Stevia Water Enhancers

Do you drink enough water? Most of us don’t. I know I never did. I might sound a bit weird, but I genuinely don’t like the taste of water and for that reason, I have a difficult time getting in enough. And water is important for keeping your body healthy and hydrated. Drinking water helps to cleans your system and it helps keep your breath fresh as well.

So recently I have started a few strategies to help me drink more water. For one thing, I drink hot lemon water as a way of cleansing my system.

Drinking water can also help to support your weight loss and dietary efforts.

Recently, I have started adding water enhancers to my water.   All I need to do is add a few squirts and I get a wonderful fruity flavor. Now I drink more water than ever before.

I also would like to mention, if you want the best quality drink it is best to use fresh spring water or filtered water and you will be less likely to be drinking any unwanted chemicals.

Stevia Water Enhancers

When choosing a water enhancer, I choose the ones that don’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. I try to be as natural as possible and that is why I endorse products that contain stevia which is a natural product. I like that I get to control the flavor. The more drops I add to water, the more intense the flavor is. Just add so ice and you have the perfect way to hydrate on a hot summer day.

A stevia-based water enhancer, like Sweet Leaf, is also beneficial to a diabetic who is trying to avoid sugar and not raise his or her insulin levels.

Sweet Leaf Water Drops

Sweet Leaf Water Drops comes in a large variety of flavors. My favorite is Peach Mango but they also have raspberry Lemonade, Lemon Lime, and Strawberry Kiwi. These water enhancers are a great way to refresh any glass of water without adding unwanted sugar or dies and food colorings. It is keto friendly so it helps satisfy a sweet tooth without giving you the added calories and sugar.

When using these drops, a little goes a long way. You will only need a few drops. And if you really want a special treat, try adding a few drops to sparkling water. It almost tastes like sprite except you don’t get all of the chemicals. This is a great option if your kids like sodas. They will be happy and you will appreciate the fact that you are helping them to be healthy.

I also like to add Sweet Drops to my hot beverages as well. The caramels drops taste great in a cup of hot vanilla tea or sometimes I’ll add the coconut or chocolate flavored drops to my morning bulletproof coffee. Sometimes the extra little kick is nice.





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22 thoughts on “Stevia Water Enhancers”

  1. I am going to use a pun here, I hope you will forgive me.
    Your site is really refreshing, taking on a basic need and showing us how to make this into something enjoyable and, more importantly, good for our health.
    I am also guilty of not drinking enough water and you have solved the problem. Great post
    Is this product available outside the United States

  2. Yummy love the doughnuts and the fat especially lovely your blog it gives detail very peacefully and not attacking and also helps because you have been through it.I am also a thyrodical so know how harder it is.Drinking water i should learn its nice once you have it in you as i then feel it helps the heart.…but its drinking it that gets me.I love the design of the page and it is very attracting and supportive with educational detail..i am losing weight now but its with using forever living Aloe vera.Thank you for sharing and caring Anthea xx

  3. Omg, thus us some great news! I to have a great deal of trouble keeping up with my water intake. In fact, I’m quite certain that I don’t get enough. However, I never thought to use water enhancers, I can see that there are lots of benefits to water enhancer usage and can see myself finally drinking the correct amount of water. Thanks for sharing!


  4. The water enhancers look very attractive and tasty.
    Although I do drink water often I sometimes still crave something different with abit if taste.

    The strawberry and kiwi flavour is the most appealing to me and I hope I can purchase this for the UK!

    I think Srevia waters have a really good product here.

    I was also I interested to read about the shots for hot drinks.

    I think my sweet drop’s favourite flavour here will be the caramel !

  5. I love your recommendation. I gave up soda and juices a decade ago and love the taste of water now. However, I remember at the beginning, it was boring and I craved some flavor. Stevia flavor enhancers are a great option as you transition to drinking water 100% of the time.
    I personally do the ketogenic diet, so I have eliminated most sweets from my diet. I find that stevia is not nearly as addictive as carbohydrates. I can enjoy a dessert sweetened with Stevia without feeling the carbohydrate cravings creep on. It also has a negligible effect on blood sugar.

    1. I agree with you about eliminating most sweets. I’m the same way. I like that stevia doesn’t trigger more sweets like other sweet things do.

  6. Hey there, great content
    I agree, water is one of the most crucial things your body needs to stay healthy. Also, to lose weight you need water to get your metabolism going, just as you said. It is nice to know that there are other options out there for the occasional sweet taste!
    keep up the good work:)

  7. Hi there, thanks for sharing this your post about important of drinking water, u have added more to my knowledge about drink of water, am actually the type that love drinking water very early in the morning even without eating immediately after brushing my teeth, it’s my body system to regularise and also flush away whatever I might have taking before sleeping, I really love all the products u have shared, I will do well to check them out

  8. I do not drink enough water as well. First, the taste is boring, second it can be challenging when you are out and about looking for a bathroom in my case. Does it really taste like Sprite? I love Sprite, I always crave one when I am eating spicy food or on a hot day. But I have been trying toncut down onsugar so I put lemon wedge on my sparkling water instead, which is refreshing but it doesn’t tast like sprite. That caramel drop sounds good I will check all the flavors out.Thank you for sharing these drops, I will make sure to drink more water 🙂

  9. Wendy,

    I’m happy to know that there is something that will make water taste better without any calories.  I, like you, just don’t like the taste of plain water, and I know that I don’t hydrate enough because I am always thirsty.  I usually just drink coffee or tea. 

    I also like bulletproof coffee in the morning, but I don’t follow a keto diet.  This is probably something that I should look into.

    It seems that there are only four flavors for the stevia drops in the fruit flavors, and two are citrus.  Are they going to come out with additional flavors?



  10. Just recently, I had to visit the hospital, because I suffered from constipation. I was told that I don’t take enough water.

    I was really not surprised because I know I don’t like to drink water as much. However, water enhancers can give an extra incentive to drink the right quantity of water. I don’t consume a lot of sugar, so it’s good to know this enhancers come with no sugar additives. I love the chocolate flavor sweet drop enhancer, can I get it for use in South Africa?

    Thanks for sharing, found it very useful

  11. This is a great idea. Finding ways to creatively enjoy your drink, without the artificial sweeteners. Some of the flavors mentioned look really good as well! When you can combine hydration with flavor it makes for an amazing combination, that makes diet quite a bit easier, no matter what age 🙂

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