fat is the problem (not sugar), then you really need to read this book. I promise you will not be disappointed and it may save your life or the life of a loved one.



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24 thoughts on “Obesity Code Unlocking Secrets of Weight Loss”

  1. Great info. Many people are overweight these days, but oftentimes it’s not all their fault. The way in which a lot of food is processed these days (especially in the US), leads to a very unhealthy lifestyle without people really even knowing it.

    1. I agree that oftentimes that being overweight isn’t their fault as nutrition is so confusing out there and as you say all of the processed foods. People don’t know what to do.

  2. It’s really a good topic on how to lose weight. This book would be very helpful to learn how to properly manage weight. I’m looking forward to learning more tips about how to take care of body and prevent obesity.

  3. Many thanks for the review. I’ve noticed that a lack of sleep has a direct impact on the body, so I’m working on that. I’ve started to gain weight on my belly cause of the stress but is very hard to don’t stress out that much these days.

    1. Stress plays a huge role in weight gain as does the lack of sleep. Being aware is the first step to turning things around. I’m sorry you are under so much stress, Sidney.

  4. Could not agree more. Weight loss pills are just a band-aid. Changing your overall lifestyle is the real secret to weight loss.

  5. Thanks for this book review. It made me aware of the obesity problem. This is very informative especially since we need to maintain our health if we want to live a long life.

  6. Many years ago I went on Atkins to shed my last bit of stubborn baby weight. I’m not going to lie, it was hard, especially at first but it made a huge difference in how I looked and felt. I slept better, woke up refreshed and didn’t have the mid-afternoon sleepy. The excess weight literally fell away. Get rid of the sugars and processed carbs, don’t worry about fat intake…I couldn’t agree more!

    1. I love that you say “don’t worry about the fat intake” because I love the fat! It keeps me satisfied all day long.

  7. Being overweight is not always due to bad eating habits. People should understand that there are other factors that come to play.

    1. You are right, David there are many other factors. People gain weight from medications, lack of sleep, stress, hormonal issues. There are many other causes of weight gain. Obesity may even be genetic. But for many, eating habits and the addiction to sugar and carbs plays a huge roll in weight gain and obesity.

  8. Yes I believe that stress can make you gain weight. I have been stressed out lately and instead of losing weight, I am getting bigger everyday. This is a very good article. I hope more people will be able to read this. Thanks!

  9. This is so informative, thank you for this article! I agree that eating less or not eating at all does not really help with weight loss. One needs to have a balanced diet and cut off sugar in order to actually see results. Will forward this article to my family!

  10. This is really timely since I’m really working on my weight now.I think low carb diet will really help in weight loss.Will check that book too.

  11. I have read about this stress hormone aiding weight gain and I try to live a stress live because I detest obesity.I will have to read Dr. Fung book to gain more insight.I like Atkins diet too,I will try to practice that.

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