Best Walking Shoes For Women

Many years ago when I worked in retail I had a pair of New Balance Shoes that I wore daily. I loved the fact that those shoes absorbed the shock of walking on hard tile floors all day. Actually right below the tile was concrete. Walking on that hard surface is not good for your feet and knees.

I remember, however, that those shoes New Balance shoes lasted me several years. I had such great results with those walking shoes, now, I only buy New Balance Walking Shoes. And this is why I feel like New Balance is the best walking shoes for women and men for that matter.

So once I decided to start walking again, I knew I wanted to get a good pair of walking shoes. Of course, I went back to my favorite brand.

But they have such a nice selection I thought it would be hard to decide what to get. I finally decided on the New Balance Womens 574v2 Sneaker and I have no regrets. These sneakers are perfect for walking. They give me the perfect support that I need and my feet really great while wearing them.

Pros of New Balance Walking Shoes Women

Comfort and Support-These shoes offer the most comfort and support for the older walker. If you have arthritis or have had footed or knee surgery in the past this is the shoe you want because it gives you the support you need.

Absorbs Shock-These shoes absorb impact while walking which is wonderful for overweight walkers. These shoes can help give you the support you need while making your feet feel like you are walking on air.

Money Back Guarantee-If you are not satisfied with your new shoes, New Balance with make it right.  They understand that we are all different and have different feet. What feels great for some, might not be a perfect fit for others.

Wide- I have a wide foot and I love that you can order the wide size rather than the straight. It fits my foot perfectly.

Cons of New Balance Shoes for Women

Extra Laces: Skechers sneakers always come with an extra pair of laces. NB doesn’t do this. But this isn’t a deal breaker for me.

Size: This isn’t really a con, but I wanted to mention that they tend to run small so I suggest getting a half size larger. So if you normally wear a 7 1/2, you may want to get an 8.

Cost-Some people may find these a women’s sneakers a bit pricy. But, I believe they are worth the price because they protect your feets health and they will last much longer than the average shoe.

If you are looking for the best shoes for walking then new balance walking shoes women is the way to go.

New Balance also has the Best Walking Shoes for men as well.