What is the No Carb Diet Plan ?

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot more information out there about the No Carb Diet Plan which is also known as the Carnivore Diet and I wanted to share with you what I learned about it.

The no carb diet is when you eat a diet that is mainly just meat. And meat and fish have zero carbs. So if a person eats a diet consisting of only meat, then they will not getting any carbs.

Most carnivores try to stick with the fattier cuts of meat or fattier fish like salmon and it helps their body use the fat for fuel. So they use ketones for fuel rather than glucose. Some carnivores also eat other meat products like cream, cheese, and eggs. And some use the bones to make bone broth which is full of healthy collegian.

What’s The Difference Between The Carnivore Diet and The Ketogenic Diet?

The no carb diet is very similar to the low carb, high-fat way of eating except is is much more extreme. We both use ketones as fuel. However, with a low carb lifestyle, you also get to include a wide range of veggies and even some fruits. Most people keep their daily carbs below 30 grams.

I personally keep my daily carb intake below 20. I eat lots of meats (I prefer grass fed beef), and fish. I also eat cheese, eggs, and veggies. I don’t eat root veggies or fruits. Once in a blue moon, I may have some berries. I just find other fruits are too high in natural sugar for me and makes my joints hurt. I also get headaches when I eat too much sugar. My body simply prefers the lower carb foods.

You may be wondering why in the world a person would want to eat a no carb carnivorous diet. I mean it does sound very extreme and not very appealing. But people do it for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is the many benefits that come with eating an extremely low carb. There are lots of benefits to doing a carnivorous diet. 

Benefits of Carnivore Diet

  • Eat the Foods You Love! Many people hate veggies and love eating meat. Most men would prefer a nice t bone steak over veggies any day. Eating a zero carb diet is perfect for them. They get to eat all the foods they love while they lose weight.
  • Lose Weight or Kick-Start a Weight Loss Plateau. Sometimes when someone is losing weight they hit a plateau where it feels like their weight simply isn’t budging on the scale. Eating zero carbs for a few days is a great way to kick start your weight loss. You can lose weight quickly while maintaining your lean muscle. You can read more about pushing through a weight loss plateau here.
  • Feel Better! Many people find that by eliminating processed foods, starches and fruits from their diet they are able to think clearer and have more energy. People just feel better in general.
  • It’s Simple: There is nothing easier than eating meat all day long. It is the simplest plan out there.
  • No Hunger:  When you eat meat you feel very satiated. So you are less likely to crave other foods.

Will I be trying out the carnivore diet myself? Probably not as I love my veggies too much. I’m not ready to give them up at all. I also enjoy a variety of tastes and textures. I think I would get totally bored eating only meat products.

But from time to time when I have had a cheat day, I will do an egg fast for the next few days. On egg fast days, I just eat eggs when I’m hungry and I can really drop a few pounds quickly. Then I go back to eating my normal low carb. I suppose in a way this is similar to the carnivore diet.

What about you? Have you tried the no carb diet? If so, what were your results? I would love to hear from you.

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19 thoughts on “What is the No Carb Diet Plan ?”

  1. Great article. I’m 50 and I have heard about this but like you I do love veggies. I may give this a trial run to see what kind of results I get. Thank you so much for this very Informative article.

    1. If you don’t want to be so extreme, you could always start with a low carb, high-fat diet. This way you can eat all the veggies you want.

  2. Hi Wendy. Thanks for this article. I think diet is really important for health but one of the things I’ve learned over my 50 years on earth is that every body is different and therefore everyone’s diet will need to suit them. And also, this can change over time too. What I ate in my 20s is nothing like what I eat now so we all need to be aware of our diet going forward.
    To be honest I don’t eat a lot of red meat but I do love chicken so I eat a lot of that and I’m always trying to find ways to cut out carbs because the sugar in them wreaks havoc with my digestive system.
    I think that if people find a diet that suits them and it keeps them healthy, that’s the main thing.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences here.

    1. I agree with you 100%, Gail. We are all different and our bodies change over time. I really enjoy my meat, bacon, eggs, and cheese. But I could never go without my veggies. So a No Carb diet would not be a fit for me. But it works for many just like being a vegan works for some as well. That would never fit me as I would miss my meat too much.

  3. Wendy, thanks a lot for the information. me myself i like low carb foods and veggies though sometimes i eat carbs but that comes in once in a while. i believe that even though your not yet 50 years you should start living a healthy life style early because that trains you for the future.
    great post.

  4. Hey once again Wendy, how are you? I have heard of the no carb diet plan before, but I didn’t really know nothing about it until I read your blog. I love the benefits that comes along with being a carnivore, but I prefer to enjoy my veggies as well. I will probably consider it in the near future. Thanks again, keep up the great work!!!

    1. Hello, my friend. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, there are a lot of health benefits to the no carb diet. But I prefer low carb. It has kept me healthy and feeling good.

  5. Lo carb and moderate protein have helped lose weight but having said that everyone is different. Your article is helpful in clarifying that. it is important to take time to learn your body’s working mechanism when it comes to diet. I have heard people say I can’t lose weight, we all can it is a matter of finding the right diet for you which obviously begins with eating healthy. I love meat and red meat is my favorite. Thanks for the article

    1. This is true that what works for some might not work for others. And you are right. We all can lose weight, it is just about understanding how the body works.

  6. Well this article really got to the “meat of it”… I’ll see myself out. All jokes aside this article is definitely very interesting, I wasn’t aware that people did a full on meat diet, i love meat myself but only eating meat would be a complete drag and expensive to boot!
    Who knows, if in the future i hit a plateau on my weight loss i will think about trying it out, in the meanwhile I’ll have to pass, a small amount of carbs didn’t hurt anyone anyways!

    1. Ha Ha! I love your sense of humor, Amhil! I hear yah! I think it would get boring. But if in fact you do hit a plateau and try it, please let me know how it goes. I’m sure others would love to hear too. Actually it isn’t very expensive. Have you looked at the price of carbs? I mean a box of cheerios is $5 and milk is over $4. You can get a steak for just as much! Just sayin!

  7. Being in my 50’s, I have actually started to shy away from most proteins such as fish, beef and chicken. I have lent towards a more veggie and fruit based diet, which leaves me feeling full and not heavy stomached as I usually feel when consuming meat. I feel better for sure. Thoughts?

    1. I think it is really about knowing your own body. What works for some doesn’t work for others. My Boyfriend and I have done low carb, high fat for the last 3 years. We both lost weight and he reversed his diabetes and is off of all his meds. He no longer snores and his acid re-flux is gone. So we will be sticking with low carbs. If vegetarian works for you than that is great! We are all different.

  8. Thank you for your write-up. I had no idea this extreme meat diet existed.Not sure I could live without the veg. But it does confirm that there are several diets out there and one is for us!

    For me, I think a diet should have all food types but be low in fats.The problem is…how do you stay motivated?

    1. If you like all types of foods than go for it. But you need healthy fats. Read up on it. The food industry along and big pharma has lied to us. Fat is good for you, sugar is not. 

  9. An interesting article and an extreme diet!
    I personally would not enjoy it but my son probably would!

    I think we should eat more balanced diets but mine needs to take a leaf from this as I eat too many carbs and sweets. I definitely need more protein and would probably like the egg diet for a few days.

    I also find i get light headed without carbs so maybe Im a carb person but I know I eat too much of them. Share the egg diet when you have time…:)

    1. Yes, it is very extreme but some people enjoy it. I prefer low carbs as I don’t do well with carbs, but I like having some in my diet. No carb is just too extreme for me. I will share the egg diet soon, Liz. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. It’s an important thing to know more about a diet plan before trying it. It’ll make your goal much easier and effective.

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