What is a Ketosis Diet?

If you are researching a high fat, low carb diet then you have probably heard people talk about being in Ketosis.

But what is a Ketosis Diet?

Ketosis is a term used for what happens when the body uses fat for energy because there isn’t any glucose to use. And this is a good thing if you want to lose weight.

When you stop or limit the amount of sugar (carbs) and increase the amount of fat you eat, your body will begin to use your reserved fat for energy and this will help you lose weight.

So A Ketosis Diet is when someone limits the number of carbs that they eat and increase the amount of fat that they eat. When you eat more fat and fewer carbs you will be in a fat burning mode which means your burning fat, not glucose!

And this is great because you will see a difference on the scale and how you feel as well. This state of fat burning is called Ketosis.

I can pretty much tell when I’m in Ketosis because I see the scale move, however, an easy way to tell is to simply use some Keto Sticks.

Using a keto stick is pretty easy. The best time to use it is first thing in the morning. (You simply pee on a stick. It isn’t rocket science. The darker the stick is, the more keto’s you have in your systems, meaning you are in Ketosis.

The Keto Stick will tell you that you are in Ketosis, meaning you are now a fat burning machine! You don’t have to use Keto sticks, but I find them motivating.

Can you lose weight when you are not in Ketosis? Absolutely! But I find when I’m in Ketosis, I am a fat burning machine!

If you want to learn more about Ketosis, than I highly recommend watching “The Case for Nutritional Ketosis” where Dr. Stephen Phinney explains what happens to the body when you are in nutritional Ketosis (strict-low carb diet) and how to use it to lose weight and possibly reverse diabetes.

I hope this helps to answer the question, What is a Ketosis Diet?

What are your thoughts about Ketosis? Have you ever done an extremely low carb (Ketosis) diet before? What were the results? I’d love to hear from you.


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9 thoughts on “What is a Ketosis Diet?”

  1. Hi Wendy,

    I just want to commend you on your lovely website and for providing such valuable information to us middle aged women who are fighting the “battle of the bulge”!

    I have learned something new by reading your post! I had never heard of a ketosis diet or keto sticks before. Very interesting and makes total sense! I’m all for burning fat!

    The biggest challenge for me is reducing my carb intake because I am such a carb lover (but that’s exactly how I got here)!

    I watched the first 10 minutes of Dr. Stephen Phinney and as soon as I get a chance, I am going to come back to watch the full video.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


    1. You are welcome Anna. Up to a few months ago I hadn’t heard of Ketosis either. But once you understand how your body works and you can get your body into Ketosis, the pounds just come off.

      My biggest challenge was the carbs as well. And I’m not gonna lie to you, the first 2 days were tough because when your body looses carbs (sugar) it really craves for more. I honestly never realized how addicted to carbs I was until I dropped them. The good news is once you get past those first two days it is way easy. The cravings are just gone. I don’t want sugar at all. My body and mind feels better than it has in many years.

      Thank you for stopping by. Take care

  2. Wow great website name, but I am not very happy about this topic. Mainly due to he fact that I am a personal trainer and coach, so when someone, no matter the age , comes up to me asking about cutting out carbs I say; Don’t bring that BS into the gym again” lol.

    Because simply put your body functions of carbs and needs them especially if you are older, working out and trying to loose weight. Your body isn’t gonna just burn fat, your gonna be low energy. And for lack of better words, you will feel like crap.

    1. I totally know how you feel. I’ve always been a believer in carbs give you energy and you have to work out hard. The fact is regardless of how much I worked out, and ate lots of fruits and veggies, I constantly struggled with my weight.

      Low Carbs and High Fat is the only think that has ever worked for me. I’ve been doing this for just under 8 weeks and I have lost about 19 lbs. I have more energy and clarity in my fifties than I ever had when I was younger. I have no more joint pain and I feel great!

      No, I don’t feel like crap. Actually I would feel like crap after eating carbs. Even so called healthy carbs like brown rice would make me feel bloated and sluggish the next day. I would want to take a nap in the afternoon because my blood sugar would take a dive.

      But again, I know how you feel. We are taught that carbs is good. And this is why there is such a bad obesity problem with people and our children.

      I am a critical thinker and like to ask questions when things don’t make sense. This is how I learned all about this.

      I suggest to anyone who thinks this is crap, to simply take some time and do some real research. Talk to people who have actually got results. What you learn may actually change your life.

      Here are a few videos of real doctors who have seen only seen positive results from their patience. LCHF Works. I’m proof.

      Debunking Low Carb Myths with Dr. Eric Westman

      Dr Mary Vernon, MD explains LC

      I wish you all the best.

  3. Wendy, just your title grabbed my interest right of the bat. You I am both of these. Lol Not many people like the subject of ” fat loss” so I appreciate the fact you jumped right in. I have enjoyed reading your site. Your pages are very clean. Dynamite with all the information. I will definitely bookmark your site for my own personal use.

  4. Wendy, you certainly have put in a lot of work into your article and I just wanted to know if there have been any studies on the long term effects of this diet? I would be concerned about the long term effects on your heart and the arteries of a low carb/high fat diet.

    1. First of all, I’m not a doctor. And I encourage everyone to talk to their doctor before doing any diet.

      But I will tell you that saturated fat causes heart disease is believed to be false. It is true that saturated fat can raise the ldl cholesterol but it also increases the good cholesterol. And actually sugar and processed carbs tend to be linked to the cause of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Here are a few links I found for you. I think they may help answer your question better than me.

      But I also want to mention that my boyfriend and I started eating lots of fat back in March. He was a type 2 diabetes with high blood pressure. He was on meds for cholesterol, high blood pressure and his diabetes. He lost 45 lbs. His doctor took him off of all of his meds. He has reversed his diabestes and dramatically lowered his risk of heart disease.

  5. Thank You Ms Wendy

    Very interesting concept on losing weight by cutting carbs and increasing fat, I am new to this concept of losing weight in this manner but once we become over fifty we will try many things we would have when we were younger to lose weight and stay healthier.

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