That Sugar Film Review

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I just finished watching the 5 star Amazon Prime Movie, That Sugar Film and I felt the need to share it will all of you. This movie is one of the most educational works about food. I hope you feel the same after reading my “That Sugar Film” review.

You may be wondering why would I even be interested in watching it. But curiosity got the best of me. I know what happens to a body with high amounts of sugar and how a body can thrive without sugar, but I found this true test interesting.

The Sugar Movie is about a man, Damon Gameau, who decides to be a guinea-pig and eat 40 teaspoons of sugar a day for 6 weeks.

Prior to the sugar experiment, Damon ate a healthy diet of 2300 daily calories. Those calories came for 50% fats, 26% protein and 24% carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates came from veggies. So basically he ate a low carb diet with no refined sugar.

He was at a normal healthy weight and his blood showed that he was in great health with no fat in his blood stream and no sign of insulin resistance or diabetes. He also didn’t have any signs of a fatty liver. According to the movie, he was rated slightly healthier than the average male of his age.

Prior to the experiment, he went shopping for food that were high in sugar so he could hit his goal. But first, he needed to learn about all the different names for sugar.

The film explains that sugar turns to glucose which our bodies use as fuel. Breads, Pasta and grains all turn to glucose.

It goes on to talk about lactose which is another form of sugar that is found in milk, yogurt and soft cheeses.

Next is sucrose. This is the table sugar that we add to tea or coffee. Sucrose is 50% glucose and 50% fructose. Fructose naturally comes from fruits but it is now added to many processed foods.

The goal of Damon was to eat 40 hidden teaspoons of sugar a day. The sugar came from sucrose and fructose. In other words he wanted to eat foods that the average person would consider healthy. He avoided confections and candy on purpose. He also stuck with eating low fat foods. Other than his way of eating, everything else stayed the same. He continued working out as normal.

Without even trying, his first breakfast of serial, yogurt and juice was a mind boggling 20 teaspoons! Actually he found it really easy to get to 40 teaspoons of sugar a day.

What I liked about this movie is that he actually would spoon out the sugar that is in a product so you can visually see the amount of sugar in the products.

I think for the average person they would find this film very eye-opening because as Damon goes through the process of eating, he tracks the sugar. I think the average person will be shocked to see how much sugar is in many products. Juices tend to have the most sugar. Some drinks and sodas have over 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Obviously he gained weight by eating the processed food. But what may surprise you is that most of the added weight was in his belly. And belly fat is the most dangerous. He began to develop signs of a fatty liver. Insulin is higher causing the body to hold more fat. This is why people become obese. This gives a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Throughout the movie he talks about how he feels. He felt

very lethargic and tired at times. He had brain fog but was also very moody. He would have high levels of energy followed by a crash.

How does the story end? Well I don’t want to give it away. But, if you already follow low carb eating and understand the dangers of sugary products and how addictive they can be, you won’t be surprised by the ending.

But regardless of how you eat, I think it is important that we all know how to read a label and understand what sugar does to your body. Knowledge is power. And if you choose to watch that sugar film which really is an experiment you will have insite to the effects both short term and long term of glucose and fructose which is sugar.