Should I Stop Eating Sugar?

This is a question that most everyone has struggled with if they want to lose weight. The question itself is very simple. It’s just a simple question. And it really only requires a yes or no answer. But behind the sentence, there are so many emotions. The person asking the question of themselves will respond in many different ways. And if they are like me, they will come up with many reasons as to why not to give up sugar.

You see, quitting sugar isn’t so simple. Sugar is not just something that adds sweetness to foods that we eat. It is an entire addiction that has affected many people for years.

My personal experience as a sugar addict is that it is nearly impossible to stop eating it unless you are emotionally ready to make the changes needed to stop. Sugar addiction doesn’t always affect our body (at least not right away) but it also affects our mind. We have to make the physical switch (stop eating sugar) and mentally switch to changing our mindset. Changing the mindset takes work, time and effort. But the first step is really in accepting that you are addicted.

I Am Addicted To Sugar

How do you know if you might have a problem with sugar? It is pretty simple really. If you think it would be difficult to give up sugar for any reason, then you probably have a problem with sugar. And by sugar, I mean carbs and foods that have sugar as the first ingredient.

For example pasta, bread, and fruit. Could you give those up? Many people can’t. But they are all very addictive.

How To Not Eat Bread and Stop Bread Cravings

And by the way, if you are overweight, you probably have a problem with sugar.

The answer to “Should I Stop Eating Sugar?” is extremely personal. But to help you decide if you are ready, let’s talk about some of the benefits of kissing sugar goodbye…

  • You will begin feeling better. You will have more energy and will no longer have afternoon crashes.
  • You will lose weight. It is a no-brainer that sugar makes you fat. Eliminate it from the diet and you will get thin.
  • Once cravings diminish, you will have control over what you eat. You will be able to stop binge eating.
  • You will be more satisfied and less hungry. (Sugar is empty calories)
  • You will have better dental checkups and fewer cavities.
  • You will be healthier.
  • You will have better skin.
  • You may be adding years to your life.
  • You could prevent diabetes down the road. Or possibly reverse it as in the case of my boyfriend Brian and our friend Steve. Yes! It can be done!
How the Low Carb, High Fat Lifestyle Rescued Me from My Genetic Curse—Diabetes
Brian’s Low Carb Weight Loss Success

On the other hand, let’s talk about why you may not be ready to quit sugar.

  • It is too hard. This is the number one reason people don’t quit. Because sugar is addictive, it can make you feel crappy when you eliminate it from your diet. You may have a sugar crash where cravings are out of control. It is hard to work through the feeling of sickness often referred to as keto flu.
  • Some people feel like they will be depriving themselves of the taste of sweetness and they may miss out on some of the social things.
  • It will be challenging when your spouse or family still eat carbs and you don’t.
  • Some people think that it is more expensive and more difficult to shop and prepare healthier foods.
  • It takes too much time to get healthy, or learn how to get healthy.
  • “My family won’t eat this way.”
  • I eat out too much to do low carb.

There are many more….but really all of them are excuses, not real reasons. See what I mean. Quitting sugar isn’t about the sugar, it is about the mindset and all the excuses that come with it. If you want to lose weight, I suggest reading everything you can about low carb, high fat. Learn how your body works and why your weight got so physically out of control.

Also, I suggest focusing on your mindset. I highly recommend reading Food Crazy Mind as this book really helps you to zero in on your relationship with food.

So to answer your question, “Should I give up sugar”?

You are the person who walks around in your body. Either you are ready to get healthy or your not.

My top recommended books to help with sugar addiction…

Eat Fat Get Thin Review

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49 thoughts on “Should I Stop Eating Sugar?”

  1. How true it is that certain comfort foods are so addictive! I have personally gone to no added sugar in my food. I use stevia to sweeten, as well as mashing up fruit such as bananas, depending on what I’m making. I think that for grains, whole intact grains are best and won’t put weight on in moderation. Some examples are unprocessed grains like oats, rice, quinoa, wheat berries–those that haven’t been pulverized to powder or flour. I have also added wheat bran to really increase the fiber content of these grains. It’s all about real food that is unprocessed, which means you need to make it at home. I believe carbs are very good for us and energizing to the cells of our body. They just need to be in moderation with plenty of vegetables.

    1. You got it, Robert! It’s all about unprocessed foods. You are right that carbs are important. They give us energy. I get most of my carbs through eating green leafy veggies and some berries. Our bodies love us when we feed it good nutrition.

  2. Sugar is important, but nowady people can’t live without it because it is everywhere.. my father in law has diabetes because he drinks coca cola all the time.. and doesn’t want to listen to us.
    So hopefully your post will help him to understand!

    1. Hi Emmanuel. What you say about your father in law is a story I hear from so many people. It is really sad. When you that someone would rather drink soda than give it up and be healthier and also probably live longer. But that is what I mean by addiction. The sad thing is many young people drink lots of sodas and this is what they could be looking at down the road. It is really sad.

  3. Oh my goodness!! You are singing my song!! I am a full on addict. What you have shared here is so important! There is so much to learn about our health and the foods we consume, I am impressed with the resources you offer. I love knowing more about this sugar especially when it comes to brains! I am certainly going to read Food Crazy Mind. Thank you for the sweet tip!! 🙂

    1. I think most Americans are addicts. But those of us who realize we have a problem is at a great advantage because we are more open to making a change. It isn’t just that the food tastes sweet, a huge part is with the actual relationship with food. Unless you fix that problem, eating sugar or should I say to stop eating sugar will be a huge struggle. And yes, the boo, Food Crazy Mind absolutely will help with the sugar addiction. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You should absolutely stop eating sugar. It isn’t that hard when you start to look around and see all the different foods that you can eat. There is a world of eating out there. Lots of it is sugar free and non-addictive!

    1. I agree with you 100%, Melinda. But it isn’t so easy with most people. Because there is hidden sugar in most foods. If someone eats processed foods or packaged foods there is a pretty good chance that it includes sugar. And sugar, just like alcohol and other drugs is very addictive and therefore is hard for most people to just quit. It really takes a commitment and support. And even if someone does attempt to quit sugar, it can be difficult to stick with it, especially if the spouse or friends keep bringing home the junk. It is work to quit sugar. But the benefits are huge. I’ve seen many people reverse their diabetes and loose a lot of weight. It can be done. But it takes the right mindset and willpower.

  5. This has been THE struggle of my life, and so glad to see your post here because I can relate to so many of the things you are talking about. It really is a mindset and if you’re not ready, then forget it. My family of origin are all addicted to sugar and if I try to stay away, I allow them to wear me down, so it is very difficult to stay focused while they binge on sugary items. My son and I try to eat healthy and mostly beans, legumes and vegetables, but especially during the summer, sugary frozen yogurt gets very tempting. Thank you for helping me feel so understood and now I know what I need to do!

    1. Hi Amy. I’m glad you found this helpful. It is very challenging when your family isn’t supportive. It really is a mindset and it means really being focused and making yourself a priority. It’s about being healthy and living longer.:)

  6. Hi, Wendy,

    We, people, are addicted to sugar. The first step should be to acknowledge it, and say it loudly so that we don’t mislead ourselves, and the relatives around us! Mind change is the hardest thing; I will check that book out!

    What is your personal opinion – should we stop sugar at once, or we could reduce consumption in the course of time?

    Thank you

    1. It really depends on the person. For me, I found it easier to just go cold turkey. I had a keto flu for a few days but the sick feeling eventually went away. And then I felt amazing.

  7. I am not really a big lover of sugary foods myself but I have to put 2 sugars in my cup of tea in the mornings to get me ready for the day. I am only 39 but I had a heart attack last year so my diet has changed dramatically since then and I strongly suggest that everyone listens to what you say in this post so thanks for the very informative article.

    1. Oh my gosh, Matthew. That is so scary. I am sorry to hear about the heart attack. As for the sugar in your tea, I understand how you feel. The switch to stevia wasn’t easy but if I can do it so can you. I wish you all the best.

  8. What an amazing read, I am truly impressed. This article is really helpful and worth a share with everyone. Such useful reads are so so important for us in order to gain awareness. Sugar is a disaster for our health for sure especially if someone is overweight. I agree with you and really the way way you have written and mention every point in a really easy and understandable way. Thank you.

  9. Boy, you hit the nail on the head with it being all about the mind. It was hard to do but I stopped eating sugar about one year ago and dropped weight from my gut really fast. And, experienced a lot of the things you mention in your article. I felt better. Had more energy. The whole nine yards. Great article! Thanks.

  10. Wow! So much good stuff in this, yet it didn’t make me feel defeated before I actually begin working on a healthier life style. Really enjoyed the real life examples of implementing Keto, and the identifying keto flu. Thanks!

  11. This was a great post. I did not realize how dependent I was on sugar until I read this lol. I guess you could say I’m addicted because the thought of quitting sugar altogether seems nearly impossible to me.

    I will definitely give a look at the book you recommended. Maybe it will give me the push I need to start taking those steps. Thanks for the great info!


    1. One way of knowing you could be addicted to sugar is not being able to give it up. It is not different than any other addiction. Being aware is important, because you may be able to prevent some of the side effects of sugar addiction like obesity and diabetes. Thanks for stopping by Jasmine and for the compliment. I wish you all the best.

  12. Great post about the power of sugar! It’s almost impossible to not get sugar in our diets today. I tried a 21 day challenge of no sugar and I was blown away at how much food has added sugar to it. Needless to say I did not complete the challenge. I have been able to slowly cut back on sugar (mainly from not drinking soda) and I started dropping weight and just felt better. What’s really sad is the amount of sugar our children get in their daily diets. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is very sad what our kids get in their diets in regards to added sugar. There are more kids with diabetes then ever before. 

  13. OMG I love your post! Sugar is a sneaky, sneaky thing! It presents itself in so many foods, in so many ingredients also! Understanding sugar’s side effects on the body is key to helping quit this icky substance! I appreciate the link to books about sugar addiction; many people don’t understand how addicting this stuff is, and books written by professionals help to give us a better understanding of how sugar works and how we stay hooked.
    Thanks for the very informative article!

    1. Yes it certainly is sneaky….or rather the food industry who sneaks it into all the food. The best solution is to simply avoid processed foods. It sounds challenging, but eating healthier is much easier than you may think. 

  14. I’d never heard of “keto flu” but it makes total sense. I’m trying to lose some weight right now…cutting out sugar and drinking a ton of water. I’m into it the first week and I feel like crap. Honest flu like symptoms and I’m super tired around 2.

    Dang that sugar has a hold on me! And it is hard to cut it out of your diet. It really does take a lot of effort…but it will be worth it.

    Thanks for the great post. Time to go drink some more water and eat my raw veggies!

  15. For a sugar tooth like me, this question is easy. Should I stop eating sugar? No. I am aware of the harmful effects of too much sugar in the body, but I am made this way. I love eating sweets. It makes me relaxed and happy.

    1. I can totally relate to how you feel Veronique. I felt the same way. So I will not try to convince you to give up sugar. But what I will say is be aware that down the road, you may find that it becomes a problem. I wish you all the best.

  16. I must admit, I can’t stop eating sugar. I eat sweet foods everyday and fortunately, I’m still not contracted with Diabetes diseases. I guess it’s also about the type of sugar you eat. Even though I can’t stop eating sugar, I choose the healthier Muscovado than the usual white sugar.

    1. Your comment made me feel sad because it reads as if you have given up and are simply waiting to get diabetes. You can decide to take your health back and live longer. Please understand, sugar is very addictive which is why you find it difficult to get off of it. But once you do, you will feel healthier and you may even lose some weight. And by the way, sugar is sugar. Muscovado has about 4 grams of carbs per teaspoon. So for someone like me who eats about 20 grams of carbs or less, I would prefer to get my carbs from some green veggies rather than sugar. It really is about giving your body what it needs to be healthy.

  17. Sugar is embedded to my system, and it is almost impossible for me to remove it in my diet. I guess I don’t need an article on how to stop eating sugar, but rather how to control sugar craving.

  18. Sugar is essential and it’s even in all our breakfast snacks and drinks. The main thing is to focus on the benefits and the disadvantages of sugar. The question “should I stop eating sugar?”, comes next.

    1. I disagree with you, Veronique about sugar being essential. It isn’t. But the food industry thinks it is. Yes, sugar is in many breakfast foods and drinks. Of course, they are. The food industry wants you to buy their products. That is why processed food has so much sugar. They know how addictive sugar can be. The disadvantages of eating excess sugar out weight the benefits. Actually, I can’t think of any benefits to eating sugar. Can You?

  19. Beating sugar addiction is a hard thing nowadays. A person needs to read the labels on everything. It’s almost in everything we consume everydays. You can’t just avoid without being fully committed.

    1. Yes, it is hard to avoid sugar but if you simply remember that sugar is in all processed food. So if try to eat more “real food” you will be much better off. As you said, it does take a commitment, but it can be done.

  20. According to one of the physicians I spoke to, Sugar these days is the cause of many body disorders. If you need to get thin or get healthy, you should quit sugar now. Otherwise you may get diabetes, or become obese.

    1. It sounds like you have a good physician. Many doctors still seem to have their heads in the sand when it comes to obesity and diabetes. They seem to want to put people on medications rather than treat the root cause of the problem. The biggest cause of obesity and diabetes is sugar.

    1. It is just like any other true addiction, Jefferey. Sugar is really addictive and it is difficult to quit. And going off sugar can cause you to go through withdrawal and actually feel ill. This is what is called the keto flu. To me, this is proof enough that perhaps sugar isn’t good for us. Otherwise, why would our bodies respond the way they do?

  21. Sugar addiction is one of the things people struggle to keep off. Myself am a victim and I can say it’s really difficult.

    1. Yes it is difficult, Donella. But you don’t have to be the victim. You can simply make a decision to eliminate it in your diet. Your body will thank you for it. There are many benefits to doing a low carb diet. You may have a substantial fat loss and you for many people they are able to eliminate many annoying health issues like acid reflux, headaches and you will have more energy as well.

  22. Sugar is so popular and it’s really hard to get it off. It has become too popular in every meal and drink. I don’t think there is any drink without few traces of this sweetness. It becomes hard to quit.

    1. It seems sugar is in everything. I have found some sparkling waters that don’t include sugar. But I drink a lot of tea, coffee and water. I really don’t miss the sugary drinks.

  23. I don’t do sugar. Since I was little, I had a dislike of sweet things. I think am on the safe side when it comes to this.

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