What are Fat Bombs for Keto?

baconIf you have been researching or doing a low carb, high-fat diet, you probably have heard some people mention fat bombs. And you may have wondered exactly what are Keto fat bombs? A keto fat bomb is simply a quick snack that consists of mainly fat and little to no carbs. They are typically made with real butter, nut butter, cream cheese or coconut oil.

The reason why people lose weight with a low carb diet is that they are using ketones rather than glucose to burn fat. This is why it is called a Keto Diet. You can read more about a ketogenic diet here.

Many people find that when they are new to a keto diet, they feel the need to snack. And it makes sense because when most of us ate a typical American diet which was full of sugar and carbs, we had the need to snack because we would often feel more.

You will find with a keto diet that cravings diminish. But having some keto fat bombs on hand can make it easier in the beginning. And even those of us who have been doing keto for years enjoy a quick snack once in a while. Sometimes, I realize that I’m not getting enough fat so a fat bomb is helpful.

Fat bombs are highly popular when it comes to a ketogenic diet. If you do a google search for fat bomb recipes over 745 thousand results come up! Now that is a lot.

My favorite sort of fat bomb is simply to make a batch of cheese chips. They are super easy to make and simply melted cheese. You bake them until they are well done and nice a crispy.

Or as an option, you can also buy cheese chips at your local store. Just check the label and make sure that the only ingredient is cheese.

My other favorite fat bomb is to simply bake some bacon. I like to take some thick bacon and cook it in the oven until it is nice and crispy. I use a 350-degree oven and let my bacon cook for about 30 minutes or so. Once it is cooked down, I keep it in the refrigerator for a quick snack when needed. I also like to break up my bacon and add it to salads.

Now that low carb, high fat is becoming more popular there are also lots of fat bombs available to buy online. And there are thousands of fat bomb recipes books available online as well as recipes.

Most fat bombs are very easy to make and usually only use a couple of ingredients.

For example, These FBOMB Fat Bombs are simply nut-butters. My favorite is the macadamia and pecan nut because those nuts have the lowest carbs. Nuts have a lot of fat in them so they are perfect for a keto diet. There is also a chocolate one for those who like the taste of chocolate. These fat bombs are great for those who are on the run and need something that is easy and not messy to eat.

Now you know what a keto fat bomb is you probably want to find out how to make some of your own. Here are some of the best books with delicious fat bombs that are super easy to make.

24 Keto Fat Bombs That Will Satisfy Your Hunger

One of the people who I follow and learn new things from is Dr. Josh Axe. He is a certified doctor of natural medicine and offers excellent advice on health, nutrition, and exercise in general. I have learned so much from reading his website posts. If you are looking to get healthier, you really need to check out his website here.

Dr. Axe has a yummy list of his favorite Fat Bombs and, let me tell you they sure as heck sound wonderful. I can’t wait to try out the almond joy fat bomb. I like that he has a variety of both sweet (more like candy) but also savory fat bombs, include an avocado egg fat bomb.

A Year of Fat Bombs:  52 Seasonal Sweet & Savory Recipes

If you want to try a different flavor of fat bombs each day of the week then this book is for you. It has 52 different recipes. The recipes are geared toward the different flavors for the different seasons and times of the year. So in the fall, you may want pumpkin flavored fat bombs yet it the spring and nice lemon flavor may suit your fancy.

I love chocolate fat bombs!

For me, I tend to go for anything that has chocolate in it. Chocolate just seems to make everything taste great. And by the way, you may not know this, but chocolate is a really great option as a snack on a low carb diet. Try to choose the chocolate that is higher in cacao. The higher in cocoa the less sugar. I choose 86% cocoa bars. But keep in mind, if you are used to milk chocolate, which is very high in sugar, this will be a bit bitter for you. But you can get used to it and learn to love it like I do.

Regardless of your liking, you will be sure to find several recipes that you will love to make and eat year round.

What kind of fatbomb do you think you would enjoy? Have you made fat bombs before? What kind did you make? Please share below!

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6 thoughts on “What are Fat Bombs for Keto?”

  1. I have to admit, I’d never heard of a keto diet before – and definitely not a fat bomb! Those nut butters sound like a great snack….although I would also be quite happy with just bacon 😉

    Have you found the keto diet fairly easy to stick to? I guess the cravings get easier over time?

    1. Hi Louise and thanks for stopping by. Yes! Bacon! Love it!!

      A ketogenic diet is when someone eats a very low carbohydrate diet and uses ketones for energy rather than glucose.  When this happens, people get many great benefits. In my case, I lost an amazing amount of weight. This diet is very helpful for diabetes to get their blood sugars under control.

      I have found it extremely easy to stick to. And I’ll be eating this way for the rest of my life. I have never felt so incredibly healthy. The cravings totally go away. You see, processed foods and those high in sugar cause your body to release insulin and glucose. When this happens it is almost impossible to lose weight and get healthy. Plus, it causes more cravings. This is why there are so many obese people in America. Sugar is very addictive. I know from personal experience as a sugar addict. 

      So yes, the cravings go away and actually you will not want that sort of crap any more. Really, you wont want it.

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing fat bombs for keto. This is the first time that I have heard of this diet but from what you are saying this diet seems to be very effective in what it can do. It is good to know that you have a diet like this that can help so many people to get on the road to good help. Great information that will be a great help to your readers.

  3. Hi Wendy. Thanks for enlightening me on what a fat bomb is. I have to admit this is my first time ever hearing of it but it does explain the craving I feel while on a keto diet.

    I usually take a big heaping spoon of natural peanut butter when the craving strikes which is always at night.

    But it goes away after a few weeks after the body has re-calibrated itself.

    1. You got it, Steph. I find by eating a fat bomb my body burns that fat then it gets back to using my body to burn fat.

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