What Foods to Eat on a Keto Diet

If you are new to Keto and your not quite sure what foods are allowed on a keto diet, then this post is for you. The following is a list of what foods to eat on a keto diet. My hopes are to make it easier for people to shop and plan their daily keto meals.

Please note, this is simply a guide that you can follow.

This is how I eat today and have been eating on keto for the last 4 years. And just so you know, Keto is called a diet, but I highly suggest you treat this way of eating as a lifestyle. Our focus is in getting healthy not to lose the weight to just gain it back.

Read on to learn the Best Foods To Eat on a Keto Diet


It is fine to eat any kind of meat that isn’t processed. On keto you can feel free to eat chicken, to beef, pork, turkey and any other kind of meat or game. When choosing to beef, Grass fed is always the best choice and don’t be afraid of the fat.

What Foods to Eat on a Keto Diet
Meat – The fattier the better.

The fattier cuts of meat tend to be cheaper as well. I try to stay away from lunch meat such as canned or processed meats (spam canned ham).

The only exception is bacon. When I purchase bacon I look for bacon without nitrates and sugar.

Eggs are the perfect food. So be sure to add them to your Keto menu. When I choose eggs I try to find free-range organic eggs but sometimes they are not available so I just get the regular.

All kinds of fish and seafood is great. A tip to keep in mind is the oilier the better. I love sardines and anchovies.


When it comes to vegetables, keep in mind that the ones that grow above the ground are great since they have the least amount of carbs. Some of my favorites are broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, any kind of greens, any kind of lettuce, mushrooms, snap peas, asparagus, green beans, cucumber, peppers. Spaghetti squash, tomatoes.

I stay away from most of the root veggies except for carrots and radishes.


Don’t be afraid of fats. Fats are important on keto because they are your fuel and they will help prevent you from feeling hungry. Fats are important for getting in Ketosis. So don’t be afraid to eat animal fats and drippings, butter, coconut milk, heavy cream and mayonnaise (home made is best).

Stick with avocado oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ghee, lard or macadamia nut oil.


A rule of thumb is to always choose full fat dairy products as these typically have zero sugar. You should avoid low fat dairy as they remove the healthy fat and often add sugar. I eat all kinds of hard full fat cheeses like Cheddar. I also eat blue cheese, feta cheese, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, and Full fat Greek yogurt.


All nuts are great in moderation as they do have some carbs. But they also have a lot of natural fat which makes it a great snack. The best are Brazil, macadamias, pecans, walnuts and almonds and coconut.

I don’t recommend eating pistachios or cashew nuts as they have higher carbs.

Nut flour like coconut flour and almond flour is is a great option to use as breading or for baking. They both have very low glycemic where as wheat flour is very high in sugar.


Seeds are a favorite snack of mine. I just love them. We like to add a bit of sesame seeds to our stir-fried veggies. I love that it gives an extra crunch.

Other seeds are great in salads. I suggest chia, flax, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds.


Most fruits are not recommended on a low carb diet as they are high in fructose (sugar). However, Berries should be fine in moderation. They have fructose but there is more fiber so it helps to sort of cancel out the net carbs.


The best options for drinks are water, sparking water, coffee or tea. I use heavy cream or butter in my hot tea and coffee. Feel free to add a bit of lemon or only a stevia-based water enhancer.

Sweeteners and Sweet things

Some people like to add sweeteners to their tea or coffee. Here are the keto sweeteners that do not raise insulin: Stevia, Xylitol, monk fruit fruit, Erythritol.

So here you go. I hope you find this list of foods to eat on Keto.

If you eat the above foods you should find that you will lose weight pretty easily. However, If you find that the weight has stalled or is coming off slowly, you may be eating too many nuts, berries or dairy. These all have a small amount of sugar that can add up quickly and cause your weight loss to slow down. You can always add them back once you have hit your weight loss goal.

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Please share your successes and struggles below.

Best, Wendy