Want To Start Low Carb High Fat Diet? Here’s My Tips.

Tip 1:  Get Educated On Low Carb High Fat Diet

Before you do anything, you really should learn everything you can about a low carb high fat diet. In the beginning, I was reading everything I could get my hands on.

My two favorite resources are the Eat Fat Get Thin Book written by Dr. Mark Hyman. I love this book because it teaches everything you need to know about eating fat in order to lose weight.

And a book I couldn’t put down was The Low Carb, High Fat Food Revolution by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt. I love Dr. Andreas! He is so down to earth and really makes a low-carb high-fat diet easy to understand.

I also visit many websites and blogs on the topic of low carb high-fat diets as well as YouTube.com. I find that reading other people’s stories help to keep me motivated.

Tip 2: Commit to doing it completely. 

The thing that I learned is that you can’t just do this some of the time. You have to completely do the diet. Really it isn’t a diet, it is more a way of life. If you want to lose the weight, or reverse diabetes then you need to commit 100%.

Tip 3: Remove all high carb food from your home

This was very motivating for me, yet also very sad. We removed all cookies, crackers, bread, milk and fruit. We literally got rid of anything that was sugar or carb based.

Then we went to the grocery store with a list of all the high-fat foods that we can eat. This list included Bacon, olive oil, grass-fed butter, heavy whipping cream, many kinds of cheeses, meats, nuts, avocado, veggies (except root veggies) and many other things.

Tip 4: Learn to Read Labels

We learned the hard way, that many foods that you would think include zero sugar, actually include sugar. I personally will not eat anything with more than 1 gram of sugar per serving. And I was surprised to find the hidden sugar in things like yogurt, almond butter and even pork rinds. If you are doing a high-fat diet, you should make sure the product is very high in fat and very low in sugar/carbs. Better yet, make sure it has no sugar.

Tip 5: Don’t Be Afraid Of Fat

One of the weirdest things for me was learning to not be afraid of fat. I mean it goes against everything that I was taught.

But now that my diet has been mainly fat for the last 3 weeks and I have lost over 10 pounds, it is second nature. But the bottom line is, eating fat makes you lose weight. Simple as that.

Tip 6:  Have a Buddy or Hire a Health Coach

I don’t think I would have made it so far without the support of my boyfriend. He and I are doing this together. We each are having different struggles and successes, but it helps to have each other.

I highly suggest everyone who is making a lifestyle change have a good support system. Keep in mind, you are changing the entire way you eat, and the average person won’t understand why you can’t eat the way they do. So get a buddy or partner to do this with you.

I highly suggest working with a health coach as well. It will prevent you from making mistakes that may slow down your process. A health coach will help you focus on healing your body first and weight loss second.  Your coach can also help you with the struggles and remind you of how amazing you are!


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6 thoughts on “Want To Start Low Carb High Fat Diet? Here’s My Tips.”

  1. The year I went through my battle with colorectal cancer, I was devouring as much information about proper diet as i could. Your low carb over 50 article is right on. I can really relate to the sadness of giving up all the stuff i loved. But you know, once I got used to it, other foods, such as fruits and vegetables that I hadn’t eaten in a long time, began to actually taste better and better as time went on.

    One afternoon while eating in the little cafe area of my supermarket, I actually felt kind of bad for two very large customers across the room from me, waiting to purchase donuts and pizza slices at the counter. It’s amazing how you can completely change your mindset when you want to or need to.

    Thank you for an informative article!

    1. I know what you mean. Now that I am seeing weight loss and know that this works, I find myself wanting to offer my opinion to others. But I don’t because it isn’t my place. I think when people are ready to make a change they will, but unless they are ready, they wont hear you anyway. But I gotta tell you, my excitement about the results I’m getting is part of the reason I created this website in the first place. I really want to help people. This site is my way of helping others. Thank you so much for your feedback.

  2. My comments on the Fat Loss At Fifty are:
    Thanks for the tips. I can relate so well with this because at 50 I was diagnosed with diabetes. Of course, I was over weight.
    I have struggled with my weight since then so this sounds doable.
    Question for you: Can this diet be incoperated within the gluten free diet? My husband has to do gluten free and I objects to cooking two different meals every time I cook.
    How did you fare with such low carbs? I was told I needed 228 carbs per day.
    The high fat is right up my alley, it included all the things that I like.
    I do agree with you that a lot of us need to make life style changes.
    I am happy that you lost 10 lbs. Good Luck

    1. It certainly can be incorporated with a gluten free diet. I do fine on less 30 grams of carbs a day. When you do high fat you are full and satisfied. And most of my 30 grams of carbs come from low carb veggies. I eat lots of green veggies. Thanks for your well wishes. You are so sweet. I wish you all the best.

  3. Hi, Wendy

    I am on low carb myself but I have to admit that I’m not as thorough as you are. I eat fruit every day and enjoy that tremendously. But I can do that. I don’t struggle from diabetes or being too fat. I don’t put on weight either by eating fruit. Giving up fruit would have been too hard for me.
    So I will ask you. Have you tried living on a low carb diet with fruit or did you just quit eating fruit right away when you started on your low carb diet?


    1. I quit most fruit with the exception of berries since they are lower in sugar. But, I have decided that when I hit my goal and am able to up my carbs a bit, then I will start to add some of the fruits back. I really miss cherries and grapes. They are both very high in sugar so I wont be able to go overboard.

      It has sort of gotten to the point, where I can eat a small amount of carbs and it doesn’t affect me too much. I just need to make sure I keep them limited to 30 grams daily. More than that and I stop losing.

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