Should We Drink Cows Milk?

Stop Drinking Cows MilkGot Milk? Nope

Last week I wrote a book review on a book Called Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health. In this book, Dr. Ken Berry writes about some of the false beliefs we have about our health. It is worth reading if you haven’t read it yet.

One of the myths that Dr. Berry talks about is the fact that “Milk doesn’t do the body good”? Yet this is something that many of us still believe. And actually, even in the comments of that post, I have many people disputing this belief. I get it. We are fed so much commercialized crap it is easy to believe what we hear as truth. So I decided to try to dig up some facts about the topic.

But first, lets answer the question to: Why do humans drink cows milk in the first place?

Wikipedia says that we humans started drinking the milk of other mammals (cows, goats, and sheep) about 9000 bc. It was a way to get nourishment without having to kill the mammal. But many people would get upset stomachs from drinking milk. It seems as though children can tolerate milk better than adults. Adults can’t tolerate lactose in milk because we don’t have the necessary enzyme needed to process it.  This is why our ancestors made cheese to eat. Cheese doesn’t have the lactose that milk has. But now they make lactose free milk so anyone can drink milk without getting a sick stomach.

Why do humans continue to drink milk in the 21st century?

I think firstly, we drink milk because it tastes good. But the other reason is that we are taught that milk “does the body good”.  Is this true? Well, that’s what the dairy industry wants us to believe.

Read on to learn some interesting facts about milk.

Why I don’t drink Milk

I drank cows milk as a child and continued to drink milk through most of my adult life. This makes me think that if you continue to drink milk into adulthood, you could build up a tolerance to the lactose in milk. This is just my theory. But I did stop drinking milk 3 years ago when I started eating a low carb lifestyle. Milk is very high in sugar especially milk lower in fat, like skim milk. I do however continue to use heavy cream as it is high in saturated fat an low in sugar content. And of course, I love my cheese.

Since I eliminated milk from my diet, I rarely have the stomach problems and gas that I had when I drank milk.

So, Should We drink Cows Milk?

Here are some interesting things I learned about the consumption of cows milk.

Why stop drinking milk

  • Milk makes you fat:  Milk has lactose which is sugar. Sugar raises your blood sugar and insulin which can cause you to gain weight. If you don’t want to gain weight, stop drinking milk especially skim milk which is the highest in sugar. (they take out the fat and add sugar)
  • Milk can upset your stomach: The protein in milk is inflammatory and causes stomach aches and problems including gas and diarrhea in many adults.
  • Milk can give you acne: Because milk is inflammatory, it can also cause skin problems like acne.
  • Milk is not good for your bones: I know…I know. You have heard the lie that milk is good for your bones. Here is a great article explaining why Milk Consumption is actually associated with more bone fractures.
  • Cows milk is full of antibiotics and hormones.

I find it a bit frustrating that the information we are fed over time is often just lies. And we just believe it. As a critical thinker, I have learned to do my own research when I have questions. It’s sad that we have the obesity problem in America that we have. And the number one reason is that people are fed a bunch of bs and lies. Folks are so confused they don’t know what is healthy.

If I would have believed the lies that fat makes you fat, I would still be obese and probably on many medications. Are you are scratching your head, confused about diet and nutrition. I challenge you to go do some research. Read up on obesity and type 2 diabetes. You will quickly realize the big pharma companies want us sick so they can make money. And the food industry are simply trying to sell products.

So no, my personal belief is, milk doesn’t do the body good.




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22 thoughts on “Should We Drink Cows Milk?”

  1. Wow, this is a very informative post! I didn’t know all of these facts about milk, though I have to admit I’m probably never going to give up drinking milk. I just love the taste way too much hahaha.

    1. Thank you, Aria. I didn’t know these facts about milk either. But now that I know, I just feel like it is important to let others know so they can decide if they want to continue drinking it. I’ve been milk free for 3 years now.

  2. My father who is a health freak hates me drinking milk and discourages my kids from drinking cow’s milk. Whats your take on that ? (my 3 kids are less than 8 years old)

    1. Based on what I’ve learned about cow’s milk, I would stop drinking milk. It can be very inflammatory. I think it is up to you how long you want your kids to drink milk. Kids tend to be able to process milk better than us adults. I would watch their weight and see how they respond to milk. If they seem to be putting on too much weight or develop a belly ache I would stop the milk. Just my take on it.

  3. Hi,

    I took a degree in Agriculture specialising in animal production science and that was exactly when I stopped drinking milk. Just like humans, cows need to give birth to produce milk and the target of farmers is to produce one calf per year. I find this quite distressing and I feel like there is a lot of food to substitute for milk. For example, kale actually contains more calcium than milk (when consumed at the same amount).

    1. I find it distressing too. And yes, kale is a great substitute. I love all the greens for that matter. We added some collard greens to stir fry yesterday and it was yummy!

  4. It’s such a sad and depressing reality that our food industry has been ‘hijacked’ so to speak – money and profit over our health and well being.

    I drink milk on a daily basis but only the un-homogenised milk where it still has the layer of fat at the top. I steer clear of any of the colour top milk which virtually has no nutrients as it has all been stripped and processed away. We need to educate ourselves more and not rely on what we read and see for granted in the corporate media.

    Do you have alternative solutions to drinking cow’s milk ? I know plant based milk is getting more and more popular but do they have similar nutrient value to cow’s milk?

    Thanks for the informative read.

    1. I’m glad you are drinking the un-homogenized milk. The fat is the good part. That is where all the nutrients are. For substitutes? I don’t really miss cows milk that much. I add heavy cream to my coffee and when I’m making creamy soups or recipes, I add coconut milk.

  5. I don’t really drink milk a lot, but like many others have been drinking it throughout childhood and into my adult years. I thought it was good for your bones. Never would have thought it would have contained loads of sugar. I must admit I did drink a glass recently and thinking about it, it is quite moorish, so that must be it. I don’t really drink a lot, but after reading this, I will cut it out completely. I do like my cheese though. Water is the best to drink, although it does get a bit boring drinking it all the time.

    1. Hi Eden. I was the same way. I actually quit milk when I switched over to a low carb diet. But I gotta tell you I never, ever have stomach issues now at all. I just know that since I eliminated the cows milk in my diet, I feel healthier.

  6. Very nice article!

    I stopped drinking milk a number of years ago, but I do give my son almond milk. Only when he goes to bed at night though. I rarely have milk unless I have cereal which isn’t all that often.

  7. I loved this article. It answered a few of the suspicions that I’ve been having. I am one of those people who can’t tolerate any kind of milk. I get an upset stomach every time. I have also learned that it isn’t smart to keep changing your milk selection. You should stick with one type of milk or else your stomach will be extremely upset 🙁

    Thanks for sharing this. It really helped.

    – Emonne

  8. Hi there Wendy and what a brilliant post! You are a woman after my own heart and I totally agree with all the information you have given here.

    We seem to be the only mammals on the planet that drink milk after being weaned. I can’t think of another animal that consumes milk regularly as an adult.

    Apart from that, you brought up the important topic of what milk does to your bones. The food industry and the milk marketing boards will, of course, say milk is great. Just like Tate and Lyle will say sugar is good for you!

    One of the most important minerals for bones is magnesium. With the ingestion of so much calcium, including that contained in milk and milk products, most of us are magnesium deficient by default. Magnesium and calcium should be ingested in equal ratio ie 1:1.

    Most people have far too much calcium in their bodies and this is one of the main reasons that as we get older, we get calcification of the arteries and other soft tissues causing massive problems with atherosclerosis, kidney stones, periferal artery disease (PAD) etc..

    Why else would patients have a ‘coronary calcium scan’ if not to check on the calcification in our hearts, arteries and valves. Heart valve problems are nearly always to do with calcification of the valve flaps, which stop the valve closing tightly. I could go on and on.

    As we grow older, our calcium levels increase. That’s why we all start getting stiff and achy. At the same time, magnesium levels deplete which exacerbates the problem. This doesn’t have to be. If only we were educated!

    But our doctors know nothing about nutrition, it hasn’t been taught to them in med school. That is why this site is so important. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and also for helping to explain it so delinquently. It frustrates me that we have been lied to by the media and food industry and we just eat it up as the truth.

  9. It seems like every time we read a study about something being good (or bad) for you it gets reversed by a later study. Is it any wonder why it’s hard to know what to eat or drink? I sometimes drink cow’s milk (2%) but have been switching over to almond milk along with coconut milk (my new favorite). I’ve never liked the taste of skim milk but have never heard that it’s full of sugar. This is very surprising to hear! Thanks for the heads up about cow’s milk.

    1. You are welcome, Lynn. My suggestion is the next time you are out food shopping go compare the labels of milk. The lower the fat, the more sugar they add. It is actually very interesting.

  10. Hi Wendy, interesting and informative article on milk. I agree that milk does not do a body good. I stopped drinking it about 18-20 years ago. About the same time I gave up sodas. Yes, the only milk I would drink would be from grass fed cows that was never pasteurized, or homogenized. No hormones, or anti-biotics added is a prerequisite too. But, this type milk is difficult to find, and I think it is even illegal in some states, believe it or not. What we have in grocery stores today is heated milk that has destroyed most if not all of the positive nutritional constituents, and with garbage like sugar added, and containing hormones, and antibiotics. No thanks! Tom

  11. I can honestly say that I’ve given up milk (and wheat) for around a month. I was always getting bloated after a coffee with milk. I did a detox to learn about food, and part of that was to give up milk, as well as sugars, wheat and processed foods.

    I’ve genuinely never felt better. I now have Almond Milk which is a good fat, and you can’t lose fat easily without taking in those good fats!

    Thanks for the facts about Milk!

    1. I was the same way! I didn’t realize how unhealthy and bad I felt until I gave up milk, sugar and processed foods. I felt amazing. I realized what I thought was normal, wasn’t normal at all. I also don’t get sick anymore. It really is amazing how much better you feel when you eliminate all the stuff that you’re sensitive to and you lose weight as a bonus.

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